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Finding a Starting Point

To learn a new skill there always has to be a staring point. As it happens some starting points are better than others and hindsight is a wonderful thing. For me this learning of Internet marketing has been a bit like climbing straight up a mountain. The hindsight that I now have would point me in answering the following questions first.

  1. 1. What is the web site going to be about and how do you figure this out?
  2. 2. You need a domain name – what is a domain name?
  3. 3. Your site must be “hosted”. What does this mean and how do you find a reliable, helpful company to host your site?
  4. 4. You need somewhere to put the content you are going to discuss. A content management system – what is this and how do you choose?
  5. 5. The content – how will it be created? Will you do it yourself or will you outsource it?
  6. 6. Outsourcing – what will you let someone else help you with – the writing or the tech stuff or maybe both?
  7. 7. Images – oh yes that would be nice. People love images. Where do find images? How do load them on your site?
  8. 8. How do make money from all this work that you are doing?

To this end Michael Jones recently produced a wonderful video program. There are 39 videos across 8 modules. He very carefully and deliberately teaches you everything you need to know from the first step to the last step of getting up and running on line.

The eight modules cover:

#1 Choosing a niche

#2 Picking your product

#3 Tech talk: Site setup

#4 Using an autoresponder

#5 Copywriting 101

#6 Driving free traffic

#7 Capture leads/track stats

#8 Get paid – take it to the next level

I truly think this is great place for any one just starting to get a good understanding of how to put things together. Don’t be put off by the rather rambunctious sales page. The actual pace and structure of the videos is delivered in a very down to earth, easy to follow manner. Looking over someone’s shoulder is a great way to learn and you can play the videos over and over again. If I have any criticism to make I found the printed material that accompanies the course a bit weak. However at the end of each module he does a live demonstration video on how to carry out the preceding steps. I highly recommend Affiliate Code.

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