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Are You Running Out of Article Ideas?

One of the areas I see the most overwhelm with is in article
marketing. People want to know how many articles to write, how
often, and how to write them. Some people have a keyword list but
no clue how to tackle it with articles.

It’s funny that we’re often taught the two ideas separately –
either someone points out how they do keyword research, or they
discuss the way they wrote a high converting article.

But merging the two together can be tricky (even for those who
consider themselves good writers). There are so many things that go
into a good article marketing formula, such as: (more…)

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Your Own Content Management System

I am a senior learning Internet marketing. I started this site to sort out my journey in this learning process and along the way to may be help some seniors working from home. I have tried to talk about things that have worked for me. However today I am going to talk about a major frustration that I have had.

There is so much to learn and there does not seem to be a straight line to follow. I have been accustomed to taking course where you start at A proceed to B and so forth. I have not found learning to establish a business online to be anything like that. For a novice there is so much to learn and so many different opinions as to what will be successful.

Today I feel like pulling out my hair or standing on a box to rant. How come I find myself in this position? What could I have done to prevent it? May be this is a case of learning by doing and making mistakes. I hope this will help you to not make this mistake that I have made. (more…)

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WordPress as Your Choice of a Content Management System

When WordPress first hit the Internet world it was thought to be a blogging platform but it has come a long way and now is used for a general content management system. Of all the different choice for blogging WordPress is now the most used. More and more web site publishers are using it to get their message out.

There are a number of reasons why it has become the first choice. Unlike many other content management platforms it is free. It was developed with many options and allows for others than the principal developers to increase its capacity.

For all the non-techies of the Internet world WordPress is so easy to both install and to use. (more…)

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Ghostwriting Cash Review Bonuses

As if all that has gone before was not enough Tiffany Dow and Craig Desorcy deliver more with the Ghostwriting Cash program. They don’t just sell you the course and disappear.

With the template for the WordPress installation Craig had five extra header graphics developed. This allowed the purchasers of the program to individualize their sites. On the Ghostwriting Cash members site he posted a video on how to install them. Craig also produced video on how to change the background color of your site.

He also did a special video on how to add images and videos to your site. When Craig teaches you something he does this in a slow understandable way that even technically challenged students can follow the steps.

Within the initial package that they produced you will find two very valuable mp3 files. One is an interview with one of the writers that Craig uses. It helps you to understand that you do not have to be Hemmingway to be able to write for the Internet. The other one is dedicated to Craig’s strong belief that to succeed that you need to add the “WOW” factor formula to your service. In this audio file he discusses how to give extra to your customers without expecting a return for this. For your clients you give them more than they can expect from you.

Once you have purchased this helpful course you will have access to the Ghostwriting Cash Blog for members. In this area you can find extra tips on setting up your business. Tiffany Dow helps with writing tips, how to track your jobs, and how to handle deadlines.

They have also set up a page where the students of this program can list their site and to ask questions. On this page you can see what other Ghostwriters are offering and their styles of writing. It is a place to help each other.

From this page Tiffany and Craig set up a forum for these members. Because they are both very busy people there was an initial reluctance to do this however it is part of Craig’s philosophy to over deliver. The students were demanding a place to share their experiences and the forum has been a very supportive place for everyone.

To put the icing on the cake they produced a webinar to answer the questions that had popped up as people set up their business. They both want their students to succeed and they want to help you if you get stuck. The extra thing about the webinar is that you can download both the video file and audio file and replay it as necessary.

If you are looking for a program to teach you to earn while you learn the Ghostwriting Cash course is the one for you.

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Ghostwriting Cash Review Videos

The Ghostwriting Cash videos are part of the “WOW” factor that Tiffany Dow and Craig Desorcy deliver in giving you this excellent course. They both come from a mindset of over delivering and helping their students succeed.

Craig who starts you off right at the beginning produces the videos. The introduction video lets you know who Craig is and why you can be confident in what he is going to teach you. In this introduction he talks about strategy and how he is going to present the steps.

In the next video he covers how to select and buy a domain name. With clear explanations and demonstrations in how to do this he points you in the right direction. Through out all these videos Craig shows you how to stay organized with the information for your site.

The next video shows you how to acquire a hosting account. It takes you right from the beginning of setting up a new account with a hosting company. He helps you decide which type of account would be a good one for the Ghostwriting Cash website that you are going to create.

The third video deals with pointing the domain that you purchased to your hosting company. With the wonderful screen shots that Craig uses it is very easy for you to follow along and do the steps he recommends.

The fourth video shows you how to step up an email account for your WordPress theme. As in all the other videos Craig goes to great pains to show you how to keep all this information organized.

The fifth video deals with installing the theme that has been provided to you as part of the extras of the course. He teaches you how to find the necessary plugins that you will need. He also covers adding a title and description to the site.

Video six deals with setting up the pages for your site. He teaches you what pages that you will need. Craig spends valuable time teaching you how to configure the pages. He shows you how to link the pages together. He goes over how important your first page is. This is what the public will first see and you need to get it right.

Video seven covers configuring the plugins particularly your contact form. All these videos are done in small chunks that make it easy to follow. They allow you to do the steps as you go with each video. Once you have edited the contact form so it is unique to your site then Craig shows you how and why to test it.

In video eight you will learn how to configure a client feedback form and to set up a page for your sample articles. In both cases these are important pages to attract new clients.

Video nine deals with how to write your offer. What will you offer to a client that might hire you? Your offer has to be convincing or the buyer will be off to another site. Craig suggests tips on how to format your offer.

The final video covers how to setup a system to be paid and how to add a pay button to your front page. It also covers some points on how to tidy up your site.

All the videos in Ghostwriting Cash are done in bite sizes. I like and I think that you will like the format of them. Craig Desorcy has used wonderful screen shots for all the lessons. He is extremely patient and thorough with his teachings. I think the longest video is eighteen minutes and many are much shorter. This makes it much easier for you to absorb the material. I also like the fact that because the videos are all quite short, that if I want to go back on any point it is not necessary to wade through a huge presentation to find what I need.

Like all the other material in Ghostwriting Cash the videos alone are more than worth the cost of the program.

With all this information and plans for success Tiffany Dow and Craig Desorcy add these bonuses.

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Ghostwriting Cash Review Part 4

We are now in the final part of Ghostwriting Cash where the course focuses on the making of money and the growing of your business.

Tiffany Dow begins this section by describing how to run specials. She teaches how to bundle your work into packages that will appeal to the buyers. She has suggestions for add on services. For those students who are also developing PLR sites she has instructions on how to combine the ghostwriting with the PLR to create packages for your ghostwriting clients.

When your business grows and you are overwhelmed the Ghostwriting Cash course teaches you how and when to outsource. It gives very good tips in what you look for in hiring others to do your writing.

I think Tiffany’s suggestions on voice are particularly valuable. Since you as a ghostwriter have made commitments to your buyers she discusses how you evaluate if the people you are hiring will adhere to your schedule. I think this is very valuable as it is not unusual to purchase PLR materials that are definitely not in the voice of the writer who sold them. If your client has purchased writing from you based on your style and you deliver another this could be the end of that relationship.

She spends time pointing you in the right direction as to what your part is in making sure your outsourced work is up to your quality.

The final chapter in Ghostwriting Cash deals with turning your writing career into a marketing business. Tiffany talks about becoming your own client and why that is important. She also has suggestions as to how you slot yourself into your busy schedule.

She spends some time outlining how to handle your existing clients while at the same time branching out. She has great ideas for directions that you might consider when you become your own client.

If you are looking to start earning while learning this is the course for you. For how to set this all in motion see Craig Desorcy’s videos

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Ghostwriting Cash Review Part 3

As we proceed into the next three chapters of Ghostwriting Cash , Tiffany Dow gets into discussing how to deal with clients. She starts by giving good suggestions on how to keep your client happy when you are working on their project.

It does not matter how well you write their articles if they are unhappy about something you will not attract them to come back. She goes into how to communicate with your buyers. She talks about meeting deadlines and how to handle things if you miss a deadline. In Ghostwriting Cash , Tiffany illustrates how to make sure that you are on the same page as the client and what to do if you are not. She also reminds of Craig Desorcy’s WOW FACTOR FORMULA. This comes as a bonus as part of the course.

She then goes on to feedback and how to elicit it. She gives good examples of customer feedback and how to respond to it. It stands to reason that you are not always going to be able to please everyone. In Ghostwriting Cash you will find ways to deal with both negative and positive feedback. You will also learn a way to get a client to pay if they default.

The next section deals with promoting your services. She discusses places and how to use those places to promote your ghostwriting site. These places will help drive traffic to you site. If there is a criticism of this extremely informative material I think this section could have a bit more meat. I know she has been studying Deadbeat Super Affiliate course and in that course he outlines several different ways to promote a site. Although he is talking mostly about Amazon sites his suggestions could be used here.

In this section of Ghostwriting Cash Tiffany gives some ideas for developing good SEO strategies. How to find keywords around which to build your blogs and articles is discussed.
Each section of this course has enough useful information that it is worth the reasonable cost of the course in itself.

For part 4 of Ghostwriting Cash

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Ghostwriting Cash Review Part 2

In the next three chapters of Ghostwriting Cash Tiffany Dow now directs us as to how we can promote ourselves. There is no sense in going to all the trouble to set up a site, learning what the various categories of writing needs are, and developing your profile, if you then don’t know how to promote your self.

She takes you by the hand and points you to the many sites where you can register and look for work. She gives a description and a little background information about these sites. She spends quite a bit of time talking about Elance. If I have a negative about the course I would say that I might have preferred if she had added some information about the current ins and outs of Elance. She might have done this by either renewing her status there or by referencing the experience of a current writer.

Tiffany goes on to talk about the Warrior Forum. I think this was very useful information. As many of us, as seniors just starting out to learn Internet marketing, are very intimidated by all the “gurus” who hang out in the Warrior Forum it was very enlightening.

The next section on ways to attract clients was very useful and informative. She gives very good information in how to respond to a request for a writer and to be competitive in other ways than by your pricing. There are some great ideas on how to bid on projects. Again I wish she had used the experiences of some of the current bidders at Elance as the competition is fierce. There are many more active bidders than when she was last active at Elance .

The next section dealt with pricing. This is can be a perplexing problem for many of us. On the one hand we need the work and on the other we don’t want to undersell our talent. We fear putting ourselves out there in a bracket that is either too high to attract buyers or so low that we will be taken advantage of. She addresses how to quickly bring in some cash then goes on to illustrate how to gradually increase your prices. A very valuable part of this section is the advice on how to avoid being bullied by buyers.

If you want a way to make an income working online I cannot recommend strongly enough the value of this Ghostwriting Cash course. It will teach you a way to have an income while you are learning all the other methods of working from home.

More in Part 3

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Ghostwriting Cash Review

As a senior trying to learn Internet marketing an important factor for me is to find someone that I can trust. For some time now I have been a fan of Tiffany Dow’s. Craig Kaye of Info Product Killer introduced her to me. At that time she did some excellent instruction on how to use Squidoo to promote products using some of the techniques taught by Craig.

Since that initial introduction I have followed her and found her to be one on the most honest and trustworthy of Internet marketers. She and her mentor Craig Desorcy give of themselves to help others in many ways.

So when she and Craig launched the Ghostwriting Cash it was a no brainer for me and I signed up immediately. Unfortunately both Christmas and holidays got in my way of using it until now.

In reviewing a product I should start at the sales page. Because I was already presold on the idea of this program I did not pay a lot of attention to the sales page. I liked the Carol Bremner video and the guarantee. I know that the sales page was probably following a given pattern for sales pages and often it takes about nine times to present a product before a customer will buy but personally I don’t have the patience for all that copy. For me the important part of selling a product is done in the email or blog post explaining and promoting the product. In this case Tiffany had me presold long before she launched the product.

In the first three chapters of Ghostwriting Cash she spent time explaining the gains of being a ghostwriter other than the obvious one of making money. She discussed gains you would never think about in writing for someone else. Still as senior Internet marketers the making of money to either pay our bills or augment our retirement income is very important to all of us. So the idea that we could earn by writing while we learn the ins and outs of an online business is very appealing.

She then outlined in a very encouraging way the skills of being a ghostwriter. In this she helped quell some of the fears of being a perfect writer. She gave suggestions on ways to make sure your work is original. She gave extensive definitions on the various types of writing that is being sought. Finally she talked about managing time.

In the third section she gave great ideas of how to set your self up as a ghostwriter. She detailed how to do your profile. In this area her advice could be used for setting up a profile for any work that you might be willing to do.

In just these three chapters alone there is enough sound advice to warrant buying Ghostwriting Cash.

More to come ……..

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Brand Your Name

Should Your Brand Your Name on the Net?

To build up trust and to be treated as the go to person on the Internet it is important that you brand your name or your company’s name. Regardless of the topic that you choose to work with, if people have build up a relationship with you they will trust your advice.

They trust your recommendations, they trust that your products will be of good quality, and they trust that you have integrity. People like to deal with real people not just some obscure sales mechanism.

It does not matter what you are producing it should carry your identification. Whether it’s a membership site, an eBook, or something as small as a PLR article pack for sale – you should put your name on it. By branding your name you will be rewarded with success.

Even if you are just getting started chance are that you know the names of some of the prominent Internet Marketers. You may not know them all but it is hard to be in this business very long without running across some of them. Have you heard of John Reese, Mike Filsaime, Frank Kern, Ewen Chia, Perry Marshall, James Martell, Michael Cheney, Martin Avis, or Tiffany Dow?

It does not take many needs for information to run across these names. The one thing that all these people have in common is that they brand themselves. Everything that they produce has their names on it.

Their names are all over the marketing forums, their eCovers, their headers, and everything else they do. Having their names become brands that people trust rewards them. If they recommend something people will purchase because the product recommendation comes from a reliable source.

If the person is top of mind it follows that their products must be good. You can follow their examples by putting your name on everything that you create. By constantly putting your name out there you will be come a trusted source.

In most cases you need to use your own name rather than a nickname. However if for some reason you don’t wish to use your own name the pen name you pick should be a real person name.

If you’ve signed up for forums under a nickname, ask the moderators if they can change your name to your real name or pen name. You might not want to tell the moderator’s it’s a pen name. That’s up to you.

Market your own name in as many venues as possible. Host teleseminars, JV with well-known people if possible, and offer to help create content for well-known people in your niche in exchange for a Bio Box that hosts your name and link to your website.

Offer to be an interview subject for someone. Be a “guest author” for popular websites and blogs in your niche, and create 100% original content for them. Never stop branding your name.

Even when you’re as famous as Donald Trump, the king of name branding, don’t stop. Donald still puts his name on everything he does. His name appears in huge, bold letters on his books. He names buildings after himself. Think of Trump Tower, Trump Taj Mahal, and Trump Plaza. His name is all over everything. Not only is it a matter of pride, but also it keeps his name everywhere.

In your particular area of expertise you want your name to be the one everyone thinks of first. You will become the authority for that niche.

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