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What Is Clickbank?

As senior Internet marketers trying to learn the ropes on marketing online we struggle to understand many of the various programs. Seasoned marketers take for granted things like Squidoo, Hub Pages, and Clickbank. As the Internet evolves and rapidly changes it is hard to grasp all the ins and outs of this virtual world. Before you have your teeth into one program another has popped up. There is an endless supply of information and programs.

In this virtual world there are thousands of products and information eBooks that have been developed to address this ever changing Internet experience. How can we as senior Internet marketers take advantage of these products. One of the most successful ways is by understanding what Clickbank is all about.

When I started I had no clue what Clickbank was. I had heard the term bandy about in both positive and negative terms. However I did not initially realize that it could be a very useful program. Clickbank is a tool that facilitates both publishers that wish to market their eBooks and software and affiliates can earn commissions by promoting these digital products.

Clickbank for Affiliates

  • There is no cost to join the Clickbank affiliates program. • There are thousands of affiliate programs from which to choose and it is not difficult to find digital products that fit exactly into the theme of your we site. An example of that is if your web site is about weight loss there are literally thousands of digital products that you could promote on your site.
  • The affiliate programs on Clickbank offer commissions as high as 75%, so every time an affiliate product that you endorse is sold you make a lot of money.
  • Clickbank offers a dependable tracking system that allows you to keep track of your commissions at all times.
  • It ensures that affiliates are paid the money that is due to them and handles publisher relations.

Clickbank for Publishers

  • Clickbank offers publishers a two prong way to make money. First there thousands of people who use this service to buy products. Secondly it gives the publishers an avenue to promote their products to a wealth of seasoned and gifted Internet marketers.
  • For a nominal amount of the cost of the product and the speed of reaching countless customers setting up an affiliate program is considered an excellent marketing tactic. Although you get a wealth of advertising on the Internet you only have to pay for this when you make a sale. It does not cost you a dime unless a customer buys your product from one of these affiliate sites.
  • Clickbank allows easy access to real time product sales statistics so that you know how well your business is doing and also these statistics can be used to make key business decisions.
  • Relations with affiliates and payments are handled efficiently through Clickbank.

Clickbank for Customers

  • With the number of products that customers can find in the Clickbank market place it becomes an extremely desirable place to seek digital products.
  • It assures its patrons a safe and secure shopping experience and offers multiple payment methods.
  • It is used in over 200 countries worldwide; with customers swearing by the quality of service and products found on Clickbank.

If you have not visited Clickbank and explored its many possibilities it is time you did. For affiliates, publishers, and customers alike there are many opportunities that can be enjoyed in a save environment.

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