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Link Cloaking

Link Cloaking

Keep Your Affiliate Links Safe

As senior Internet marketers the learning curve can be severe with so many things to learn our grey heads are often overtaxed. One of the technical items that I have come across time and again is Link Cloaking. What this term means is to take your affiliate link that might be something like and turn it into something like
As surprising as it might be there are people out in the Internet world just waiting to scam your links and take your commissions.

One of the mysteries is how do you cloak your links and protect them?

Manual Systems:

  • This can be done by using some script and manually changing them. A form of this might be and then putting your affiliate code from http: to EMAIL. For most of us this is a bit complicated particularly if we have no comfort with php script.

Paid Programs:

  • A number of services are available to do this. I understand that one of the better ones is DL Guard. I have not used it myself but several forums that I visit highly recommend it.

Free Cloaking Programs:

  • Again there are choices but I like the idea of simplicity. The simplest that I have found is Linkcloak. I like the fact that it is very straightforward and because it is online it can be accessed from anywhere. It provides a double-layer of encryptions that further protects your links. The link that it produces promotes both your domain name and the name of the affiliate to which you are linking. The bonus is that it is free.
  • How do use it: go to (not affiliate link) and sign up. Once you have established a User name and password you are good to go. You will be taken to a page that allows you to paste in your affiliate link. In the next box down put a title for your product. It is a good idea to use the title from the page that your link will land upon. For example if the page you are sending your visitor to is Peanuts for Squirrels then that is what your title should be. For the file name use lower case letters and dashes like this peanuts-squirrels.html. It is imperative that you use .html or it will not work.
  • Now comes the tricky part especially for us seniors who are still learning Internet marketing. After you have entered all this information push the Cloak and Encrypt button then save the file to your computer. For this to work on your website you now need to load this to your website.
  • Use a FTP program such as Filezilla to transfer the file to your website. You want to go into the main part of your website in other words the public_html and create a directory called recommends or likes or loves or something similar. Then you want to move the file from your computer into the new directory. After you have done this you are then able to put more and more cloaked affiliate links in that same directory. This way if you are promoting several affiliate products they will all have their own cloaked links.

Because I have found this whole idea of cloaking your links and redirecting hard to get my old noggin around I want to share with you a video I found on Youtube. I don’t know this fellow and it seems like he has not posted on his blog since 2009 but this is a very clear presentation of the process.

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