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Digital Download Affiliate Products

When deciding to be an affiliate marketer you have a choice in what type of product to promote. As the product owner you also have a choice as to what type of method that you will use to sell your product. You also as the owner of the product can decide how much you are willing to pay to make these sales. It makes sense that as the affiliate marketer that you would seek out well paying products to promote. If you are going to go to all the trouble to set up a web site and fill it with meaningful content then you wish to receive the highest commission possible.

By promoting digital products you have more of an opportunity for larger commissions than with concrete items. It is possible to find hard goods that are very expensive and as a result the commission is higher however the number of sales are substantially less.

What is a digital product? It can be any product that the buyer can down load. It can take the form of a text file, an audio file or a video file. The joy of digital products is that they are available 24/7. They can be acquired whenever you are on your computer.

Interestedly these digital products usually sell for more than the equivalent product at a bookstore. Sometimes the digital product will sell for as much as three times the hard copy from the store. Again it stands to reason that your commission on these products would also be higher.

For instance if you are top producing Amazon affiliate making 7% on your sales and you sell this book for $14.95 you will earn slightly over a dollar. But that $49 digital download – an eBook about the same topic – offers you 50% commission, giving you $24.50 per sale!

It definitely makes sense to be promoting the digital edition. It is a win win for the producer of the product also. By creating an eBook you can charge more, which enables you to pay your affiliates more, and will increase your sales.

Your digital product does not have to a written item instead consider making either a series of MP3 files or a series of videos. There is an insatiable appetite for information products that can be either listened to or watch on the many electronic devices that everyone now owns.

With programs like Camtasia for producing and YouTube for uploading the use of video has become wide spread. For a series of lessons video is just like being in a classroom. It is great to be able to follow a lesson on video and then to read it. Both formats allow for reinforcement of the message. By the combined use of text, MP3 and video you are able to increase the price of your product.

With this combination you may be poised to market a high-ticket digital download that takes in upwards of $1,500 for a single sale – something affiliate marketers will jump all over.

We recommend that you have a look at the following opportunities to promote digital products from reliable sources:

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Finding a Niche or Topic To Market

Before you can even think of constructing a web site you need to research what that web site will be about. It is highly desirable but not absolutely a necessity that the subject you choose is something in which you have an interest or passion. However if you are hoping to make an income from the web site you need to find a niche in which other people also have an interest.

A good place to start is to tour your home and write down all the items that intrigue you. Make a note of items that are part of your activities e.g. golf clubs, tennis rackets, skates, skis, cookbooks etc. Looking at your list you want to try to find a sub category. For example if you think of lamps or antique lamps you might be better to zero in on antique desk lamps or tiffany lamps. You want to try to find a popular subcategory of the broad subject of lamps.

A good starting point on this is to go to Google External Keyword Tool and type in your niche. If no one is searching for it there is no sense in building a web site about it. Scroll down the list of keywords that Google gives you. Look for at least 30,000 searches a month. Take this phrase and put it into Google search. If it returns 5,000,000 or fewer pages this might be a good niche to pursue. Using our example above if you search the external keyword tool for lamps it shows 9,140,000 searches a month and Tiffany lamps 368,000 searches. This definitely shows an interest in the broad topic of lamps and of Tiffany lamps. To check the competition that already exists go to Google search and you will find that for lamps there are 38,400,00. If you search for Tiffany lamps you will find that there are 734,000 pages. This indicates that your web site might have a good chance of ranking and being competitive. Besides the Google External Keyword Tool another free tool to use is

People will buy what they want not what they need or what you think they should buy. So you want to find a product that appeals to people’s needs and solves a problem that they have.

Finding a suitable niche is often a real stumbling block for people. If this is your problem, there is a program called Micro Niche Finder by James Jones. This is an easy to use tool in which you type your keyword e.g. lamps then the program will produce suggestions not only of keywords to use but daily search counts, and competition. Micro Niche Finder will give you a green light if this is a go or a red light if you should stay away from it.

It is a good idea to spend considerable time researching and deciding on your niche. There are some ways that you can pursue your topic without spending lots of money but at this point let us assume you have in mind to set up your own web site and fill it with information around that subject. Before you spend the money to buy a domain, finding hosting and decide on a content management system you want to be sure you have a viable niche.

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