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A Beginner’s Guide to Internet Marketing

A Beginner’s Guide to Internet Marketing or How to Earn an Income Online

A Beginner's Guide to Internet Marketing or How to Earn an Income Online

Grandma Missing in Action?

Two things have kept me from regular posting to Grandmas Internet Marketing Blog. The first is the writing of a book called “How to Earn an Income Online: A Beginner’s Guide to Internet Marketing” and secondly I had a nasty fall at the end of August. The fall put me out of action for a bit and then catch up from the other areas in my life took time.

Grandmas Internet Marketing Blog was meant to be and still is a journal of the struggles and successes I have had in learning Internet marketing. As a Senior working from home with no prior Internet skills it has being a steep learning curve, very interesting and engaging but never the less very challenging. I started this blog to make a record of this journey.

Why Write “How to Earn an Income Online: A Beginner’s Guide to Internet Marketing”?

Because at times this has been a very confusing learning process I decided a good way to sort it all out for myself and for other Internet marketing Seniors and Beginners was to write a book. This book is called a “How to Earn an Income Online: A Beginner’s Guide to Internet Marketing”.

When I started and someone said FTP I did not have a clue what they were talking about. How to pick a niche, get a domain name and set up hosting were complete mysteries to me. I can honestly say with hindsight that I started down the wrong road. I don’t regret this as I met some wonderful people in the process but if I had chosen a different beginning course I might have understood many things better.

The book is directed at anyone who is just getting started. I think that the title is maybe a bit misleading. It was chosen because the final goal is to use the information to earn an income online; however the book deals more with the process of understanding how to get started.

It covers such things as the many options there are in making an income online. Things like niche sites, authority sites, or newsletters. It talks about content management systems. When I started if you suggested that you were going to use WordPress as your content management system veteran Internet marketers said “no no” that is only for bloggers. Nowadays it is the content management system of choice.

The book touches on basic HTML, link building, SEO, landing pages, redirects, list building, and many other basic topics.

This a “How to Earn an Income Online: A Beginner’s Guide to Internet Marketing” will get “newbies” started down the right path to Internet success. For anyone who wishes to unravel the mysteries of Internet marketing this book will help.

Learning to Publish to Kindle

In writing this book it was my intention to clarify in an orderly way the steps that I have been learning and just maybe to help some others along the way. As part of this process I have been spending a great deal of time learning to publish these books to Amazon’s Kindle. This is a whole new venture for me and I will be sharing my adventures with you as I go along.

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