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Info Products About Trending Topics

There are always the evergreen topics that remain the same in nature and some that spring up from year to year (even day to day). If you are going to develop a site where trend spotting is important, then that’s a skill you need to learn how to master.

Take the grieving process when a loved one dies, if you were to write an eBook about it, you could get away with writing pretty much content that didn’t change from year to year (unless there was some new mind-blowing process someone came out with). Dog training is another similar niche – dogs aren’t changing, so training them pretty much remains consistent over the years.

However if you are in a niche about fashion, Internet marketing, finances, or technology, then you’d better stay abreast of several things – consumer needs, wants and demands and marketplace developments that create selling opportunities for you.

Let’s take finances as an example first. Consumers are going through a disastrous economical crunch right now. They need, want and demand money savers. Your info product could teach a wide variety of things.

When gas prices hit the roof, a ton of eBooks about saving on gas were flooded into the marketplace, but what else happened? Technology developers created tools to help convert water into gas and stretch the gas out. Those who were early on this trend made a lot of money with it.

Consumers will continue to need cost cutting advice. We’re not out of the recession yet. They’ll also need advice on how to find or keep a job, since unemployment is very high going into the New Year. Work at home topics will be highly sought after for those who want to save on daycare and commuting costs, or those who weren’t able to find a job the traditional way.

Mobile networks will become even more and more popular. Cell phones, social networking from your mobile gadget – all are on the horizon of becoming mainstream, where grandma has a Motorola Droid and she’s Tweeting at her grandchildren’s recital. Even your gadgets will have gadgets developed for them. Cell phones are going to have boosters – if you only get 1 bar in a certain area, you can use a gadget that boosts you by 3 more bars.

In the gaming niche, video games will almost make handheld clunky controllers a thing of the past – developers are coming out with games that are controlled more by the movements of your own body.

If your niche has trending possibilities you had better get out there before the crowd. Create a forecast based on some market research that you conduct with keywords and a little investigative spying on what manufacturers or experts are predicting. Then get your content posted before everyone is on the same band wagon.

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Info Products Are a Viable Option to Promote

As a Senior Internet Marketer there are many choices that you might consider. Some of those decisions will be based on your goals for working at home. Your interest as a senior and your life experiences will play a role.

You can build a membership site, create thousands of pages of content to fuel an AdSense campaign, be a mentor to others in your niche, act as a service provider who tackles tasks others would rather pay to have done – or develop your own info products that provide you with a residual income for many years.

Info product development means many things to many people. An info product is a product that shares information with others – but the format in which it teaches can vary. Some marketers use an eBook, while others prefer making people pay for podcast or video productions.

Any or all of the methods can help you generate a great income online, if the info product is created and marketed in a way that makes consumers rave about your abilities as a teacher.

Info product development will still be very viable for years to come. Many newcomers and seniors new to Internet Marketing mistakenly believe that because there are so many free blogs, websites and article directories chock full of information, there’s no way consumers would pay to gain information shared in a digital download.

That’s not true now, nor will it be in the future! Consumers have always been willing to pay for convenience. Take the free social networking site Squidoo. Not only had Seth Godin, the creator of the site and bestselling author, produced a guide of his own about Squidoo, but also there were an endless number of lenses and threads in the forum that taught new lensmasters how to use the site.

Yet every day consumers are paying money for a Squidoo guide that compiles it all in one place – usually written by someone who has achieved great results. Some people are left scratching their heads wondering why they would pay if it’s free elsewhere? Because they don’t want to sit and hunt and peck for hours trying to find step-by-step instructions on how to use the site for a specific purpose (to make money).

First do the background research to see what kinds of searches are being conducted for your niche topic. Then determine what media format would best convey your instructions to your audience. You might even find that a healthy combination of audio, video and written text is what makes your hungry audience crave your info products.

With the “Baby Boomers” coming right behind you, your knowledge of ways that seniors can work from home will be in great demand. You are in the unique position of leading a new group of senior online marketers to accomplish their goals.

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