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Backlinking Tips

As a senior learning Internet marketing one of the hardest task for me has been the finding of effective ways to build Backlinks. This past week I was once again reminded of the need for this when I was reading Five Backlinking Strategies You Shouldn’t Waste Your Time With In 2012 by Robert Jones (nickname kezanari). I direct your attentin to this post as there are many great ideas in this article and in the comments that have been made.

As followers of this blog you will know that I am an advocate of James Martell of Affiliate Marketers SUPER BootCamp fame. He was recently at Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas and returned with some words of wisdom from Matt Cutts. Matt was quoted as saying things like “I’m not a big fan of article marketing”, “article directories are low-value sites with duplicate, poorly written content that does not add value to the Net”, “I’d lean away from it”. In the above article, kezanari feels that doing mass submission of articles is a pure waste of time. Although there are a number of companies offering services to submit your articles to thousands of sites it appears that this is not the way to go.

The whole idea is to add useful content that visitors will want to read. By adding unique, quality information to the web Google will index your article and the Backlinks in these articles have a better chance of being clicked upon. Plus this will add to the value of your web page that you are hoping to get ranked.

I also took kezanari’s advice and read 18 Link Building Techniques by Ben Jackson on Mitz’s Website. I urge you to read this very insightful article. I for one was surprised to see that was still showing a page rank of 6. After the Panda slap I had completely given up on using this site. There are many useful resources in this article. Like others Ben recommends that you pick one method and master it. He also emphasizes the need for quality content. He stresses the need to write for visitors to your article rather than producing articles that are only geared for search engines.

With James, kezanari, and Ben all accentuating the idea of quality, unique content, guest posting is going to be one of the best courses of action. Members of James Martell’s Affiliate Marketers SUPER BootCamp course have access to a course on guest posting.

For me, I have started with this idea of doing guest posts. I have found that I have enjoyed an increase in traffic for those pages to which I have linked back with anchor text. For those of us who are striving to be work at home seniors it is very necessary for us to learn as much as we can about the process of Backlinking.

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Are Today’s High Tech Devices Creating A Nation Of Hermits?

One of the things that I have had trouble with as a senior learning Internet marketing is this business if establishing backlinks. Why are they necessary and how do you get them? Are all backlinks necessary? As we explore these questions I am going to post on this site a number of articles that we wrote as the master article of which we could then write new versions. I stress the business of the writing of new articles not spinning them. We then approached a number of sites that might be interested in publishing these ideas. Because I feel that the ideas are very worthy on exploring I am going to post them on this site.

The first one is:

Are Today’s High Tech Devices Creating A Nation Of Hermits?

First thing when I woke up today, I checked my email. Then, I got on Facebook to see what everybody’s doing. After chatting with a few friends and ‘liking’ a few links they shared with me, I got on my favorite forums. I hung out a while and then decided I needed a break from all this social activity. I relaxed with a few YouTube videos and a little computer solitaire. Finally I did a bit of surfing to see what the best women’s golf clubs were available and then I did a search for a crib for my Granddaughter.

And when I went outside later to buy milk, the sun burned my eyes! And the people around me seemed to be staring at me! It was terrible; I got back inside as quickly as I could and logged on to Twitter.

Does this sound like your typical morning? Okay, maybe it’s a bit of an exaggeration, but many people today believe that our computers (and especially the internet) are turning us into a nation of hermits. We’re losing our social skills and our ability to interact with the outside world. Life is becoming virtual!

Are You An Internet Junkie?

Is it true? Are we becoming shut-ins who are locked to our computer screens? You can find studies that agree and disagree with this theory, but let’s just consider why many people are worried.

First of all, we’ll cite one study – it was by Carnegie Mellon University in 1998. It found that heavy internet users have fewer friends, more stress, and higher levels of depression. Remember – this refers to ‘heavy’ users, or as some might say, internet addicts. This is also way back in the Stone Age of the ‘90s when we didn’t have so many social networking sites to reach the outside world with.

In fact, there were a number of studies in the 90’s that indicated we were facing a potential epidemic of internet addiction. They termed it Internet Addiction Disorder and made a list of symptoms that probably describe most of us today in 2011: using online services every day, going out less, losing track of time, others complaining about your internet use while you deny you’ve got a problem, and here’s a really terrible one – checking your inbox multiple times a day!

What was a mental disorder yesterday is just modern life today.

The reason for the coining of this new disorder was that internet use began to resemble the same addiction patterns you see with gambling, hard drugs and reality television. These include lying about your addiction and becoming more socially withdrawn, while it takes its toll on every aspect of your life – family, relationships, job, health, etc.

Online Vs. Face To Face Communication

But the internet is all about communication, isn’t it? Don’t you always hear about all the new ways we can talk to people all over the world?

This is true, but communication online is completely different from face-to-face communication. So much is lost when we’re looking at words on a screen instead of a person’s face. You can’t see non-verbal clues or hear subtle nuances. Sure, emoticons help a little, but there’s no substitute for the real thing.

In fact, studies have found that physical contact with other human beings is therapeutic. The internet may not turn you into an anxiety-ridden socially withdrawn recluse, but face to face contact with real people might help to keep you from becoming one.

Critics charge that internet ‘friends’ are based on superficial relationships. By immersing ourselves in our virtual social lives, we lose our face to face social skills which need practice just like any other.

The Internet – A Threat To The Nation’s Youth

Many people worry about the effect that heavy use of the internet has on our kids. They worry that children don’t develop the necessary social skills when they spend too much time online instead of socializing for real.

Young people have self-confidence problems and often they have a hard time interacting with others. The internet makes it easy to socialize, so children who are shy or lack confidence can go online instead of facing the world outside. This can hinder social development and establish a lifetime pattern of social isolation.

Relief From Your Social Problems

Indeed, relief from social problems is one of the main reasons many people choose the internet over real life. It’s so much easier to communicate online and to avoid people you don’t like or who make you uncomfortable. But as already mentioned, it’s difficult if not impossible to establish true relationships with people online.

The internet allows you total freedom and control. You can be whoever you want to be. If you’re a flabby balding middle-aged man, you can be a sprightly teenage cheerleader! If you’re a meek underachiever, you can be a lion of the business world. Anybody can be anything!

Lack of control is a major component in social anxiety. Because the internet gives you total control, it allows you to hide in its virtual reality. You no longer have to confront your anxiety issues head-on to get along in life.

Night Of The Living Netheads

Finally, a major component in net hermitude is simply laziness. Why go out on Saturday night when all of your friends are chatting on Facebook or enjoying a video game together?

Even if you think that ‘internet addiction’ is just a bunch of hooey, you have to admit that the web is a major time-waster. The time you spend surfing the web is time that you could be spending enjoying the company of others.

A New Way Of Making Connections

Before you take your computer to the nearest secondhand shop or snip your internet connection, let’s take a second to consider the other side of the argument. It’s undeniable that the web connects you to people you otherwise would’ve never met. Whereas human beings used to socialize only with people in their present physical location, the web allows you to communicate with anyone in the human race who has an internet connection.

Studies have shown that internet users have much more diverse friendships in terms of race, religion, political belief, nationality, age and just about everything else. This increased contact with people, although it might be distant and somewhat superficial, can only bring with it benefits.

The ability to communicate with people everywhere also helps us with our problems. We get help with careers, health, childrearing, growing up, schooling, major philosophical questions, and general life problems. We have access to the experience of others who we would otherwise not know.

For people who suffer from major physical or mental illnesses, the internet has been a lifesaver. It gives them access to support from thousands of people who are going through what they’re going through.

What You Can Do About It

So, are computers good or bad for your social life? Like most other things, the computer itself isn’t good or evil; it’s how it’s used. Here are some ways to keep your social isolation in check and not become a complete internet hermit.

  • Limit computer time. The less time you spend online, the more time you’ll spend getting out and doing something. And that might even include meeting other human beings! Start by monitoring the time you spend online compared with your time doing other things. You might be surprised.
  • Make a list of all the things you used to do before you spent so much time online. It might be a shocking wake-up call, but sometimes we need to be shocked. It’ll help you realize what you might be missing out on.
  • If you fall into the category of ‘compulsive net surfer’ or ‘hopeless webaholic,’ think about these things: How do you feel when you get online? Are you using the internet to deal with anxiety, depression or general dissatisfaction in your life? Is there a change you could make to eliminate this problem or dissatisfaction?
  • Create a behavioral change plan. Decide how much you’re going to do what. For example, only get on Facebook once a week. Stop checking email first thing in the morning. Turn off the computer when you’re not actively using it. Choose a time of day or day of the week when it stays off.
  • Focus on being more active. Watch a movie at the theater instead of online. Read a book instead of surfing the web. Join local community groups based around your interest instead of internet groups. And most importantly – call friends and do things with them on a regular basis.

Computers don’t turn people into hermits, but they make it easier to become one. It’s up to you to make sure you’re dealing with your problems and getting away from the web once in a while. Once you get out and see people, you’ll realize how valuable that face to face human time is!

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Blog Commenter or Spammer?

Do You Leave Useful Comments on Blogs or Do You Just Spam?

I find myself becoming increasingly annoyed by the many spam comments that I find on my websites. What are you finding on your blog? As a Senior learning Internet marketing it took me a little while to figure out that when someone comes to your site and leaves a comment like ‘you have a nice blog’ that they did not really mean this. The comment was being left in order to obtain backlinks to their own site.

Why Do People Leave Blog Comments?

  1. Links to their own site – this is probably the most common reason for online people to put comments on other people’s blog. It is estimated that approximately 90% of blog readers just read the post and go on to something else. Of the 10% left most of them comment only to bring attention to their own sites and about 1% really want to engage in a discussion.
    This is all well and fine but if this is the only reason to post a comment it may well back fire. Most blogs are set up with a no follow tag on the comment links. So to put some gibberish on a whole lot of other sites for backlinks is a waste of time.
  2. To build traffic – if done carefully this can be an effective way to help a site get traffic. Just like writing content for your site your comments need to be quality remarks. If you want someone to visit your site from reading your comments they need to be interesting and enticing to the readers.
  3. To join the conversation- this is a small group of Internet marketers that want to interact with each other. They work at building relationships with each other. By taking time to get to know one another they establish trust and are able to slowly build up quality backlinks.

How to Successfully Comment

  1. Be relevant – if you are visiting a blog about toy reviews and you leave a comment about how to increase your gas mileage your comment will probably not be approved. If you happen to leave this on a site where the comments are not being moderated visitors to the site will see you as a spammer.
  2. Add value – leaving comments similar to these:
    • My thoughts exactly!
    • Your point is valueble for me. Thanks!
    • Keep up this good work, you have a nice blog over here with much good information!
    • I liked your article is an interesting technology
    • My ideas exactly

    Will also be considered spam. Remarks like this have nothing to do with the post where they have been left. They appear to be put there by some service that has been hired to post as many comments to as many sites as possible. They do nothing but annoy!

  3. Read the post – take the time to read the post and comment on the content. The site owner has left the comments open to engage others in discussing the topic. Be polite, be gracious, and be humble while continuing the discussion.

As seniors working at home this is another skill that we can learn and use to add value to the Internet that is becoming increasing burdened with useless blog comments.

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Backlinks, Backlinks, and WordPress Plugins

In the last few weeks I have been directing most of my efforts to finding backlinks for my sites. As a senior learning Internet marketing I am finding this a daunting task. Everyone agrees that backlinks are necessary to a successful site. Where they differ is how to find these backlinks.

It is not that difficult to write articles and post them to article directories. Certainly many marketers have had great success doing this. The problem with this method is that Google recently gave these directories a huge slap for not having high quality content on them. It seems to me rightly or wrongly if I am going to expend a great deal of time writing articles I want them published on sites that will give my sites a high ranking backlink.

As a result I have spend my time looking for sites that will allow guest blogging. There are many sites out there that are looking for others to fill up their sites with good content. In my search to find suitable sites I have been looking for sites that have a page rank of at least 3. I sometimes wonder if it is the fact that I am a senior working at home that these tasks seem so difficult. I am encouraged when I read that only a small number of site owners actually do the work of getting backlinks to their sites.

James Martell of Affiliate Marketers SUPER BootCamp fame offers a course called Backlinks Workshop. If you have read this blog before you will know that I am a big fan of James Martell. He is a down-to-earth honest Internet marketer who is willing to help others succeed. James has long been a proponent of finding quality backlinks. He used to advise writing for other webmasters and getting these articles posted with the understanding that the links in the articles would be left in place. However he now thinks that guest blogging is the way to go.

To this end I have been searching to find sites that encourage guest blogging and are willing to give a backlink to my sites. There is no sense in trying to say otherwise this process is slow going.

In an effort to help I posted a job on where I have had very good luck outsourcing some of my tasks. In this case it did not work. I hired a firm to try but it has turned out that they have had no understanding or experience with this type of task. This has been rather disappointing because in the past I have had good success in finding help.

The other thing that I wanted to share with all of you is the finding of two new great plugins for WordPress both FREE. The first is Broken Link Checker. This plugin will check your WordPress site as often as you set it up to check (72 hours) looking for broken links. You will receive an email to let you know that there are broken links that you need to check. The wonderful thing about this plugin is as your site grows it can be difficult to find exactly where there are broken links.

The other great plugin is Efficient Related Posts. This plugin looks for posts in your site that have related content and it links the posts together. If you use tags in your posts this works like a charm. It finds the related posts and puts the links at the bottom of the posts as you publish it.

This has been my week and I am off to look for more Backlinks. I am wishing all other seniors who are learning Internet marketing success in their endeavors.

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Building Traffic With Backlinking

There are many courses that teach you how to build a website, how to research a niche, and how to use keywords. I have taken several of them and I have bought numerous eBooks on these subjects. One of the areas that I am having trouble with, as a senior learning Internet marketing, is driving traffic to my sites. If you have built a beautiful site and filled it with great content but are not seeing lots of visitors you will know what I am talking about.

Just like Real Estate where location, location, is everything; for Internet marketing position, position, is everything. To get a consistent amount of regular traffic for your site you need to get it on page 1 in the Google search results for your keywords. It is estimated that if you manage to get on the first page in Google for your niche you can expect the following traffic: (more…)

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Article Marketing for Internet Success

The Internet constantly needs more and more content. With more and more people getting on “The Net” and creating new web sites there is an insatiable demand for well written material. There is a need for these articles to stand out from the rest and to bring traffic to the websites. As Senior Internet marketers who have had many life experiences we are in a unique position to offer this content.

The producing of articles is one of the many ways that people can earn an income working from home. By crafting well written articles and supplying them to these web masters writers are making a nice salary.

What exactly is article marketing? How do you go about it? What return can you expect?

Let us take a look at this process.

What is Article Marketing?

It can just producing articles for your own website or writing on your blog. This may be something that you already do every day. A short 250 word post is article marketing. Why not consider putting this work to some other use. It is a shame to have your creativity only being used in a limited way.

Article marketing is about leveraging the effort you’ve put into creating an article in the first place and getting as much benefit from it as possible.

By distributing your article so other marketers can use it as long as they give you credit and keep your signature in the resource box you have given the article new life. Not only does this reward your writing efforts it gives you a link back to your website.

This can be done effortlessly by the use of article directories. You can use places like EzineArticles, probably the largest and best known, or GoArticles or ArticleBase. This system of submitting articles to the article directories can not only distributes your articles but you can also be a source for you to find relevant articles for your blog. They also provide backlinks to your website as the search engines index them quickly.

How Do You Go About Article Marketing?

Do you like to write? Is crafting an article an easy task? Maybe yes or maybe no. It is a skill that you can develop over time. It just takes doing it consistently and subscribing to the old adage “practice makes perfect.”

Find out which style of writing comes naturally to you.

Start with how-to and tips articles. There is a great demand for these and you can follow a set format. If you think of something that someone needs to have answered for example “how do I cure my bad breath?’ Or ‘what to look for in a house sitter?’ Your article should outline the problem then give suggestions to solve it.

There is a set template for the how to type of article writing. First paragraph expands on the problem. The next several paragraphs give the solution or the tip to solve it and finally a summary of both the question and the solution.

For a tips article you need to give more than one solution. This entails some prior investigation into the problem. You then need to expound upon each tip and how it might solve the problem. It is possible that to solve the need all tips are necessary. The intro and outro paragraphs would be very similar to the how-to ones.

After you have polished your article and you are happy with the final draft you need to distribute it. You can do this by submitting it to the various article directories yourself or you can use an article directory submission service.

What Return Can Article Marketers Expect?

Like anything else the return you receive relates to the effort you are prepared to make.

You need to produce articles on a regular bases not just when the mood strikes you.

By constantly writing and submitting articles you build up your presence online and people begin to notice you. This will result in numerous backlinks, traffic to your websites, an interest in what you have to say, and ultimately a steady income.

If you like to write or you are willing to learn to write the distribution of articles online will reap many rewards for you. You need to be consistent, patient, and determined. If you just can’t write yourself you can still be successful by the use of Good private label articles. By a little tweaking you can turn these into unique content and submit them to the article directories.

Over time this form of online marketing will help your bottom line. It is unlikely that any individual article will make very much impact on its own, but 200 or more scattered over the Internet can bring many long term rewards.

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Social Bookmarking

Bookmarking to Build Links

Social bookmarking has become an important part of online marketing of niches. Sites such as Digg,, and Technorati permit users to link their sites and other sites they admire. Visitors to these sites can add these links to their favorites. Having your links added to others’ lists will produce more links.

The increase in links will produce more traffic to your sites. Place your sites on the Social bookmarking sites yourself. The links can then be shared and sometimes voted up. This is something that happens at Digg.

The object is to get enough people voting for your post so that it becomes a front page item. This placing of your article gives it a chance to attract more attention and might result in thousands of clicks through a day. The idea of social bookmarking is to contribute something useful and interesting to the site. In this manner you will gather more links and visitors to your site.

Let the article you post include your site and in the process of contributing useful information you will attain links from others. Your site might talk about growing tulips and you are seeking a way to get it highlighted in the garden niche. How to grow tulips might seem boring and not a new idea.

You stumble upon an article connecting people who grow tulips and lung cancer. The article makes a connection between growing tulips and reducing lung cancer. If you post this it might attract not only the gardening crowd but also the health conscious visitor. Both segments will share your links with others.

Even if you feel your sites are not making breaking news don’t be discouraged and don’t worry about how many people are picking up your links. This takes time and practice. Use the social bookmarking sites to add backlinks to your sites and over time it will increase your ability to attract others to your bookmarks.

Your first priority is to get the index page of your sites bookmarked. As you go through the process of setting up your bookmarks don’t do it all at once. This may be perceived as spam. Look for other sites from other marketers that are of interest to you and bookmark these.

Become a good member of all the social bookmarking sites and one who is willing to contribute. You want to let people know who you are and what interests you. Upload your image and look for other friends with whom you can interact.

Be careful about how many links you add per day. Monitor the number of links that you add in anyone day and vary the sites to which you add links on each day. Keep it to ten or less per day and you should be fine.

As you build a reputation and have been at it for a while you might be able to add as many as 50 a day. Remember to add the bookmarks of others to your list. Check the front page and vote for some of the stories there. Bookmark a story at every once in a while, or a funny YouTube video. This helps make your profile look a lot more legitimate in the eyes of the community.

There is a free web site to help you post. I am currently going through Dan Brock’s Deadbeat Super Affiliate course. I have only purchased the basic course but his module on social bookmarking alone is worth the price of the course.

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