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Backlinks, Backlinks, and WordPress Plugins

In the last few weeks I have been directing most of my efforts to finding backlinks for my sites. As a senior learning Internet marketing I am finding this a daunting task. Everyone agrees that backlinks are necessary to a successful site. Where they differ is how to find these backlinks.

It is not that difficult to write articles and post them to article directories. Certainly many marketers have had great success doing this. The problem with this method is that Google recently gave these directories a huge slap for not having high quality content on them. It seems to me rightly or wrongly if I am going to expend a great deal of time writing articles I want them published on sites that will give my sites a high ranking backlink.

As a result I have spend my time looking for sites that will allow guest blogging. There are many sites out there that are looking for others to fill up their sites with good content. In my search to find suitable sites I have been looking for sites that have a page rank of at least 3. I sometimes wonder if it is the fact that I am a senior working at home that these tasks seem so difficult. I am encouraged when I read that only a small number of site owners actually do the work of getting backlinks to their sites.

James Martell of Affiliate Marketers SUPER BootCamp fame offers a course called Backlinks Workshop. If you have read this blog before you will know that I am a big fan of James Martell. He is a down-to-earth honest Internet marketer who is willing to help others succeed. James has long been a proponent of finding quality backlinks. He used to advise writing for other webmasters and getting these articles posted with the understanding that the links in the articles would be left in place. However he now thinks that guest blogging is the way to go.

To this end I have been searching to find sites that encourage guest blogging and are willing to give a backlink to my sites. There is no sense in trying to say otherwise this process is slow going.

In an effort to help I posted a job on where I have had very good luck outsourcing some of my tasks. In this case it did not work. I hired a firm to try but it has turned out that they have had no understanding or experience with this type of task. This has been rather disappointing because in the past I have had good success in finding help.

The other thing that I wanted to share with all of you is the finding of two new great plugins for WordPress both FREE. The first is Broken Link Checker. This plugin will check your WordPress site as often as you set it up to check (72 hours) looking for broken links. You will receive an email to let you know that there are broken links that you need to check. The wonderful thing about this plugin is as your site grows it can be difficult to find exactly where there are broken links.

The other great plugin is Efficient Related Posts. This plugin looks for posts in your site that have related content and it links the posts together. If you use tags in your posts this works like a charm. It finds the related posts and puts the links at the bottom of the posts as you publish it.

This has been my week and I am off to look for more Backlinks. I am wishing all other seniors who are learning Internet marketing success in their endeavors.

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Affiliate Super BootCamp

James Martell’s Affiliate Super Boot Camp

I cannot say enough about James Martell and his partner Arlene Martell. As senior online marketers who may have a more challenging learning curve, it is imperative to find someone you can trust. You need to find someone who is not out there just to take your money and someone who has excellent customer service. The Martells deliver this in spades!

James teaches in what he calls “baby steps”. This allows you to easily keep up. His main product is the Affiliate Marketers SUPER BootCamp. This program is constantly being upgraded to deliver today’s techniques and information.

The Boot Camp is taught in 28 ninety to one hundred and twenty minute sessions in an online classroom. Because James is more than generous with his time it often runs overtime. He allows questions and makes suggestions to help people. The sessions are videoed, recorded and transcribed. This means you can watch them over and over again. The MP3 audio allows you to take them with you in your car or your run or wherever. I personally found the written transcripts to be very useful. James Martell has covered all the different ways that people learn.

The material in the Super Boot Camp takes you through the following:

  • Picking a topic
  • Planning a web site
  • Finding a suitable domain and hosting
  • Setting up a web site
  • Creating content
  • Keyword research
  • Copywriting
  • Outsourcing
  • Choosing a content management system
  • Developing a list
  • Setting up web audio
  • Using Google Adwords
  • Using online news sources
  • Creating backlinks
  • Monetizing your site
  • Using video
  • Increasing conversion
  • Using social media

To keep with James’ philosophy of baby steps several of these topics are broken into more than one session. To augment this he provides a question and answer session twice a month plus a weekly Coffee Talk audio interview pertaining to these topics.

One of the wonderful side benefits of this program is the support and help you receive from other members taking the Boot Camp.

Arlene Martell mans the help desk and if you have a problem you can email her. You will get an almost immediate response. The customer service is second to none.

This was my first introduction to online marketing and I cannot recommend Affiliate Marketers SUPER BootCamp strongly enough.

The “SUPER BootCamp” as its affectionately nicknamed, is continually updated, and boasts an unique blend of recorded and live online events with an expanded curriculum, weekly video lessons, expert audio interviews, interactive 24/7 member community, twice a month live Q&A and personal coaching sessions, making this paced online e-learning experience a *must* for every serious website publisher wishing to succeed with affiliate programs, click NOW!

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