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Kindle Book Publishing

Kindle Book Publishing I can not believe that this is me! Over the summer besides falling on my face and doing some real damage to my chin and breaking some teeth I have stepped big time out of my comfort zone and published some books to the Kindle. I am not quite sure how I got started down this path as I don’t really consider myself to be an author. I guess we all want someone to pay attention to our thoughts.

What I have discovered is a whole new world. There are an amazing number of people publishing books to the Kindle. With absolutely no effort on my part I have made friends from authors around the world. I have also been introduced to using groups on Facebook. I have also experimented with Facebook pages.

The Kindle

Amazon has made the Kindle or the Kindle app available to everyone who has a computer. They have discounted the price of the Kindle Fire to make it appealing to a larger audience. They have made it available online and in retail stores. Amazon’s real focus is to sell content. They want the world to buy books -either digitally where the market is or paperback copies.

The Kindle Fire sold about 4.7 million units during the fourth quarter of 2011. In September 2012 they did an upgrade to it and launched the Kindle Fire HD that is more video friendly.

Personally I have the Kindle app on my iPad but I do find it a bit heavy in my hands compared to the Kindle Fire that I borrowed from my daughter. With the iPad mini coming to market there will be a race to dominate the market.

Kindle Publishing Courses

Early in the summer I stumbled across a course about publishing books to the Kindle. I am not sure where this came from and I am not going to recommend this course to you as I felt it was greatly over priced for what it offered. However that said because I have been having success selling my books on the Kindle publishing system I have to acknowledge that it had some value and got me going.

Having started down this course I soon learned that publishing to the Kindle was being discussed everywhere. I confess to being an Internet course junkie. I think this comes from my insecurities that as a senior learning Internet marketing I think that everyone know way more than I do. As a result of jumping into these various discussions I came across Geoff Shaw’s Kindling – Kindle Launch Formula. This is an unbelievable members site. The information there is overwhelming. I don’t think that there is anything that one needs to know that is not cover there. One of the things that I like the most about this course is Geoff’s matter of fact delivery style. You don’t get the usual power presentation of doing this and you will be rich over night. He just gives sensible easy to follow information.

The Kindle Books

I am learning that one of the best strategies is to create a series of books. Not knowing this I jumped right into the process and wrote about what I know about. I am a Real Estate Agent so what do I know the process of buying and selling homes. The first book that put up is Secrets to Selling Your Home for Top Dollar:How to Get the Best Value Out of Your Home in a Difficult Market.
The Secrets to Selling Your Home for Top Dollar

This book walks the reader through all the steps to get their home ready to sell. In many areas there has been a very tough selling market and this book will guide you to take action to present your home in its best light.

The second book centers upon how to buy a home. HOME! HOW TO BUY A HOME: A Complete Guide to Buying and Living Great in Your Dream HomeHOME! HOW TO BUY A HOME: A Complete Guide to Buying and Living Great in Your Dream Home
One of the lessons from the declining home market is that many Buyers got into trouble by not understanding what they were committing to and with a small change in their circumstances they found that they were unable to pay their mortgage. This book walks them through the process of not only getting the proper financial advice but the the steps to finding and buying their dream home.

Publishing these books to the Kindle was amazingly straightforward and quite easy. This led me to think about a book that I had written two years prior but had never done anything with. Part of the problem of not promoting this book was that I had sent it off to a supplier who promised to tidy up the formatting and embed the images properly. I paid in advance for his services but then could never get the book back from him. I decided perfect or not I would put it up on the Kindle. Golf Simplified is not about Real Estate and is at the moment a stand alone book on the Kindle book publishing platform. I will have to get busy and write some more golf books. Again this is writing about something that I know about. I grew up in a golfing family with a famous Canadian golf pro as my father. Golf Simplified is a book that covers all the basic swing tips to develop a good consistent golf swing. It is a wonderful book for a beginner but can also be used by seasoned players.
Golf Simplified

Kindle Book Publishing Promotion

This is where I am now. Learning the ways to promote the books by using Facebook pages,. Twitter, Pinterest,,Klout, and Google+. There is lots to learn and I will come back to update this page about the things I learn.

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