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Information Products -To Attract Buyers

How do you make money online? What is one of the ways that will work for you? From article marketing to affiliate marketing to email marketing to ghost writing there are a variety of avenues that you can pursue to earn an income online. For many seniors working from home the need for a steady cash flow to augment their retirement savings is an urgent need. Being a service supplier to others is a basic step to starting to see some cash flow however having you own information products will give you control. There is no end of buyers looking for information and willing to pay top dollar to get it. 

What exactly is meant by an information product? Do you have to be an expert in something to produce one?  The whole idea of producing an information product scares many people and prevents them from following a path to income. Once you really understand what goes into creating such a product you will see that you are up to the challenge. 

Most people use their computers to find out something or to solve a problem. This is why the Google search engine is so used. 

Some of those questions are about mundane things and can be answered very easily. But some questions are more complex, more important and more pressing. If the latter is the case it is much easier to purchase an answer than spend hours going down blind avenues looking for the solution. 

The more pressing the need, the more willing one is to buy the solution. 

The difference between online and offline information products is that offline everyone has a view as to how much a ‘book’ or a ‘magazine’ is worth and will rarely pay more than the accepted norm. Online, the buyer is seeking a quick answer to a problem or a perceived need and is willing to pay top dollar for the answer. It is one of the interesting facts that people are willing to pay more for an online solution than an offline answer. 

Information products come in all shapes and sizes. A few to consider are: 

EBooks – Usually PDF files formatted to look like a real book, but with fewer pages. A typical eBook is between 70 and 100 pages, but can be a lot less, or a lot more. EBooks can sell for anything from a few dollars to hundreds. A price point of $67 or $97 is not unusual. Good instruction on how to produce your own eBooks can be found at Your Own eBook Business or eBook Secrets Exposed My favorite resource for this is Tiffany Dow’s Building an Ebook Empire

Special Reports – As with eBooks, special reports are normally supplied as PDF files, but they tend to be much shorter. 5-10 pages are typical. Special reports are usually focused on answering a single problem or teaching a specific method for something and have a lot less fluff and filler than eBooks often do. 

White papers – Sometimes the answer to a question can be contained in a page or two – a list of resources, for example. 

Videos – with the ease of use of hand held video cameras such as the Flip, and screen capture programs it is very easy now to produce short videos to answer people’s questions. Buyers seem to like video products and are often willing to pay a premium price for them. 

Audio – spoken word information products – often called podcasts – are popular with people who regularly use MP3 players and Smartphones as they allow folks to learn while on the move. Sometimes it is quite easy to simply read out an article or short report into a program like Audacity to make an audio info product that will sell well. 

Membership sites – When information can be delivered over time, in installments, it can be very profitable to do so from within a membership site. This gives the vendor an ongoing income from subscription fees as well as a frequent opportunity to offer members other offers. 

Creating your own information products has one very big advantage. When you sell it, you determine the price and you keep all the profits. And as the cost of creating, producing and supplying digitally downloadable info products is virtually nil, the potential profits can be enormous. You can literally start a real business but with no overheads. 

In addition to sales you make yourself, you also have the chance to attract and recruit other people to sell on your behalf. In Internet marketing these people are called affiliates. They will promote your product to their lists, and if they incur any advertising costs will be entire responsible for them themselves. You simply pay them a commission for each sale they make. 

Typically, you will pay them 50% – 75% of the sales price, which may sound a lot, but consider the sale one you wouldn’t have otherwise had, and it has cost you nothing. You may ‘only’ make 25%, but that 25% is 100% profit. It is a great deal! 

Not all info products are created to be sold though. 

Sometimes it is better to offer your product as a free gift in return for somebody’s email address. Building up an email list is a vital part of online marketing and can massively increase your profitability. It is an effort to attract new traffic to your offers, but if you have already got a list of 1000 people to tell about a new information product you’ve created, you can really boost your launch results with no extra effort. 

Creating free information products as giveaways to attract subscribers is very effective and easy to do. It should be a part of all marketers’ routine. 

Online marketing is, at its heart, about selling. Information is one of the most valuable commodities we can sell. While it is great to be an affiliate for other people, producing and owning your own info products is the best way to secure your personal success into the future.

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