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Affiliate Marketers Bootcamp

Review of the Affiliate Marketers Bootcamp

James Martell's Affiliate Marketers Bootcamp 2012

Affiliate Marketers SUPER BootCamp 2012 has just begun. Ten year’s after Jams Martell launched his first Affiliate Marketers Bootcamp, he has completely revamped the course. For those of you who follow this journal of a senior learning Internet marketing you will know that I started with James Martell’s Affiliate Marketers Bootcamp 2008.

Knowing absolutely nothing about Internet marketing his was the first course that I took. I think that I have been quite frank in stating that with hind sight I am not sure that was the best starting point for me. However it has made me a complete fan of both James and Arlene Martell. They give freely and wholly of themselves to help Internet marketers.

The Affiliate Marketers SUPER BootCamp 2012 is just beginning so if you think that it is for you, it is not too late to register. It is being offered at a mere $47.00U.S. per month, making it affordable for everyone. This amount offers so much more and we will discuss what the other benefits are later.
Affiliate Marketers Bootcamp

Who Is Affiliate Marketers Bootcamp 2012 Aimed At!

This course is a great way for anyone who is interested in Internet affiliate marketing. Because James teaching style is so inclusive and uses what he calls “baby steps” it is easy to follow. This makes a good starting point, while at the same time helping those who have existing businesses to online success.

For many affiliate marketers who have started and now find themselves a bit stuck in a rut this course will help to get them back on track.

What the Course Covers

Since this course is aimed at a large range of “newbies” and experienced marketers, it starts right at the beginning and proceeds through to a complete website construction. It is a twelve week course that begins with a “meet and greet”. After the first session, James uses the second session to spend time going over the 12 steps necessary to getting organized. It covers such things as:

  1. Shopping for Supplies
  2. Setting up a Google Account
  3. An Internet Start Page
  4. Establishing a Business Address
  5. Hosting
  6. User Name and Passwords
  7. Form Filling Service
  8. Outsourcing
  9. Up Dating your Browser
  10. Affiliate Organizer
  11. FTP Client
  12. Mind Set

Affiliate Marketers Bootcamp
For Internet marketers who have been doing this for a while this may seem like very basic information. I can tell you from experience if you are very new this is all very valuable. If you follow this direction you will be ready to start taking in the real meat of the Affiliate Marketers SUPER BootCamp 2012

What is Next

After you have digested and put into place both the physical and online tools, you will be ready to tackle next week’s session – “How to find a Topic that Is Right for You.

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Internet Marketing

What is Internet Marketing?

As a senior learning to work from home on your computer, many people including your family won’t understand what you are doing. You may find that your family is resentful of all the time that you are spending on your computer. They may think that you are wasting your time.

Others will think you’re nothing more than a spammer – just because you work on the Internet. You might even run into people who automatically assume you’re into promoting porn, because they think that’s all the Internet is used for!

You need to be prepared to deal with people like this who are simply ignorant about the various marketing uses for the World Wide Web.

The first thing you need to explain to people is that very few people who work on the Internet are spammers. Spammers actually make up a very, very small minority of those who make money online.

If you do any sort of email marketing, you should explain that every single person you send email to has signed up specifically to your newsletter, and clicked a link to confirm that they really want to be on your list.

Explain to them that subscribing to your newsletter is a lot like signing up for delivery of the newspaper, or a magazine subscription. People sign up to your newsletter, and then you send them valuable information, not just advertising.

If you sell eBooks online, you can explain to people that you’re a bit like a book publisher, but all of the books you publish are in digital format. You can tell them that instead of paying a lot of extra money for the printing, binding, marketing, and shipping of a physical book, you eliminate those costs by selling all of your books as downloadable products.

If people still don’t understand, you could even show them what an eBook is by letting them view one on your computer. If your main business is advertising affiliate products, you can tell people you’re in advertising.

Explain to them that you run a website (or websites) and you place advertising on that website. Every time someone clicks an ad and purchases something, you receive a commission. If you make most of your money through AdSense or selling advertising on your sites, you can simply tell people that you place advertisements on your websites, and you charge advertisers for that ad space.

If you want to, you could show them some of your sites or blogs to illustrate the point. Some people feel more comfortable just telling people they design websites. If you’re a decent website builder, this will probably really impress people, but be prepared to get requests from people asking if you’ll make them a site, too.

If you don’t want to deal with all of the questions about spamming and porn, just telling someone you design websites will usually be enough to throw them off your trail. If people are particularly persistent with their questions, you can start to point out some examples of people who have been very successful making money online.

Don’t just use examples of famous Internet marketers like John Reese or Yanik Silver! Use some examples with verifiable “proof” in mainstream media. For example, the famous “make money” blogger John Chow has a number of stories out there about him.

There’s also teenaged entrepreneur Ashley Squalls who has made mainstream news in a big way by making over $70,000 per month with advertising on her site that gives away MySpace layouts. And of course, the infamous Perez Hilton – a celebrity blogger who cashes in on the ad space his blog has.

You should try to realize that some people will just never understand what you do. Try to explain it the best way you can, and if it doesn’t work, accept it. Some people just won’t get it. If the in-laws or your spouse are nagging you because your money isn’t yet streaming in, and you feel pressured, put together a simple presentation that answers all of their questions and puts their minds at ease.

You may find that as a senior it is taking you longer than you or your family expected to see results. Don’t despair just keep at it. Every day you will learn something new and get closer to your goals.

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing – An Online Money Maker

To receive a commission from selling products that belong to someone else is one of the easier ways to make money online. For Seniors learning the Internet Marketing business it is a great starting point. This way to market products is not a new idea. Long before the internet people were selling other people’s products. Many Senior Internet Marketers come from a background of selling in the wholesale and retail trade. The Internet was a bit slower to pick up on the idea of offering commissions to others to sell products.

1990 saw the beginning of the computer to be used as a way to communicate with one another. The birth of the World Wide Webb has changed our world in ways we could not have imagined. It was four years after this first beginning that commissioned sales were used to market products. The adult business, that frequently is a leader in sales techniques, was the first to offer affiliate marketing opportunities. Shortly thereafter CDNow, the online music store, followed suit and was the firs non-adult business to offer commissions for sales of its products.

The giant of the industry Amazon began their Affiliate Program in 1996 and look at how that has grown.

This method of making sales and earning commissions is an extremely easy concept. As the affiliate you describe and show the product on your website or in a newsletter and if someone clicks through to the third party and buys you are paid a commission. The amount of money that you collect varies from product to product. It can be a small percent all the way up to 100% of the sales price. In many cases the more items from a particular supplier you sell the larger the percentage.

Vendors that are willing to pay 100% commissions are usually looking for long time relationships with the customer and are willing to sacrifice to get them on their list.

Affiliate marketing can go under many different names: associate marketing, partners programs, joint ventures and revenue sharing. There are many programs where you just sign up but others where you must be pre-approved. Other programs are only accessible to consumers who have purchased the program or goods.

Many companies run their own associates programs and affiliates can deal directly with them. For the majority of products companies will use affiliate management companies. For downloadable products the major company is Clickbank while for many products companies have chosen Commission Junction.

There are good things and bad things to all these affiliate programs. ClickBank, has completely streamlined their program. You register with them which is very straight forward and has no cost. They will assign you an id or affiliate link. You pick a product and when the code is produced for it your id will be in the code. Commissions are very generous usually 50% and 75%. From a marketers point of view the con to Clickbank is its readiness to refund on the purchase and nobody is certain how well they track the sales. That not with standing many online marketers have made considerable money selling the Clickbank products.

Some examples of great products to promote from Clickbank are:

If you prefer to sell real products from retailers then Commission Junction is a great option. From an extensive selection of products it is easy to find something to interest you. At CJ you must apply to each company separately and be approved on an individual bases.

To start off you must apply to Commission Junction to become a member. Then when you pick a product you apply to the company that produces the product. You can be denied access to products with no explanation as to why.

The idea at Commission Junction is to sell many many items and in return they offer smaller commissions. They work on the theory increase your sales and you will make money.

There are thousands of products on CJ in various niches.
If you are interested in developing a golf site here is a list of products to promote:

In the Internet Marketing Field:

I also happen to like Linkshare. Similar to Commission Junction there are thousands of products to promote. One of the great products is CheapOair Super Combo Offer – Save up up 65% on all Flights – Hotels – Car Rentals. Book Now! Offer Valid till Dec 31, 2010. that has the lowest flight prices online.

With Amazon’s Associate Program that they run themselves it is easy to sign up. There is no cost to joining this program and they too operate their commissions on the number of items that you sell. It is 4 to 5% to begin with then if you sell more it will go as high as 7%. The con to the program is every month you start at the lower rate again.

The pro to the Amazon program is that once someone has clicked through to their site for one product they are very good at interesting the customer in something else. This way you make a commission on something that you have not promoted. You are paid on the value of the total sale for that transaction.

Some sales programs promote products with residual commissions that are paid over and over again. An example of this is a membership site where you would receive a commission for as long as your referral stays a member. This provides you with a recurring income that can add up and it makes for a nice steady pay day for a long time.

From your website that has many visitors, or your blog or newsletter to your mailing list or anywhere that you have established trust, you are able to make a nice revenue from promoting third party products. You don’t have to own the inventory, write sales letters, service customers or face all the headaches that product owners and vendors have to endure.

Affiliate marketing is one of the easier ways to make money online.. To earn the commissions you review and suggest, or you advertise on your site and then monitor the click throughs and collect the paycheck. For Senior Internet marketers this is a great way to start with no outlay of cash and a possible return very quickly.

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When Will You Finally Succeed as an Internet Marketer?

What obstacles have been holding you back from achieving the kind of success you’ve always dreamed about? Do you even know what’s hurting your financial success? Not everyone does.

Some new marketers spin their wheels indefinitely, running out of money until one day they quit trying and leave the Internet Marketing business frustrated and broke – re-entering the workforce and getting a J-O-B to support their families. As a senior this is return to the workforce is not always possible.

It is time to slow down, reassess your strategy and move cautiously from here on out. The first thing you have to do is quit attempting any or all get rich quick schemes.

It’s designed to make a quick buck for the seller, not to truly help you develop a substantial business of your own. Anything that offers too good to be true promises (six figures in 24 hours with no list, no experience and no start-up funds) is a red flag for you.

Don’t take the bait. I want you to prepare for this journey, because if it’s done right, then it can be a fantastically rewarding time of your life – whether you’re 18 and just out of high school or a senior citizen entering retirement.

If you’re still employed, don’t quit your job until your Internet Marketing business is off the ground and flourishing. That way you won’t be dealing with the stress of money and frantically grasping at straws (this is when you’re most likely to fall prey to Internet Marketing scams).

Now that you have a safety net – of a steady paycheck – you’ll be able to slowly and cautiously make decisions for your future online business endeavors. I want you to take time to evaluate the different options and compare them to your strengths.

Do you love working one on one with people? A mentoring or coaching business might suit you. Are you fond of writing and research? Consider info product development where you create a whole line of eBooks.

Once you have your ideas set in stone, scout out the best way to learn how to do it. When you do this, don’t just read sales copy and hit the order button – these guys have a lot of experience convincing you to buy. Instead, research the seller’s reputation. Research real reviews (not where an affiliate link is listed) to see if the product is worthy of your investment. And never buy more than you can afford.

As you learn, take baby steps in building your business the right way. Don’t rush it too fast or you may skip an important component that could make or break your online success. As a senior you have the time to take it slowly however don’t waste your money chasing empty promises.

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Info Product Killer Review

Info Product Killer

Info Product Killer

As I started out to learn this business of Internet marketing I knew nothing. I am a senior and I did not grow up with a computer as a natural part of my day. Like many other seniors I wish to have some extra income from working at home. I think it is fair to say that it has been a steep learning curve for me.

In taking a few courses here and there I stumbled upon Info Product Killer. This program has been an eye opener for me. Before the template and the videos that accompanied the course I had no idea about any html or any real sense of SEO (search engine optimization). When I purchased IPK that all changed. This help me to have an aha moment. With the template and the instructional videos suddenly I could see how a web page was constructed.

Within the Info Product Killer program there is a complete step be step set of videos. They are broken up into manageable bits of learning and well illustrated. For people who prefer to learn from the written word the videos are accompanied by a detailed set of instructions in a PDF form. I find that I get the most from this course by watching the videos, then reading the instructions and then finally going back to watch the videos again. Today if I am stuck with something I just go back and do this again.

The course teaches the marketing of real tangible Amazon products that will be delivered by real retailers to real people. Many online marketers don’t subscribe to selling Amazon products due to the lower commission structure. However they tend to miss the opportunity to sell spin off products. Once a customer clicks on your link they are entering a virtual store with a great reputation. All the purchases that are made within a three day window from that click will earn you a commission.

The IPK course is divided into three parts. The first part stresses the potential for Christmas sales. It focuses mostly on toys but you could promote any of the top selling Amazon items. The second part of the course is directed to year around products.

Craig Kayes, the developer of this program claims he can put up one of these sites in an hour. I must say I have not been able to come anywhere near close to that speed. I find it takes me 3-4 days. Never the less each time I complete one it takes slightly less time than the previous one.

The idea is to create a number 10-12 mini sites on highly targeted popular products such as Elmo Alive. Then to build a mother site with all the mini sites linking back to it. Within the videos Craig teaches how to:

  • Choose hot products
  • Set up keywords
  • Set up the linking
  • Get links and traffic
  • Create no cost headers
  • Use Adwords
  • Produce content

Over and above the materials that he delivers I cannot say enough about his support. There is about a nine hour time difference between us. Bearing this in mind he answers all questions, gives support, and is extremely patient in explaining things. His support alone is worth the purchase price of this product.

I bought this in late November and although I did not make the money Craig made with it, I did make money. I was thrilled with the result. It is possible to make money by doing the work. This is not a program for someone looking for a quick fix. It does require effort but it also reaps rewards.

Since the initial launch Craig has developed Network Blazer that makes it even easier to set up these sites. I highly recommend Info Product Killer. Certainly for a “Newbie” or a “NOOB” it has been great value.

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ClickBank Is A Changing!

As Clickbank evolves there are bound to be changes. There will be more competition for both product developers and affiliate marketers. This is bound to scare some people away but it also signals a healthy growing market place. With more selections there is room for more players.

ClickBank is stepping into the Global economy with its introduction of three tutorial videos to help bring on German, French and Spanish speaking sellers and affiliates. This broadens the scope for all other participants. .

Added to this they will be doing more handholding for the masses, training product creators to stay above the board and not spam or do unethical things, and training affiliates to utilize tools to make more sales. This is a chance for senior online marketers who are just getting started to learn a new area of  Internet marketing.

For example, in a recent ClickBank blog post, they even advised affiliates to use PLR to help promote ClickBank products. That’s a positive thing for marketers, because many online companies frown on PLR, not understanding its ability in the marketplace.

ClickBank is going to continue cracking down on vendors. Many topics are already being declined from previous lists and you can expect them to continue weeding out topics in the coming year.

They’ve recently shut down topics such as credit repair, marketing through social networks, multi level marketing memberships, and more. You’re unable to submit topics in these categories at all and they will not review your product for you.

ClickBank plans to ensure its vendors are in compliance with the FTC regulations – especially if you’re using the Vendor Spotlight feature. They don’t tell you what’s wrong, just that you’re not in compliance – and they direct you to the FTC’s website so you can investigate the rules yourself.

The site has also begun expending its marketplace categories, and probably will widen it more as the number of vendors and affiliates grow. You may have noticed, if you already have a product there, that when you log into your account, you’re told of your new category and subcategory – and given a chance to dispute it if you wish to do so.

Although some people are displeased with the Clickbank marketplace and look for other sources to market their products or to join affiliate programs; Clickbank still has the largest affiliate base. Or for those looking the largest number of products to promote as an affiliate it is still the number one site. Other places like PayDotCom are trying to give it a run for its money but so far Clickbank is number one. It is a great place for seniors working from home to start to earn money quickly.

For more on Clickbank go to What is Clickbank?

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The Course

What I discovered that instead of a high quality content course this company offered:

  • Very sketchy video material some of which was out of date
  • A support line staffed with students with questionable knowledge
  • Conflicting advice and no continuity
  • An expensive monthly hosting and site building program
  • The support line had no knowledge of the technical side
  • A locked in supply system with a monthly charge
  • Phone support such as it was ended and the email support gave completely different directions. This necessitated me spending more money to have my header redesigned.
  • The inability for the web host to accommodate more than a limited number of merchant accounts that could clear credit cards.
  • The inability for the site builder to pull the images from the supplier on to the site in the correct size.
  • Constant phone calls from SEO companies telling the site was all wrong and wanting to sell me expensive SEO services. This was extremely strange as I have several other sites and never get calls about them.

I took me far too long to realize that the whole thing was a fraud. All of the knowledge that was being offered can be found on the Internet for free. The web site building program could be had for a one time charge at less than the monthly plan or possibly for free and the hosting could also be found for less. At the time I was approached I did not have enough knowledge to ask the right questions. I was so anxious to find a comprehensive source from which to learn that I was blind to what was being offered and how it was being offered.

If you are approached be cautious. Don’t let anyone talk you into giving your financial information. Don’t let anyone talk you into signing a contract without researching them. If they are truly legitimate the offer will stand until you have checked them out. Be careful at giving out your phone number.

My Online Fraud Story Part One

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The Process

On one of the emails I receive regularly there was a recent post about an “internet guru” admitting to fraud, The gist of this admission was take the money, deliver “something” and DO NOT CARE whether you ever succeed. They DO NOT CARE.

This hit a nerve with me. As a recent victim of internet fraud and thinking that as Senior Internet Marketers we might be more prone to online fraud; I thought it might be useful to post a bit about it. In my case I was looking for a program that I could follow that would be similar to taking a college course on Internet marketing. My expectations were that it would be a series of lessons followed by a question and answer session. I was looking for something that would start at the beginning and progress through to a high degree of useful information and skill level.

What turned out was nothing like my expectations. I had not searched for such a program but I was interested in finding one. I am not sure where this outfit got my phone number (I am now very reluctant to give it out). I was phoned by something I now find out is a fulfillment company. The sole purpose of these people is to find people with the financial means to be able to afford a reasonably expensive investment.

The first part of this process was to extract from me my ability to pay. The second step was for a very smooth talking salesperson to sign me up for this course. The promise was that this institution would teach me to build a web site that would earn me six figures in six month’s time. Now I did not believe all of this but I did think that I would earn enough to get a return on my investment and then go on to build on that.

Having agreed to the program I had to sign the contract immediately and charge it to my credit card or lose this chance. I was never informed that the contract could be retracted at any time. I now understand that in the that state’s law I could have retracted it any time within 10 days. I point this out not because I was smart enough to have researched this company and withdrawn my contract but to give the readers of this blog a heads up that contracts can be cancelled.

The next part of this scam was for a fast talking lawyer to phone and sell me the idea of setting up a company. This would cost approximately $2,500.00 plus monthly charges for an agent to receive and disburse the revenue from the site. I was told this had to be done with 45 days or the cost of the course could not be written off. Fortunately I dismissed this out of hand. I did not think it was necessary until there was an indication of some revenue.
My Online Fraud Story Part Two

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If you have a state of the art new computer system upon which to start your Internet Marketing business you are probably zipping through websites and files at astronomical speeds. Unfortunately for some, that’s not the case.

Not only are they working from a computer system that freezes up and is plagued by viruses, but their connection to the online world is still set at dial-up speed. If this describes you, then you may want to consider investing in your upgraded computer equipment and tools for as a way to further your business growth.

Many top marketers have several computers set up on one desk so that they can multi-task. You don’t have to go that route (and some experts even say those who multi-task actually get less work done because their focus is split).

But you do need the bare minimum of essentials to help you make progress throughout the day. You can work on a desktop or a laptop computer. Many marketers have one of each – using the laptop for travel and daytime excursions so that they’re never out of touch for long with their business.

You need something with enough memory so that your system isn’t sluggish. If you have a virus, or more vulnerabilities, then you need to focus on cleaning up your system that you don’t risk losing your hard work or worse – infecting others with it.

If you’re committing to a routine schedule, such as investing 8 hours a day into your business, then set aside a workspace in your home or apartment. It doesn’t have to be a whole room – it can be a corner of a room, but make it for work purposes only.

Do you need a fax and printer? Maybe not. You may only need the software that helps you make graphics or convert text into PDF files. This will depend on what business model you pursue.

If it’s available in your area, upgrade your dial-up to a higher speed connection. This is well worth the additional expense because you’ll get more work done, faster, so you’ll see a return on your investment quickly.

For some people, upgrading their computer equipment may not be feasible right at the moment. But you can plan for it and begin saving for it little by little instead of just accepting the fact that you’re chained to an outdated system for the entire year.

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Senior Grandma Learns Internet Marketing

Pat TateI am a senior citizen who had very little knowledge of computers, their programs, or how to make money online. I was looking for a source of income to augment our retirement income. I was looking for a work at home project and I wanted this to be something that I could do from wherever  I happened to be. I started to explore various ways of doing internet marketing. As at times I spent much time going down blind alleys and wasting money.  I thought it might help me and maybe help others to keep a journal about this journey. This web site reflects my journey and I invite you to join me on it and share your experiences.

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