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Brand Your Name

Should Your Brand Your Name on the Net?

To build up trust and to be treated as the go to person on the Internet it is important that you brand your name or your company’s name. Regardless of the topic that you choose to work with, if people have build up a relationship with you they will trust your advice.

They trust your recommendations, they trust that your products will be of good quality, and they trust that you have integrity. People like to deal with real people not just some obscure sales mechanism.

It does not matter what you are producing it should carry your identification. Whether it’s a membership site, an eBook, or something as small as a PLR article pack for sale – you should put your name on it. By branding your name you will be rewarded with success.

Even if you are just getting started chance are that you know the names of some of the prominent Internet Marketers. You may not know them all but it is hard to be in this business very long without running across some of them. Have you heard of John Reese, Mike Filsaime, Frank Kern, Ewen Chia, Perry Marshall, James Martell, Michael Cheney, Martin Avis, or Tiffany Dow?

It does not take many needs for information to run across these names. The one thing that all these people have in common is that they brand themselves. Everything that they produce has their names on it.

Their names are all over the marketing forums, their eCovers, their headers, and everything else they do. Having their names become brands that people trust rewards them. If they recommend something people will purchase because the product recommendation comes from a reliable source.

If the person is top of mind it follows that their products must be good. You can follow their examples by putting your name on everything that you create. By constantly putting your name out there you will be come a trusted source.

In most cases you need to use your own name rather than a nickname. However if for some reason you don’t wish to use your own name the pen name you pick should be a real person name.

If you’ve signed up for forums under a nickname, ask the moderators if they can change your name to your real name or pen name. You might not want to tell the moderator’s it’s a pen name. That’s up to you.

Market your own name in as many venues as possible. Host teleseminars, JV with well-known people if possible, and offer to help create content for well-known people in your niche in exchange for a Bio Box that hosts your name and link to your website.

Offer to be an interview subject for someone. Be a “guest author” for popular websites and blogs in your niche, and create 100% original content for them. Never stop branding your name.

Even when you’re as famous as Donald Trump, the king of name branding, don’t stop. Donald still puts his name on everything he does. His name appears in huge, bold letters on his books. He names buildings after himself. Think of Trump Tower, Trump Taj Mahal, and Trump Plaza. His name is all over everything. Not only is it a matter of pride, but also it keeps his name everywhere.

In your particular area of expertise you want your name to be the one everyone thinks of first. You will become the authority for that niche.

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Super Affiliates Affiliate Product Review

For many seniors we are looking to augment our retirement income with a monthly stream that allows us to live the same lifestyle that we had as full time wage earners. Finding the right direction to go to achieve this is often very confusing. We spend time going down this path then another path only to find they all lead to failure.

You’ve always wanted to earn money while staying at home but you’ve been hesitant to get into any products because you don’t know what’s good and what’s not. At this stage in your life you don’t want to have the financial responsibility for an inventory. That’s why you need to get started with affiliate marketing. It’s okay if you don’t even know what that means because Ewen Chia makes it easy to learn with his Super Affiliates course.

Maybe you’ve already tried selling products online or to your friends and family or even gone as far as going door to door. You believed in the product, shelled out the cost of the start up kit and enthusiastically got started – and ended up going nowhere financially.

The money you wanted to make didn’t happen and unlike the product promised, it wasn’t easy at all! It turned out to be the hardest work you’d ever done and you didn’t even see that much, if any, in profits. That’s why affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online.

Affiliate marketing is great for beginners because it enables you not to have to worry about keeping a warehouse full of products, the cost of shipping or a high overhead. Instead, you make money by promoting products online for other people.

You promote – they pay! Unlike selling products where you order a consultant kit or a shipment of goods and have to wait for them to arrive, with this course, you get the materials you need to give you the knowledge to start right away.

It doesn’t matter if the only thing you know about computers is how to push the button to power it up, you can still succeed. Don’t worry about the ins and outs of having to know a lot about the Internet.

You won’t have to know that because you’ll be shown step by step right from the start – including the blueprint to set up a website. Don’t worry that it’ll cost you a life savings to get started in affiliate marketing – it doesn’t.

Maybe you’re not a beginner. Maybe you’ve had some experience with affiliate marketing in the past, but you were left frustrated because once you ordered the information, you needed some help but there was no one on the other end you could turn to.

That’s what sets Ewen Chia’s Super Affiliates course apart from any other affiliate marketing tutorial. You don’t simply pay for the information and then you’re on your own. You’ll get step-by-step monthly guidance until you’re ready to make success happen on your own.

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