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The Course What I discovered that instead of a high quality content course this company offered: Very sketchy video material some of which was out of date A support line staffed with students with questionable knowledge Conflicting advice and no continuity An expensive monthly hosting and site building program The support line had no knowledge of the technical side A… Read more »


The Process On one of the emails I receive regularly there was a recent post about an “internet guru” admitting to fraud, The gist of this admission was take the money, deliver “something” and DO NOT CARE whether you ever succeed. They DO NOT CARE. This hit a nerve with me. As a recent victim of internet fraud and thinking… Read more »

Focus for the Year Will Help Increase Your Earnings

The biggest problem I find is setting out a plan for the year and focusing on that plan.. It is easy to be swerving all over the place – from trying to learn Pay per Click to launching new Squidoo lenses to working on an info product. It’s called information overload, and clearing out the hard drive doesn’t solve it… Read more »


You have done your research, picked your niche, registered your domain, and set up your hosting plan. The next step is to create the web site. To do this you need a content management system. The best explanation of this is a  content management system is a “computer application used to create, edit, manage, and publish content in a consistently… Read more »


If you have a state of the art new computer system upon which to start your Internet Marketing business you are probably zipping through websites and files at astronomical speeds. Unfortunately for some, that’s not the case. Not only are they working from a computer system that freezes up and is plagued by viruses, but their connection to the online… Read more »

Blogging Explosion

You have found a niche, decided on a domain and set up your hosting. The next step is to decide what kind of a web site you wish to have. Do you want it to be static or do you want to run it as a blog? Let’s look at blogging. The movie Julie and Julia took blogging mainstream for… Read more »


Once you have zeroed in on a topic or a niche you need to get a domain name and register it. It is better to try to have a keyword rich domain name. The domain name is the address or URL of your web site. For example if we go back to our previous topic of Tiffany lamps, the best… Read more »

Super Affiliates Affiliate Product Review

For many seniors we are looking to augment our retirement income with a monthly stream that allows us to live the same lifestyle that we had as full time wage earners. Finding the right direction to go to achieve this is often very confusing. We spend time going down this path then another path only to find they all lead… Read more »

Finding a Niche or Topic To Market

Before you can even think of constructing a web site you need to research what that web site will be about. It is highly desirable but not absolutely a necessity that the subject you choose is something in which you have an interest or passion. However if you are hoping to make an income from the web site you need… Read more »

Finding a Starting Point

To learn a new skill there always has to be a staring point. As it happens some starting points are better than others and hindsight is a wonderful thing. For me this learning of Internet marketing has been a bit like climbing straight up a mountain. The hindsight that I now have would point me in answering the following questions… Read more »
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