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Use Video

Video for Online Marketing

As marketing online has progressed the use of video has become an important way to get your message out and seen by a large audience. With the ability to download or view large files has become mainstream producing video and uploading it has also become common place. This vehicle for marketing has been made possible by the development of the many new video sharing websites.

Next to Facebook YouTube is one of the most traffic attracting sites on the Internet and other video sharing sites are quickly also captivating large followers. With this amount of interest in these video sharing sites it follows that more and more Internet marketers are using video to get their message in front of a large audience.

If put together properly anything can be sold by using video. However people don’t want to be sold. Most searchers are looking for information not for advertisements. Occasionally a really humorous commercial or an old classic will go viral but this is an exception.

People don’t have time nor the interest to watch videos that are just advertisements. They are searching to have their problem solved. To attract visitors to your video it needs to answer a need in either a humorous, engaging, argumentative, and informative way.

If you are wanting to captivate an extensive audience your video must having something to offer in the way of high quality information. It needs to deliver your message in an entertaining and educational way. Because your message is visual it is possible to share the experience with your audience as if they were also realizing it themselves.

People differ to how they disseminate information. Some people are very visual and find videos easier to follow than the printed word. There are many people who have trouble reading. They either cannot read at all or just plain dislike reading. On the other hand many online marketers resist the use of video because they are photogenic or they think it is very expensive to produce video.

Camtasia is the answer to these fears. With Camtasia you do not have to appear on screen you can produce information on your computer then take video screenshots of it to produce your video. You decide what you wish to be shown from your computer then move from screenshot to screenshot.

With the use of a microphone you can explain what is on the screenshots and in this method give an informative, educational presentation. Camtasia as been developed for non-techs. It is out of the box ready to go.

Most people are able to make their first video with Camtasia within an hour of opening the software! This means that even “newbies” or us Senior Internet marketers can have it up and running quickly. If you have an information product then a “how to video” about the product explaining exactly how to use it is the way to go.

It does not matter what you are trying to sell you can apply this method. You can give several ideas on how to use the product. If it is a real live product you can show it in use.

If your product is a digital eBook, you could have a couple of sample videos on how to get affiliates, or how to get more traffic to your mini site, making sure you show proof of your results within the video production.

If you are reluctant to share your videos you can restrict them to just your web site. On sales pages videos will produce higher conversions. Besides using video to sell your products you can also use it to produce your own ebook.

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Social Bookmarking

Bookmarking to Build Links

Social bookmarking has become an important part of online marketing of niches. Sites such as Digg,, and Technorati permit users to link their sites and other sites they admire. Visitors to these sites can add these links to their favorites. Having your links added to others’ lists will produce more links.

The increase in links will produce more traffic to your sites. Place your sites on the Social bookmarking sites yourself. The links can then be shared and sometimes voted up. This is something that happens at Digg.

The object is to get enough people voting for your post so that it becomes a front page item. This placing of your article gives it a chance to attract more attention and might result in thousands of clicks through a day. The idea of social bookmarking is to contribute something useful and interesting to the site. In this manner you will gather more links and visitors to your site.

Let the article you post include your site and in the process of contributing useful information you will attain links from others. Your site might talk about growing tulips and you are seeking a way to get it highlighted in the garden niche. How to grow tulips might seem boring and not a new idea.

You stumble upon an article connecting people who grow tulips and lung cancer. The article makes a connection between growing tulips and reducing lung cancer. If you post this it might attract not only the gardening crowd but also the health conscious visitor. Both segments will share your links with others.

Even if you feel your sites are not making breaking news don’t be discouraged and don’t worry about how many people are picking up your links. This takes time and practice. Use the social bookmarking sites to add backlinks to your sites and over time it will increase your ability to attract others to your bookmarks.

Your first priority is to get the index page of your sites bookmarked. As you go through the process of setting up your bookmarks don’t do it all at once. This may be perceived as spam. Look for other sites from other marketers that are of interest to you and bookmark these.

Become a good member of all the social bookmarking sites and one who is willing to contribute. You want to let people know who you are and what interests you. Upload your image and look for other friends with whom you can interact.

Be careful about how many links you add per day. Monitor the number of links that you add in anyone day and vary the sites to which you add links on each day. Keep it to ten or less per day and you should be fine.

As you build a reputation and have been at it for a while you might be able to add as many as 50 a day. Remember to add the bookmarks of others to your list. Check the front page and vote for some of the stories there. Bookmark a story at every once in a while, or a funny YouTube video. This helps make your profile look a lot more legitimate in the eyes of the community.

There is a free web site to help you post. I am currently going through Dan Brock’s Deadbeat Super Affiliate course. I have only purchased the basic course but his module on social bookmarking alone is worth the price of the course.

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing – An Online Money Maker

To receive a commission from selling products that belong to someone else is one of the easier ways to make money online. For Seniors learning the Internet Marketing business it is a great starting point. This way to market products is not a new idea. Long before the internet people were selling other people’s products. Many Senior Internet Marketers come from a background of selling in the wholesale and retail trade. The Internet was a bit slower to pick up on the idea of offering commissions to others to sell products.

1990 saw the beginning of the computer to be used as a way to communicate with one another. The birth of the World Wide Webb has changed our world in ways we could not have imagined. It was four years after this first beginning that commissioned sales were used to market products. The adult business, that frequently is a leader in sales techniques, was the first to offer affiliate marketing opportunities. Shortly thereafter CDNow, the online music store, followed suit and was the firs non-adult business to offer commissions for sales of its products.

The giant of the industry Amazon began their Affiliate Program in 1996 and look at how that has grown.

This method of making sales and earning commissions is an extremely easy concept. As the affiliate you describe and show the product on your website or in a newsletter and if someone clicks through to the third party and buys you are paid a commission. The amount of money that you collect varies from product to product. It can be a small percent all the way up to 100% of the sales price. In many cases the more items from a particular supplier you sell the larger the percentage.

Vendors that are willing to pay 100% commissions are usually looking for long time relationships with the customer and are willing to sacrifice to get them on their list.

Affiliate marketing can go under many different names: associate marketing, partners programs, joint ventures and revenue sharing. There are many programs where you just sign up but others where you must be pre-approved. Other programs are only accessible to consumers who have purchased the program or goods.

Many companies run their own associates programs and affiliates can deal directly with them. For the majority of products companies will use affiliate management companies. For downloadable products the major company is Clickbank while for many products companies have chosen Commission Junction.

There are good things and bad things to all these affiliate programs. ClickBank, has completely streamlined their program. You register with them which is very straight forward and has no cost. They will assign you an id or affiliate link. You pick a product and when the code is produced for it your id will be in the code. Commissions are very generous usually 50% and 75%. From a marketers point of view the con to Clickbank is its readiness to refund on the purchase and nobody is certain how well they track the sales. That not with standing many online marketers have made considerable money selling the Clickbank products.

Some examples of great products to promote from Clickbank are:

If you prefer to sell real products from retailers then Commission Junction is a great option. From an extensive selection of products it is easy to find something to interest you. At CJ you must apply to each company separately and be approved on an individual bases.

To start off you must apply to Commission Junction to become a member. Then when you pick a product you apply to the company that produces the product. You can be denied access to products with no explanation as to why.

The idea at Commission Junction is to sell many many items and in return they offer smaller commissions. They work on the theory increase your sales and you will make money.

There are thousands of products on CJ in various niches.
If you are interested in developing a golf site here is a list of products to promote:

In the Internet Marketing Field:

I also happen to like Linkshare. Similar to Commission Junction there are thousands of products to promote. One of the great products is CheapOair Super Combo Offer – Save up up 65% on all Flights – Hotels – Car Rentals. Book Now! Offer Valid till Dec 31, 2010. that has the lowest flight prices online.

With Amazon’s Associate Program that they run themselves it is easy to sign up. There is no cost to joining this program and they too operate their commissions on the number of items that you sell. It is 4 to 5% to begin with then if you sell more it will go as high as 7%. The con to the program is every month you start at the lower rate again.

The pro to the Amazon program is that once someone has clicked through to their site for one product they are very good at interesting the customer in something else. This way you make a commission on something that you have not promoted. You are paid on the value of the total sale for that transaction.

Some sales programs promote products with residual commissions that are paid over and over again. An example of this is a membership site where you would receive a commission for as long as your referral stays a member. This provides you with a recurring income that can add up and it makes for a nice steady pay day for a long time.

From your website that has many visitors, or your blog or newsletter to your mailing list or anywhere that you have established trust, you are able to make a nice revenue from promoting third party products. You don’t have to own the inventory, write sales letters, service customers or face all the headaches that product owners and vendors have to endure.

Affiliate marketing is one of the easier ways to make money online.. To earn the commissions you review and suggest, or you advertise on your site and then monitor the click throughs and collect the paycheck. For Senior Internet marketers this is a great way to start with no outlay of cash and a possible return very quickly.

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Headlines for Your Online Audience

What Kind of Headlines Will Work for Your Online Audience

The Internet isn’t a sparsely population virtual world anymore. Just about everyone you know is online – even us seniors who claim we know nothing about computers are now learning to log on, check email and socialize with distant friends and family, and would you believe it seniors are becoming online marketers. So your headlines will impact a much broader age demographic and a wider global audience.

There are two things you have to consider for your headlines. The first is the legal ramifications of your headlines (which could be costly) and the second is the consumer effectiveness of them when it comes to converting traffic into sales. Now for a minute I want you to clear your head of the Internet Marketing niche.

I know you’re used to “make a million dollars in 24 hours while you sleep” tag lines, but that’s not going to sit well with the FTC committees who investigate fraud complaints. Chances are, you won’t have to worry about those anymore.

Let’s think about other niche markets. You still have to consider FTC regulations for your headlines. You can’t claim a product will help you lose 20 pounds in two weeks unless it’s a typical result for everyone who buys your product.

In any niche, you want to be careful that you don’t make outrageous claims in your headlines that aren’t going to hold true for most of the people buying your product or using your service.

Now let’s look at consumer-friendly headlines. I think between you and I, most people know the difference between too good to be true promises and realistic ones. But even in the Internet Marketing niche, there are tons of people (you might even be guilty of this yourself), of hoping too much and trusting in a headline when you know better.

Try to practice conveying benefits to your intended audience without being outrageous. You may have to tone down your claims from losing an exact number of pounds to simply losing weight or staving off hunger or getting healthier.

When it comes to the promotion of tangible items, headlines that will work will be ones that according to marketing experts, that focuses on energy efficiency and loyalty to items being made in the USA.

The magic bullets when writing headlines are AIDA – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action – and be sure to use these principles in the entire sales copy that you produce. But don’t violate FTC regulations and try to steer your consumer to above-the-board products and services that won’t result in deep disappointment.

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Changes in Twitter Traffic

Twitter has become a household word and an everyday method of getting the word out. The speed with which this social networking has taken place has left many of us senior marketers in the dust. While the youth of the world are Tweeting several times a day or in some cases an hour we are still asking our selves what is this all about. Some say an entire Presidential campaign was won partially off the viral nature of this site – but regardless of whether or not you believe that, there’s no denying it can be a very powerful method of reaching a large audience.

The problem to date has been to determine just how to single out the right people to communicate with. With the implementation of robots to add friends or auto-follow people, you never knew if those who reciprocated your follow were even interested in your products or services that you market online.

In 2009, Internet marketers learned how to get traffic to their domains, blog, Squidoo lenses and forums simply by devising a potent Tweet and sending it out to the web-o-sphere.

They learned how to personalize their Twitter profile page, including product images, tag lines, and hyperlinks to important sites. Some lucky users were grandfathered with the ability to have an animated avatar (which catches many eyes) before Twitter nixed it to the masses.

Just before the end of the year, the site created a Beta test version of list options that supposedly wasn’t available to everyone using the site. With lists, you’re able to take the people who you’re following and categorize them, allowing you to read the Tweets of one particular group at a time rather than wade through hundreds or thousands of Tweets that might just be a courtesy follow instead of a true interest.

Biz Stone, the founder of Twitter, is going to help marketers out by allowing you to open a business account for the year 2010. It will be a paid version of the site, but you’ll get perks such as analytic tools to help you focus your message more precisely.

You can’t blame Twitter. It must be horrible to have developed such a powerful social networking site that’s become a household name and still not be profitable. That’s the primary goal of Twitter in 2010 – to make acquisitions of developments that help them make revenue for the site. As marketers, we’ll be paying the bill for things we use, but hopefully well be reaping the rewards and our ROI (return on investment) will make it well worth it.

Another 2010 forecast is that your Tweets will soon be indexed in real time on both Google and Bing. As any marketer can tell you, this is wonderful for those who are marketing trend products and services and want to defeat their competition using effective keyword-laced Tweets that result in decent conversions.

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Online Customer Service

Is it just that I am a senior that I am becoming more and more frustrated by the lack of customer service? In an online newsletter that I subscribe to the writer often decries the lack of service in the street retail and service trade. He frequently talks about the indifferent service in trying to get a part for a broken appliance or being ignored when trying to purchase something. In this competitive world this is a road to disaster.

It is no different online. The idea that you can launch a product and not be prepared to stand behind it just does not wash. If you are not going to be there when things that seem obvious to you are not so obvious to the purchaser and they are asking for support, this indifference is a sure way to get many, many refunds.

In trying to learn Internet marketing it seems inevitable that someone will wave a product in front of you that you think might teach you a new skill or a new way of doing something. So you jump in with both feet and usually your wallet too. Unfortunately you find you do not have enough technical skills to put the system into practice. You email the support desk and they acknowledge your email with an automatic email saying they will get back to you. This is more often or not the only support that they offer. You have bought their product, they have your money, and they are off to sell it to someone else.

I know this sounds like a rant. But I am tried of online marketers who hype their products then when you need them they are nowhere to be found. All to often these products have left out some very vital pieces of the puzzle.

What can you do to avoid this? There are no guarantees however you can check out places like the warrior forum, or a site like IM Report Card or Google the product and checkout what other people are saying. For the latter beware of the affiliates hyping the product.

In picking a product don’t be fooled by the get rich promises but look for products where people rave about the customer service. In the long run these products will return more in quality information and customer service.

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Affiliate Super BootCamp

James Martell’s Affiliate Super Boot Camp

I cannot say enough about James Martell and his partner Arlene Martell. As senior online marketers who may have a more challenging learning curve, it is imperative to find someone you can trust. You need to find someone who is not out there just to take your money and someone who has excellent customer service. The Martells deliver this in spades!

James teaches in what he calls “baby steps”. This allows you to easily keep up. His main product is the Affiliate Marketers SUPER BootCamp. This program is constantly being upgraded to deliver today’s techniques and information.

The Boot Camp is taught in 28 ninety to one hundred and twenty minute sessions in an online classroom. Because James is more than generous with his time it often runs overtime. He allows questions and makes suggestions to help people. The sessions are videoed, recorded and transcribed. This means you can watch them over and over again. The MP3 audio allows you to take them with you in your car or your run or wherever. I personally found the written transcripts to be very useful. James Martell has covered all the different ways that people learn.

The material in the Super Boot Camp takes you through the following:

  • Picking a topic
  • Planning a web site
  • Finding a suitable domain and hosting
  • Setting up a web site
  • Creating content
  • Keyword research
  • Copywriting
  • Outsourcing
  • Choosing a content management system
  • Developing a list
  • Setting up web audio
  • Using Google Adwords
  • Using online news sources
  • Creating backlinks
  • Monetizing your site
  • Using video
  • Increasing conversion
  • Using social media

To keep with James’ philosophy of baby steps several of these topics are broken into more than one session. To augment this he provides a question and answer session twice a month plus a weekly Coffee Talk audio interview pertaining to these topics.

One of the wonderful side benefits of this program is the support and help you receive from other members taking the Boot Camp.

Arlene Martell mans the help desk and if you have a problem you can email her. You will get an almost immediate response. The customer service is second to none.

This was my first introduction to online marketing and I cannot recommend Affiliate Marketers SUPER BootCamp strongly enough.

The “SUPER BootCamp” as its affectionately nicknamed, is continually updated, and boasts an unique blend of recorded and live online events with an expanded curriculum, weekly video lessons, expert audio interviews, interactive 24/7 member community, twice a month live Q&A and personal coaching sessions, making this paced online e-learning experience a *must* for every serious website publisher wishing to succeed with affiliate programs, click NOW!

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Review of KickstartPLR

Review of KickstartPLR – private label articles membership site.

As a Senior online marketer,trying to learn Internet business I’ve bought a lot of private label stuff over the years. Articles, ebooks, software … you name it, I have a hard drive full of it. I have learned that well written private label material can help you create meaningful content. This leaves a Senior “newbie” free to spend time learning all the intricacies of online marketing.

The one thing that characterizes most of it though is that it is badly researched and poorly-written. Let’s be honest, 90% of the thousands and thousands of PLR articles around are barely even in readable English.

The only reason I keep buying private label materials is that every once in a while you come across a supplier who understands the concept of quality. It’s rare, I admit, but they are out there if you look.

And when you do find the good stuff, the money-making potential is amazing. You can literally reap the rewards while someone else does all the work for you!
Good private label lets you do pretty much anything you like – edit it, add to it, merge different articles into a bigger report, post it on websites, blogs, emails … if you can think of a money-making use for it, the chances are you can do it. The private label license has very few restrictions.

Usually the only no-nos are to post the articles unchanged on article directories, and reselling them as private label. Other than that, the sky – and your imagination, is the limit.

Just recently I came across a new website from husband and wife team, Martin and Delia Avis. Martin has been a full time Internet marketer for years and Delia is an ex English teacher, so between them they know about research, keywords, expert writing and online marketing. A combination of talents that they have put to good use in KickstartPLR.

Martin also runs a very long-running newsletter – Kickstart Today – which has been around for over 8 years – and is known for his ethics and straight dealing.

That background made me take notice when I learned that they had recently launched a private label articles site of their own.

What I found was that they create a new pack of ten articles, on a carefully researched niche topic, every ten days. So for your subscription fee you get 30 brand new articles every month. What was important for me was that I found by getting them spread out over the month I don’t get overloaded.

This is PLR material that I want to use, not collect!

KickstartPLR also has some excellent training materials – which is being added to all the time, and a section with really useful exclusive software you can use in your online marketing. Frankly, I’d have paid the low monthly price just to use some of that software!

Having checked out the site and seen for myself the extremely high quality Martin and Delia both aim for and achieve, I have no hesitation in recommending KickstartPLR.

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As Squidoo’s Is Evolving How Will It Affect You?

Squidoo has been and continues to be a great source for Senior Online Marketers to try out ideas without the cost of setting up their own domains. However like many things on the Internet times are a changing and you need to be aware of some of the new guidelines.

If you have been following from the sidelines you observed as Squidoo evolved into a SERP-ranking powerhouse and finally invested in a guide to teach marketers how to do it themselves. They created content, did all the recommended traffic tactics – and one day awoke to discover their lenses locked and their efforts ruined.

Squidoo made many changes in 2009 – and for good reason. They were in the good graces of Google until one day the search engine giant decided to teach them a lesson and slapped their search engine rankings into nowhereland.

To combat this horrible effect, Squidoo knew what they had to do. They had to lock down spam lenses, implement some new rules and take down unsavory content. Gone were the porn lenses that were previously allowed on this site.

A new Squid Don’t lens was erected to help guide lensmasters in how to create a proper page on Squidoo. Many ClickBank products, which were the bread and butter of some affiliates, were blacklisted.

No more teaching how to cure toenail fungus or how to lose weight with acai berries. These topics were just too enticing for spammers, so Squidoo had to make them off-limits for everybody – even those who provided viable content about them.

Squidoo did create a great program called the Giant Squid program, where lensmasters with at least 50 good lenses could bypass the filter system they set in place – because they earned a badge of trust from the creators of Squidoo.

They limited the number of links to a hefty nine, which is more than generous considering places like Hub Pages only allow two. In the coming year, Squidoo will be checking up on lensmasters to see who’s abiding by their policy and who isn’t – and they’ll be cleaning house on lenses that don’t comply.

One unfortunate prediction about Squidoo is that they will continue finding new resources that help them make money. It’s understandable, of course – but it inserts links and competition in your lens that you can’t always turn off.

One of the best ways to get what you want on Squidoo is to become an active participant in their SquidU forum. Here, you can interact with the founders and worker bees on Squidoo – and they constantly ask for your input on future decisions, letting you speak out about how it will affect you.

For example, they’re considering giving lensmasters the ability to take a live Squidoo lens and purposefully make it a work in progress lens – but before they do, they’re asking for your opinion. Take advantage of this open door philosophy because not many social networks have it – they simply make the rules and you’re expected to follow them.

Within the Squidoo system you will find many people already anxious to share their ideas and expertise on how to build an effective lens.

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When Will You Finally Succeed as an Internet Marketer?

What obstacles have been holding you back from achieving the kind of success you’ve always dreamed about? Do you even know what’s hurting your financial success? Not everyone does.

Some new marketers spin their wheels indefinitely, running out of money until one day they quit trying and leave the Internet Marketing business frustrated and broke – re-entering the workforce and getting a J-O-B to support their families. As a senior this is return to the workforce is not always possible.

It is time to slow down, reassess your strategy and move cautiously from here on out. The first thing you have to do is quit attempting any or all get rich quick schemes.

It’s designed to make a quick buck for the seller, not to truly help you develop a substantial business of your own. Anything that offers too good to be true promises (six figures in 24 hours with no list, no experience and no start-up funds) is a red flag for you.

Don’t take the bait. I want you to prepare for this journey, because if it’s done right, then it can be a fantastically rewarding time of your life – whether you’re 18 and just out of high school or a senior citizen entering retirement.

If you’re still employed, don’t quit your job until your Internet Marketing business is off the ground and flourishing. That way you won’t be dealing with the stress of money and frantically grasping at straws (this is when you’re most likely to fall prey to Internet Marketing scams).

Now that you have a safety net – of a steady paycheck – you’ll be able to slowly and cautiously make decisions for your future online business endeavors. I want you to take time to evaluate the different options and compare them to your strengths.

Do you love working one on one with people? A mentoring or coaching business might suit you. Are you fond of writing and research? Consider info product development where you create a whole line of eBooks.

Once you have your ideas set in stone, scout out the best way to learn how to do it. When you do this, don’t just read sales copy and hit the order button – these guys have a lot of experience convincing you to buy. Instead, research the seller’s reputation. Research real reviews (not where an affiliate link is listed) to see if the product is worthy of your investment. And never buy more than you can afford.

As you learn, take baby steps in building your business the right way. Don’t rush it too fast or you may skip an important component that could make or break your online success. As a senior you have the time to take it slowly however don’t waste your money chasing empty promises.

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