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Developing Your Website Blueprint Part 2 of 2

Affiliate Marketers Super Bootcamp 2012 Session 6 -Developing Your Website Blueprint Part 2 of 2

James Martell's Affiliate Marketers Bootcamp 2012

In session 6 Developing Your Website Blueprint Part 2 of 2 of James Martell’s Affiliate Marketers SUPER BootCamp 2012, he continues to guide his students through the beginning steps of getting your website organized. For some people this might seem a bit tedious but if you get this part right, all the rest will fall into place .

In this session he goes over the following:
Developing Your Website Blueprint Part 2 of 2 of James Martell’s Affiliate Marketers Super Bootcamp 2012

  • Grab Site Detail Page
  • Open a Google Document
  • Make a List of Required Plugins
  • Develop Your Own Site Detail Page
  • Go To
  • Search, Search, Search, Some More
  • Purchase Your Domain Name
  • Go to
  • Purchase Your Domain

As always James spends a little time at the beginning doing a quick review of the previous session Developing Your Website Blueprint Part 1 of 2. He always feels that his students should take small steps to achieve a larger goal. I think also he can gage the effectiveness of the course by finding out where everyone is as they go along.

In session 6 Developing Your Website Blueprint Part 2 of 2 he starts off by explaining the difference between and and why you should be using to build your site. When I took his Affiliate Marketers Super Bootcamp he was promoting Drupal as the content marketing system. Now Drupal is a wonderful content management system but you have to be quite technically savvy to manage it. I can honestly say I was never able to figure it out. Ultimately with reasonable amounts of pain and frustration I had my site transferred to a system.

From there James reviews the 17 most favorite plugins that they use on their sites. This part is interesting but as he cautions don’t over load your site with too many plugins that you don’t need. I think that once you are up and running you can begin to see which ones that you will need. This goes back to your visitor profile and how you want them to be able to use your site combined with the information that you need to get from site.

James Martell has always been very generous in sharing his materials and in this session he shares his Site Detail Page. This is a wonderful resource for outlining what is on the site and where it is. In this area you can begin to identify your site’s required pages and where they should reside on the site. Using this as a template you can then go on to develop your own Site Detail Page. This is one of the homework steps from this session.

From there he moved to picking a domain name. Again in their practice of sharing Arlene Martell came on and talked about the steps she takes when finding a domain name. She and James outlined 10 ideas on how to find good domain names.

The next step was to go to and search for the availability of the names you are considering. James has long been a big supporter of Bluehost for registering and hosting domains. In his first session of this course there is a short video of how to use Bluehost. While at Bluehost take your time to search, search, and search some more. Web Hosting $6.95

To wind up this session he introduces the class to the WordPress themes at StudioPress. They are lovely clean themes with loads of functionality.

From this session there is quite a bit of homework assigned but with the final step of session actually buying the domain, students will feel that they are well on their way to actually seeing a site. In the next session of James Martell’s Affiliate Marketers SUPER BootCamp 2012 he will discuss keywords and how to understand them and use them.

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