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Ghostwriting Cash Review Part 2

In the next three chapters of Ghostwriting Cash Tiffany Dow now directs us as to how we can promote ourselves. There is no sense in going to all the trouble to set up a site, learning what the various categories of writing needs are, and developing your profile, if you then don’t know how to promote your self.

She takes you by the hand and points you to the many sites where you can register and look for work. She gives a description and a little background information about these sites. She spends quite a bit of time talking about Elance. If I have a negative about the course I would say that I might have preferred if she had added some information about the current ins and outs of Elance. She might have done this by either renewing her status there or by referencing the experience of a current writer.

Tiffany goes on to talk about the Warrior Forum. I think this was very useful information. As many of us, as seniors just starting out to learn Internet marketing, are very intimidated by all the “gurus” who hang out in the Warrior Forum it was very enlightening.

The next section on ways to attract clients was very useful and informative. She gives very good information in how to respond to a request for a writer and to be competitive in other ways than by your pricing. There are some great ideas on how to bid on projects. Again I wish she had used the experiences of some of the current bidders at Elance as the competition is fierce. There are many more active bidders than when she was last active at Elance .

The next section dealt with pricing. This is can be a perplexing problem for many of us. On the one hand we need the work and on the other we don’t want to undersell our talent. We fear putting ourselves out there in a bracket that is either too high to attract buyers or so low that we will be taken advantage of. She addresses how to quickly bring in some cash then goes on to illustrate how to gradually increase your prices. A very valuable part of this section is the advice on how to avoid being bullied by buyers.

If you want a way to make an income working online I cannot recommend strongly enough the value of this Ghostwriting Cash course. It will teach you a way to have an income while you are learning all the other methods of working from home.

More in Part 3

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