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Online Customer Service

Online Customer Service

Is it just that I am a senior that I am becoming more and more frustrated by the lack of customer service? In an online newsletter that I subscribe to the writer often decries the lack of service in the street retail and service trade. He frequently talks about the indifferent service in trying to get a part for a broken appliance or being ignored when trying to purchase something. In this competitive world this is a road to disaster.

It is no different online. The idea that you can launch a product and not be prepared to stand behind it just does not wash. If you are not going to be there when things that seem obvious to you are not so obvious to the purchaser and they are asking for support, this indifference is a sure way to get many, many refunds.

In trying to learn Internet marketing it seems inevitable that someone will wave a product in front of you that you think might teach you a new skill or a new way of doing something. So you jump in with both feet and usually your wallet too. Unfortunately you find you do not have enough technical skills to put the system into practice. You email the support desk and they acknowledge your email with an automatic email saying they will get back to you. This is more often or not the only support that they offer. You have bought their product, they have your money, and they are off to sell it to someone else.

I know this sounds like a rant. But I am tried of online marketers who hype their products then when you need them they are nowhere to be found. All to often these products have left out some very vital pieces of the puzzle.

What can you do to avoid this? There are no guarantees however you can check out places like the warrior forum, or a site like IM Report Card or Google the product and checkout what other people are saying. For the latter beware of the affiliates hyping the product.

In picking a product don’t be fooled by the get rich promises but look for products where people rave about the customer service. In the long run these products will return more in quality information and customer service.

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