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Overwhelmed and Don’t Know Where to Turn!

As a Senior trying to learn Internet marketing are you just plain overwhelmed? Are you wondering which direction to take next? There is so much to learn. There are so many new skills to grasp. Everywhere you turn another course promises to deliver the secret to success. Welcome to information overload. There is so much data out on the web these days no wonder we seniors can’t find a clear path to learning new skills.

One “guru” recommends you try ghost writing, another suggests writing your own e-book, a third says the way to go is to become an affiliate marketer. You find yourself running between one system to another and losing focus.

These “gurus” tell you it is a must to build a list and that you must get traffic to your site. They sell you courses on article marketing, article spinning, submitting articles to article directories, and writing articles for others. They tell you to get on Twitter, Facebook, and My Space. They suggest you should build Squidoo lenses and Hub pages. They inform you the fastest way to get traffic is to launch a pay per click campaign. They neglect to tell you that you might also lose your shirt on this. You don’t know who to trust or which method to believe. As a ‘newbie” Senior Internet marketer you don’t have the background to make sound evaluations of these different options.

Start by taking a deep breath and relaxing. Remind yourself that in spite of the sales pitch that suggests you must act immediately all this material is here to stay. All these methods and materials are going to be available whenever you are ready to deal with them.

Take one step at a time. Start by following a program that interests you and that you understand. Follow it in baby steps until you have mastered it. Focus on this method until you see results. Delete all those emails trying to sell you the latest and greatest.

Unlike many of the things that we learned at school there is no exact starting point. Learn one skill first then move on to the next. It doesn’t matter if you learn to create content before you learn about social media.

Each step you take will give you the understanding to build on the next. Internet marketing is a continuous process of education, rinse and repeat.

Like all learning there are some things you need to know before taking the next step. The building of a very basic web site and how it all goes together is a very good place to begin. There are a number of very good courses for this. I have just been going back over Michael Jones Affiliate Code program and being remind how very appropriate it is for a ‘newbie”. Initially for me Craig Kaye’s Info Product Killer opened my eyes to how a web page is constructed. Either of these programs are so through that anyone can follow them.

Now a days everyone needs to blog about what they are doing. Craig Desourcy’s Idiot Proof Blogging is an excellent product on how to set up a blog. This is something you can do without having your own web site however he does outline the steps to set up your WordPress site. Taking everything in bite size bits of information and working with it will help you avoid being confused, discouraged and totally overwhelmed.

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Article Marketing for Internet Success

The Internet constantly needs more and more content. With more and more people getting on “The Net” and creating new web sites there is an insatiable demand for well written material. There is a need for these articles to stand out from the rest and to bring traffic to the websites. As Senior Internet marketers who have had many life experiences we are in a unique position to offer this content.

The producing of articles is one of the many ways that people can earn an income working from home. By crafting well written articles and supplying them to these web masters writers are making a nice salary.

What exactly is article marketing? How do you go about it? What return can you expect?

Let us take a look at this process.

What is Article Marketing?

It can just producing articles for your own website or writing on your blog. This may be something that you already do every day. A short 250 word post is article marketing. Why not consider putting this work to some other use. It is a shame to have your creativity only being used in a limited way.

Article marketing is about leveraging the effort you’ve put into creating an article in the first place and getting as much benefit from it as possible.

By distributing your article so other marketers can use it as long as they give you credit and keep your signature in the resource box you have given the article new life. Not only does this reward your writing efforts it gives you a link back to your website.

This can be done effortlessly by the use of article directories. You can use places like EzineArticles, probably the largest and best known, or GoArticles or ArticleBase. This system of submitting articles to the article directories can not only distributes your articles but you can also be a source for you to find relevant articles for your blog. They also provide backlinks to your website as the search engines index them quickly.

How Do You Go About Article Marketing?

Do you like to write? Is crafting an article an easy task? Maybe yes or maybe no. It is a skill that you can develop over time. It just takes doing it consistently and subscribing to the old adage “practice makes perfect.”

Find out which style of writing comes naturally to you.

Start with how-to and tips articles. There is a great demand for these and you can follow a set format. If you think of something that someone needs to have answered for example “how do I cure my bad breath?’ Or ‘what to look for in a house sitter?’ Your article should outline the problem then give suggestions to solve it.

There is a set template for the how to type of article writing. First paragraph expands on the problem. The next several paragraphs give the solution or the tip to solve it and finally a summary of both the question and the solution.

For a tips article you need to give more than one solution. This entails some prior investigation into the problem. You then need to expound upon each tip and how it might solve the problem. It is possible that to solve the need all tips are necessary. The intro and outro paragraphs would be very similar to the how-to ones.

After you have polished your article and you are happy with the final draft you need to distribute it. You can do this by submitting it to the various article directories yourself or you can use an article directory submission service.

What Return Can Article Marketers Expect?

Like anything else the return you receive relates to the effort you are prepared to make.

You need to produce articles on a regular bases not just when the mood strikes you.

By constantly writing and submitting articles you build up your presence online and people begin to notice you. This will result in numerous backlinks, traffic to your websites, an interest in what you have to say, and ultimately a steady income.

If you like to write or you are willing to learn to write the distribution of articles online will reap many rewards for you. You need to be consistent, patient, and determined. If you just can’t write yourself you can still be successful by the use of Good private label articles. By a little tweaking you can turn these into unique content and submit them to the article directories.

Over time this form of online marketing will help your bottom line. It is unlikely that any individual article will make very much impact on its own, but 200 or more scattered over the Internet can bring many long term rewards.

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