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How Much Does It Cost to Make Money Online?

With no money at all you can get started making money online. This is important to many seniors that are just learning about the world of Internet Marketing. If you are thinking about investigating this way to make some money it is safe to say that you already have a Computer and an Internet connection.

The strong advice from the “gurus” is to start by providing a service such as writing articles for others, doing graphic designs, setting up pod casts, or producing videos. The second way to make money is to produce your own product. However if you are not ready for this yet, affiliate marketing (selling other people’s products) is a great place to get your feet wet and to learn about how this business works. Without any money at all or with a small outlay you can find some profits by selling third people’s products.

Set up accounts with Amazon, Shareasale, Commission Junction, LinkShare, ClickBank, or PayDotCom. Spend some time researching these sites and studying their products. Then look for sites such as Squidoo or HubPages where you can do product reviews at no cost to you.

For a very few dollars you can register your own domain at GoDaddy. or NameCheap and set up a hosting program at HostGator or Bluehost. In this way you can control your own destiny.

To be able to post your content you will need a content management system and a free one with endless possibilities can be found at WordPress.

There are a number of tools that make working online much easier. One of these is a keyword tool. This helps you to research what words people are using to find products. Again you can use a free keyword tool – Google Adwords: Keyword Tool. Or you can pony up and invest in Market Samurai. For a nominal amount of money you can get a full keyword search tool based on the four principals of relevancy, traffic, competition, and commercial value.

If you have plenty of time and just want to go slowly into this new venture you can research how to do the many tasks required to be successful. Or depending on the knowledge that you already have and your income resources you can sign up to a course that will show you the way. If you have no knowledge at all I recommend that you buy the Infoproduct Killer program. Developed by Craig Kaye of the UK it will give you a step-by-step guide in setting up a web page. For me it was an “aha moment” in understanding what a web page was all about. Craig Kaye has outstanding support. To reinforce this instruction I recommend Michael Jones’ “Affiliate Code” that teaches how to start, get a domain, hosting, construct a web site, adding content, getting traffic . If you are interested in setting up a large community site with huge amounts of content there is no better instruct thanJames Martell’s Affiliate Marketers SUPER BootCamp. I cannot speak highly enough about James and Arlene Martell and their willingness to help others.

Working online is a constant learning experience. It is not a get rich scheme so be wary of those products that advertise over night riches. Find one program that suits your style and stick with it until you have made some money.

If you can find a good mentor this is an excellent way to succeed. Follow his or her advice until you see results. Stay focused and don’t buy every new gadget that promises you six figures.

As you make some money plan to put back some of the profits into useful tools and find ways to increase your success.

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Which Internet Marketing Strategy to Pursue

Get rich quick schemes abound. Don’t be fooled! The best approach is all about building your business from the ground floor-up. That includes looking at your online efforts from the perspective of a brick and mortar entrepreneur.

You want to know which titles you’ll wear in the business – will you just manage everyone working for you (meaning freelancers and service providers)? Will you have a hands on approach to the graphics or content? Or will you oversee the marketing and advertising development for your products and let outsourced professionals handle all the rest?

You need a plan, and part of that plan is to evaluate each of your opportunities to see which business model would best suit your personal preferences and your financial needs. It might be info product creator, software developer, service provider, membership site coordinator – there are many options for you to consider.

Many people were taught how to build AdSense sites for awhile. No one ever told them it isn’t as big of an income as an info product site for the same amount of work generating traffic to the domains. You can’t just trust the judgment of someone else – you have to take responsibility for checking out all of your options and making the best choice for you.

You may want to look at things a bit differently. Rules are being implemented left and right – with the FTC, with article directories – even with third party affiliate marketplaces like ClickBank.

So everything you do needs to be above the board. Long gone are the days when blackhat tactics were something to envy. Now it can potentially end your business in a flash – nothing no smart entrepreneur would do to risk their livelihood.

Start with a niche that won’t get you into trouble. Yes, some of them stand to help you make a fortune, but is it something where you’ll have a lot of trouble posting content online?

Then move on to what you can learn – and from whom. Are there ample guides to teach you about this marketing strategy? Do the marketers teaching it have good reputations or will they be instructing you to “get away with” things that might jeopardize your business?

Don’t risk it! Pursue something that is ethical and that provides you with happiness in addition to the financial success you’re after. It’s not all about the money. Sometimes the joy you get out of building your business is what can sustain you through the years until you achieve the highest level of accomplishment you can imagine.

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If you have a state of the art new computer system upon which to start your Internet Marketing business you are probably zipping through websites and files at astronomical speeds. Unfortunately for some, that’s not the case.

Not only are they working from a computer system that freezes up and is plagued by viruses, but their connection to the online world is still set at dial-up speed. If this describes you, then you may want to consider investing in your upgraded computer equipment and tools for as a way to further your business growth.

Many top marketers have several computers set up on one desk so that they can multi-task. You don’t have to go that route (and some experts even say those who multi-task actually get less work done because their focus is split).

But you do need the bare minimum of essentials to help you make progress throughout the day. You can work on a desktop or a laptop computer. Many marketers have one of each – using the laptop for travel and daytime excursions so that they’re never out of touch for long with their business.

You need something with enough memory so that your system isn’t sluggish. If you have a virus, or more vulnerabilities, then you need to focus on cleaning up your system that you don’t risk losing your hard work or worse – infecting others with it.

If you’re committing to a routine schedule, such as investing 8 hours a day into your business, then set aside a workspace in your home or apartment. It doesn’t have to be a whole room – it can be a corner of a room, but make it for work purposes only.

Do you need a fax and printer? Maybe not. You may only need the software that helps you make graphics or convert text into PDF files. This will depend on what business model you pursue.

If it’s available in your area, upgrade your dial-up to a higher speed connection. This is well worth the additional expense because you’ll get more work done, faster, so you’ll see a return on your investment quickly.

For some people, upgrading their computer equipment may not be feasible right at the moment. But you can plan for it and begin saving for it little by little instead of just accepting the fact that you’re chained to an outdated system for the entire year.

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