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Who Do You Believe?

As many of you who follow my blog know I am a fan of Martin Avis. I read his biweekly newsletter and I trust his recommendations. I don’t always buy everything he recommends but I know when he supports something it is worthwhile. I also know that he has tried it before recommending it. He recently posted this and it so closely followed my own sentiments that I have published it here. If you don’t already follow him you can find his news letter at the following link. Kickstart: An Internet marketing newsletter with standards

If the endless onslaught of pitch email after pitch email from
the Internet marketers who I remain subscribed to is anything to
go by, parts of the IM world are going through a really tough

Why do I say that? (more…)

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How to learn from your Internet marketing mistakes!

Chances are you made quite a few mistakes that you wish you could take back. Don’t beat yourself up too hard – just learn from what went wrong and vow to make things different.

Let’s go over some common problems Internet Marketers face – see if you’ve made any of these mistakes and then read how to solve it.

  • Tried black hat tactics – You may have invested in a guide that taught you how to sneak around the rules and make a lot of money, fast. Problem is, you got banned along the way – and all of your hard work went down the drain.
    Stay above the board with everything that you do. Why try building a business on quick sand? That’s not the smart entrepreneur’s way of achieving financial security for the long haul!
  • Ignored trends and opportunities – Did you even try to do any market research? Or did you only do it once in January and then never check back to see how the market was trending in March, June or November? You have the stay on top of these things and although it’s a tedious process, it’s something you must do if you want your business in good health.
    Make it a part of your monthly routine to conduct new keyword research for your niche. See if anything has changed in how they’re searching. See what competitors you have now or if there are some additional, new affiliate opportunities you can jump on.
  • Trusted too easily – Did you sign up for a marketer’s list and buy everything he advised you to buy, only to be sorely disappointed with the money you wasted? Don’t be afraid to click that unsubscribe button if you don’t feel you’re getting any value for your investment of time and money. And from now on, vet each purchase with thorough research into non-biased reviews of both the product and the marketer selling it to you.
  • Bought things you couldn’t afford – Who hasn’t been there, done that? It sounds like you can get your money back in 24 hours, so you forego paying a bill to buy a how to guide and then regret it later. Promise yourself that you’ll save up an allowance for your Internet Marketing education – and not dip into essential finances that could cost your family its utilities or even its home.
  • Failed to map out a blueprint for your business – No more jumping from this task to the next without any forethought. From now on you’re going to have a plan, Stan! Know what’s coming up for January, February, March and so on – and stick to it, allowing for a little bit of flexibility that’s a perk of being a work at homer.
  • Procrastinated too much – Is procrastinate your middle name? Are you caught up in playing online games or checking in with Facebook friends too much? Commit to your career every day. Pretend you have a boss and you have to answer to that person at the end of every day with a list of your accomplishments. Force yourself to work first and play later.

Start today set aside all of your previous Internet Marketing mistakes and treat your business like a freshly planted garden that you’ve just weeded to make room for new growth.

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