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Building Traffic With Backlinking

There are many courses that teach you how to build a website, how to research a niche, and how to use keywords. I have taken several of them and I have bought numerous eBooks on these subjects. One of the areas that I am having trouble with, as a senior learning Internet marketing, is driving traffic to my sites. If you have built a beautiful site and filled it with great content but are not seeing lots of visitors you will know what I am talking about.

Just like Real Estate where location, location, is everything; for Internet marketing position, position, is everything. To get a consistent amount of regular traffic for your site you need to get it on page 1 in the Google search results for your keywords. It is estimated that if you manage to get on the first page in Google for your niche you can expect the following traffic:

  • #1 position receives 42.1 % of clicks
  • #2 position receives 11.9 % of clicks
  • #3 position receives 8.5 % of clicks
  • #4 position receives 6.1 % of clicks
  • #5 position receives 4.9 % of clicks
  • #6 position receives 4.1 % of clicks
  • #7 position receives 3.4 % of clicks
  • #8 position receives 3.0 % of clicks
  • #9 position receives 2.8 % of clicks
  • #10 position receives 3.0 % of clicks

From my perspective I sometimes wonder how on earth some sites get these positions. However what I am learning is that if you have enough high quality sites linking to your site (backlinks) Google thinks that you are an authority for that keyword. I am also learning that Google ranks pages not sites. What I am having trouble achieving is how to get these backlinks.

Article Directories

For sometime submitting articles to article directories was favored by many webmasters. Writing articles that other people can use on their websites may sound odd, but in practice it can be very effective. The deal is that when they use your article they agree to display a short ad below it – called your resource box – that you write in such a way as to make clicking a link through to your site an attractive proposition. Each article you write may only generate a few clicks, but get enough of them out there working for you and you’ll build up a steady stream of traffic that you’ll never be able to turn off. However since many of these articles were written just to get the links back to the author’s site and were of questionable quality, article marketing isn’t as effective a traffic generation method as it once was. Google must have also thought that the quality was not up to scratch as recently they gave these sites a slap and their page ranks were diluted.

Writing for Others

A more favored way of getting quality backlinks to your site is to seek out other webmasters who would be willing to take well written articles from you in exchange for you being able to leave one or two links back to your site. I have found that finding these sites can be a difficult task. However the dividends that finding these sites can return is immeasurable.

Guest Blogging

With blogging being such a popular online activity, there are many bloggers looking to have guest bloggers add content to their sites. Because these bloggers are actively seeking writers it is easier to find them. On many of these blogs a system to submit and have your content approved, is in place. The owners of the site ask for your material to be original, well written, and to add something new to the site. This is in fair exchange for the links back to your site.

Posting in Forums

Another way to gain links back to your site is to participate in forums. You have to be careful when using this method that you don’t just drop spam type comments into the forum and expect a quality return. No one likes a spammer and you will quickly find yourself banned from the forum. Join a forum that interests you and bring some of you knowledge to the discussion. As you establish your value then the other members will trust you and be willing to check out your site.

To be truly successful with Online marketing it is necessary that 80% of your time be devoted to finding traffic for your site’s pages. As senior Internet marketers this backlinking skill is another arrow to add to your growing list of new knowledge.

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  1. Robin says:

    Great post. I have just recently started a weight loss blog and in just under 3 months, my Alexa rating is 391,907 which is pretty good. Anything 100,000 or less is what what all of us Bloggers are striving for. I move up daily because I write a fresh post on my blog almost daily. I also have some SEO plug-ins added to my WordPress site. Since the Google slap, I have not submitted any articles to article directories (though I never started) because of the time it takes in writing just for my own blog. Thanks for the tips.

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