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The Process

On one of the emails I receive regularly there was a recent post about an “internet guru” admitting to fraud, The gist of this admission was take the money, deliver “something” and DO NOT CARE whether you ever succeed. They DO NOT CARE.

This hit a nerve with me. As a recent victim of internet fraud and thinking that as Senior Internet Marketers we might be more prone to online fraud; I thought it might be useful to post a bit about it. In my case I was looking for a program that I could follow that would be similar to taking a college course on Internet marketing. My expectations were that it would be a series of lessons followed by a question and answer session. I was looking for something that would start at the beginning and progress through to a high degree of useful information and skill level.

What turned out was nothing like my expectations. I had not searched for such a program but I was interested in finding one. I am not sure where this outfit got my phone number (I am now very reluctant to give it out). I was phoned by something I now find out is a fulfillment company. The sole purpose of these people is to find people with the financial means to be able to afford a reasonably expensive investment.

The first part of this process was to extract from me my ability to pay. The second step was for a very smooth talking salesperson to sign me up for this course. The promise was that this institution would teach me to build a web site that would earn me six figures in six month’s time. Now I did not believe all of this but I did think that I would earn enough to get a return on my investment and then go on to build on that.

Having agreed to the program I had to sign the contract immediately and charge it to my credit card or lose this chance. I was never informed that the contract could be retracted at any time. I now understand that in the that state’s law I could have retracted it any time within 10 days. I point this out not because I was smart enough to have researched this company and withdrawn my contract but to give the readers of this blog a heads up that contracts can be cancelled.

The next part of this scam was for a fast talking lawyer to phone and sell me the idea of setting up a company. This would cost approximately $2,500.00 plus monthly charges for an agent to receive and disburse the revenue from the site. I was told this had to be done with 45 days or the cost of the course could not be written off. Fortunately I dismissed this out of hand. I did not think it was necessary until there was an indication of some revenue.
My Online Fraud Story Part Two

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