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My Amazon Woes

As a senior learning Internet marketing I have made no secret of what an uphill learning curve this has been for me. This summer has been no exception. The focus of the summer has been to build backlinks by guest blogging. I would say this has been quite an enjoyable successful experience. Not only trying to find interesting topics to… Read more »

Blog Commenter or Spammer?

Do You Leave Useful Comments on Blogs or Do You Just Spam? I find myself becoming increasingly annoyed by the many spam comments that I find on my websites. What are you finding on your blog? As a Senior learning Internet marketing it took me a little while to figure out that when someone comes to your site and leaves… Read more »

How To Use Keywords Effectively

Using Keywords Effectively Revisited Setting up a website is one thing, but how do you drive visitors to it? People will find your site because the right keywords will lead them to it. You have to choose and use the perfect set or sets of keywords and phrases in order to make your website really pop. What does all of… Read more »

SEO for Senior Internet Marketers

Here we go again something more to understand! As a senior learning Internet marketing there are many things that stretch my grey cells. Understanding Search Engine Optimization is an important aspect of successful Internet marketing. It is not good enough to create a beautiful web site full of interesting information that you are sure many people are dying to know… Read more »

Backlinks, Backlinks, and WordPress Plugins

In the last few weeks I have been directing most of my efforts to finding backlinks for my sites. As a senior learning Internet marketing I am finding this a daunting task. Everyone agrees that backlinks are necessary to a successful site. Where they differ is how to find these backlinks. It is not that difficult to write articles and… Read more »

Should You Be Personal Online?

If you follow this blog you will know that I am a senior who is learning to work online. With all honesty I can say for me this has been a very daunting journey. This blog is my release for some of the stumbling blocks that I have found along the way. It is also a way to share with… Read more »

Building Traffic With Backlinking

There are many courses that teach you how to build a website, how to research a niche, and how to use keywords. I have taken several of them and I have bought numerous eBooks on these subjects. One of the areas that I am having trouble with, as a senior learning Internet marketing, is driving traffic to my sites. If… Read more »

Who Do You Believe?

As many of you who follow my blog know I am a fan of Martin Avis. I read his biweekly newsletter and I trust his recommendations. I don’t always buy everything he recommends but I know when he supports something it is worthwhile. I also know that he has tried it before recommending it. He recently posted this and it… Read more »

What Information Goes Into Reports You Give Away?

There are really three types of freebie reports we put out there as marketers. The first is an opt in report, which we give away to build a list. The second is a viral freebie for an eBook we’re either selling or promoting as an affiliate. And the third is an informative report we’re using to promote a tangible product,… Read more »

Creating Blog Posts That Generate Participation

You know what’s funny? There are some BIG name Internet Marketing gurus out there with blogs and not one single comment on them. It’s kind of shocking, considering they’ve built up subscriber lists, yet most gurus outsource their eBooks and reports and articles, and tackle blogging on their own – they just don’t know how to do it right! Audience… Read more »
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