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Here we go again something more to understand! As a senior learning Internet marketing there are many things that stretch my grey cells. Understanding Search Engine Optimization is an important aspect of successful Internet marketing.

It is not good enough to create a beautiful web site full of interesting information that you are sure many people are dying to know all about. If you don’t get a handle on SEO your site will never see the light of day.

Search Engine Optimization is a technique if learned and used correctly helps the search engines find and rank your page higher than other pages about the same subject. The goal for all web pages is to have them listed on the first page of the search results. The ultimate hope is that the page will be listed in the number one position on that search result. By getting this position the web page will get more traffic.

How is this possible? It is estimated that there are over 20 billion pages on the web so how can you hope to have your page found? No one has the absolute answer to this as Google and the other search engines do not publish exactly how they rate pages. Yet it appears that there are certain steps to this. The page has to be crawled by the spiders or Googlebots, the page has to be indexed, it has to be stored in the huge databases, it then has to be quickly retrieved when it is compared to the search terms.

When the page is crawled, the spiders are looking to see what the page is all about. Search engines are text driven and there was a time when web pages were constructed with the keywords repeated and repeated. These sites were constructed for the search engines not for the humans seeking information. Since then, the algorithms have been refined and now they are looking for quality content that makes sense to the reader. While crawling the pages they are looking for links that bind the page to other relevant pages.

They index the page based on the identifying words and expressions that describe the page. They assign the page to certain keywords. It is understood that the search engines have huge databases stored around the world.

When a search request is made for example ‘beginner golf clubs for women’ this phrase is compared to the stored indexed pages. A comparison of the phrase is made to relevant stored results and the sites with the most influence are returned in the top positions. For someone searching to find golf clubs they don’t want to find a page about nursery equipment.

It is thought that the ranking elements are a measurement that the algorithms deem to be important. In no significant order these are things like:

  • Keyword density –some but not too many
  • Links – static page links –every page should be reachable from at least one link
  • Age of site – it is thought that Google likes older sites
  • Content of the pages – original and informative
  • Updates made to the indices
  • Testing new product versions
  • Discovery of new sites
  • Changes in algorithm –from search engine to search engine these can change at any time
  • Pages made for visitors
  • Page titles – short and informative
  • Site has clear hierarchy
  • Information rich
  • Links to a given page less than 100
  • Understandable URLS
  • Site easy to navigate
  • On page SEO titles, tags, meta data, keywords
  • Off page links back from other sites
  • Quantity and quality of web site

For a site to be considered an authority site it needs to have backlinks from other high ranking sites. This is off page SEO. It appears to be becoming more and more important to get quality backlinks to your web pages. On page SEO concentrates on the titles, tags, meta data, and keywords.

Is it little wonder that my poor old brain is so taxed trying to understand Search Engine Optimization? It is possible to hire firms to do this for your web sites but having already been badly scammed I am hesitant to consider this without having a clear understanding of the process myself.

For this senior Internet marketer this is another challenge in the journey of learning how to work at home and to make a living working on my computer.

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Building Traffic With Backlinking

There are many courses that teach you how to build a website, how to research a niche, and how to use keywords. I have taken several of them and I have bought numerous eBooks on these subjects. One of the areas that I am having trouble with, as a senior learning Internet marketing, is driving traffic to my sites. If you have built a beautiful site and filled it with great content but are not seeing lots of visitors you will know what I am talking about.

Just like Real Estate where location, location, is everything; for Internet marketing position, position, is everything. To get a consistent amount of regular traffic for your site you need to get it on page 1 in the Google search results for your keywords. It is estimated that if you manage to get on the first page in Google for your niche you can expect the following traffic: (more…)

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What Is Clickbank?

As senior Internet marketers trying to learn the ropes on marketing online we struggle to understand many of the various programs. Seasoned marketers take for granted things like Squidoo, Hub Pages, and Clickbank. As the Internet evolves and rapidly changes it is hard to grasp all the ins and outs of this virtual world. Before you have your teeth into one program another has popped up. There is an endless supply of information and programs.

In this virtual world there are thousands of products and information eBooks that have been developed to address this ever changing Internet experience. How can we as senior Internet marketers take advantage of these products. One of the most successful ways is by understanding what Clickbank is all about.

When I started I had no clue what Clickbank was. I had heard the term bandy about in both positive and negative terms. However I did not initially realize that it could be a very useful program. Clickbank is a tool that facilitates both publishers that wish to market their eBooks and software and affiliates can earn commissions by promoting these digital products.

Clickbank for Affiliates

  • There is no cost to join the Clickbank affiliates program. • There are thousands of affiliate programs from which to choose and it is not difficult to find digital products that fit exactly into the theme of your we site. An example of that is if your web site is about weight loss there are literally thousands of digital products that you could promote on your site.
  • The affiliate programs on Clickbank offer commissions as high as 75%, so every time an affiliate product that you endorse is sold you make a lot of money.
  • Clickbank offers a dependable tracking system that allows you to keep track of your commissions at all times.
  • It ensures that affiliates are paid the money that is due to them and handles publisher relations.

Clickbank for Publishers

  • Clickbank offers publishers a two prong way to make money. First there thousands of people who use this service to buy products. Secondly it gives the publishers an avenue to promote their products to a wealth of seasoned and gifted Internet marketers.
  • For a nominal amount of the cost of the product and the speed of reaching countless customers setting up an affiliate program is considered an excellent marketing tactic. Although you get a wealth of advertising on the Internet you only have to pay for this when you make a sale. It does not cost you a dime unless a customer buys your product from one of these affiliate sites.
  • Clickbank allows easy access to real time product sales statistics so that you know how well your business is doing and also these statistics can be used to make key business decisions.
  • Relations with affiliates and payments are handled efficiently through Clickbank.

Clickbank for Customers

  • With the number of products that customers can find in the Clickbank market place it becomes an extremely desirable place to seek digital products.
  • It assures its patrons a safe and secure shopping experience and offers multiple payment methods.
  • It is used in over 200 countries worldwide; with customers swearing by the quality of service and products found on Clickbank.

If you have not visited Clickbank and explored its many possibilities it is time you did. For affiliates, publishers, and customers alike there are many opportunities that can be enjoyed in a save environment.

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Overwhelmed and Don’t Know Where to Turn!

As a Senior trying to learn Internet marketing are you just plain overwhelmed? Are you wondering which direction to take next? There is so much to learn. There are so many new skills to grasp. Everywhere you turn another course promises to deliver the secret to success. Welcome to information overload. There is so much data out on the web these days no wonder we seniors can’t find a clear path to learning new skills.

One “guru” recommends you try ghost writing, another suggests writing your own e-book, a third says the way to go is to become an affiliate marketer. You find yourself running between one system to another and losing focus.

These “gurus” tell you it is a must to build a list and that you must get traffic to your site. They sell you courses on article marketing, article spinning, submitting articles to article directories, and writing articles for others. They tell you to get on Twitter, Facebook, and My Space. They suggest you should build Squidoo lenses and Hub pages. They inform you the fastest way to get traffic is to launch a pay per click campaign. They neglect to tell you that you might also lose your shirt on this. You don’t know who to trust or which method to believe. As a ‘newbie” Senior Internet marketer you don’t have the background to make sound evaluations of these different options.

Start by taking a deep breath and relaxing. Remind yourself that in spite of the sales pitch that suggests you must act immediately all this material is here to stay. All these methods and materials are going to be available whenever you are ready to deal with them.

Take one step at a time. Start by following a program that interests you and that you understand. Follow it in baby steps until you have mastered it. Focus on this method until you see results. Delete all those emails trying to sell you the latest and greatest.

Unlike many of the things that we learned at school there is no exact starting point. Learn one skill first then move on to the next. It doesn’t matter if you learn to create content before you learn about social media.

Each step you take will give you the understanding to build on the next. Internet marketing is a continuous process of education, rinse and repeat.

Like all learning there are some things you need to know before taking the next step. The building of a very basic web site and how it all goes together is a very good place to begin. There are a number of very good courses for this. I have just been going back over Michael Jones Affiliate Code program and being remind how very appropriate it is for a ‘newbie”. Initially for me Craig Kaye’s Info Product Killer opened my eyes to how a web page is constructed. Either of these programs are so through that anyone can follow them.

Now a days everyone needs to blog about what they are doing. Craig Desourcy’s Idiot Proof Blogging is an excellent product on how to set up a blog. This is something you can do without having your own web site however he does outline the steps to set up your WordPress site. Taking everything in bite size bits of information and working with it will help you avoid being confused, discouraged and totally overwhelmed.

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Article Marketing for Internet Success

The Internet constantly needs more and more content. With more and more people getting on “The Net” and creating new web sites there is an insatiable demand for well written material. There is a need for these articles to stand out from the rest and to bring traffic to the websites. As Senior Internet marketers who have had many life experiences we are in a unique position to offer this content.

The producing of articles is one of the many ways that people can earn an income working from home. By crafting well written articles and supplying them to these web masters writers are making a nice salary.

What exactly is article marketing? How do you go about it? What return can you expect?

Let us take a look at this process.

What is Article Marketing?

It can just producing articles for your own website or writing on your blog. This may be something that you already do every day. A short 250 word post is article marketing. Why not consider putting this work to some other use. It is a shame to have your creativity only being used in a limited way.

Article marketing is about leveraging the effort you’ve put into creating an article in the first place and getting as much benefit from it as possible.

By distributing your article so other marketers can use it as long as they give you credit and keep your signature in the resource box you have given the article new life. Not only does this reward your writing efforts it gives you a link back to your website.

This can be done effortlessly by the use of article directories. You can use places like EzineArticles, probably the largest and best known, or GoArticles or ArticleBase. This system of submitting articles to the article directories can not only distributes your articles but you can also be a source for you to find relevant articles for your blog. They also provide backlinks to your website as the search engines index them quickly.

How Do You Go About Article Marketing?

Do you like to write? Is crafting an article an easy task? Maybe yes or maybe no. It is a skill that you can develop over time. It just takes doing it consistently and subscribing to the old adage “practice makes perfect.”

Find out which style of writing comes naturally to you.

Start with how-to and tips articles. There is a great demand for these and you can follow a set format. If you think of something that someone needs to have answered for example “how do I cure my bad breath?’ Or ‘what to look for in a house sitter?’ Your article should outline the problem then give suggestions to solve it.

There is a set template for the how to type of article writing. First paragraph expands on the problem. The next several paragraphs give the solution or the tip to solve it and finally a summary of both the question and the solution.

For a tips article you need to give more than one solution. This entails some prior investigation into the problem. You then need to expound upon each tip and how it might solve the problem. It is possible that to solve the need all tips are necessary. The intro and outro paragraphs would be very similar to the how-to ones.

After you have polished your article and you are happy with the final draft you need to distribute it. You can do this by submitting it to the various article directories yourself or you can use an article directory submission service.

What Return Can Article Marketers Expect?

Like anything else the return you receive relates to the effort you are prepared to make.

You need to produce articles on a regular bases not just when the mood strikes you.

By constantly writing and submitting articles you build up your presence online and people begin to notice you. This will result in numerous backlinks, traffic to your websites, an interest in what you have to say, and ultimately a steady income.

If you like to write or you are willing to learn to write the distribution of articles online will reap many rewards for you. You need to be consistent, patient, and determined. If you just can’t write yourself you can still be successful by the use of Good private label articles. By a little tweaking you can turn these into unique content and submit them to the article directories.

Over time this form of online marketing will help your bottom line. It is unlikely that any individual article will make very much impact on its own, but 200 or more scattered over the Internet can bring many long term rewards.

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Info Products Are a Viable Option to Promote

As a Senior Internet Marketer there are many choices that you might consider. Some of those decisions will be based on your goals for working at home. Your interest as a senior and your life experiences will play a role.

You can build a membership site, create thousands of pages of content to fuel an AdSense campaign, be a mentor to others in your niche, act as a service provider who tackles tasks others would rather pay to have done – or develop your own info products that provide you with a residual income for many years.

Info product development means many things to many people. An info product is a product that shares information with others – but the format in which it teaches can vary. Some marketers use an eBook, while others prefer making people pay for podcast or video productions.

Any or all of the methods can help you generate a great income online, if the info product is created and marketed in a way that makes consumers rave about your abilities as a teacher.

Info product development will still be very viable for years to come. Many newcomers and seniors new to Internet Marketing mistakenly believe that because there are so many free blogs, websites and article directories chock full of information, there’s no way consumers would pay to gain information shared in a digital download.

That’s not true now, nor will it be in the future! Consumers have always been willing to pay for convenience. Take the free social networking site Squidoo. Not only had Seth Godin, the creator of the site and bestselling author, produced a guide of his own about Squidoo, but also there were an endless number of lenses and threads in the forum that taught new lensmasters how to use the site.

Yet every day consumers are paying money for a Squidoo guide that compiles it all in one place – usually written by someone who has achieved great results. Some people are left scratching their heads wondering why they would pay if it’s free elsewhere? Because they don’t want to sit and hunt and peck for hours trying to find step-by-step instructions on how to use the site for a specific purpose (to make money).

First do the background research to see what kinds of searches are being conducted for your niche topic. Then determine what media format would best convey your instructions to your audience. You might even find that a healthy combination of audio, video and written text is what makes your hungry audience crave your info products.

With the “Baby Boomers” coming right behind you, your knowledge of ways that seniors can work from home will be in great demand. You are in the unique position of leading a new group of senior online marketers to accomplish their goals.

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The Course

What I discovered that instead of a high quality content course this company offered:

  • Very sketchy video material some of which was out of date
  • A support line staffed with students with questionable knowledge
  • Conflicting advice and no continuity
  • An expensive monthly hosting and site building program
  • The support line had no knowledge of the technical side
  • A locked in supply system with a monthly charge
  • Phone support such as it was ended and the email support gave completely different directions. This necessitated me spending more money to have my header redesigned.
  • The inability for the web host to accommodate more than a limited number of merchant accounts that could clear credit cards.
  • The inability for the site builder to pull the images from the supplier on to the site in the correct size.
  • Constant phone calls from SEO companies telling the site was all wrong and wanting to sell me expensive SEO services. This was extremely strange as I have several other sites and never get calls about them.

I took me far too long to realize that the whole thing was a fraud. All of the knowledge that was being offered can be found on the Internet for free. The web site building program could be had for a one time charge at less than the monthly plan or possibly for free and the hosting could also be found for less. At the time I was approached I did not have enough knowledge to ask the right questions. I was so anxious to find a comprehensive source from which to learn that I was blind to what was being offered and how it was being offered.

If you are approached be cautious. Don’t let anyone talk you into giving your financial information. Don’t let anyone talk you into signing a contract without researching them. If they are truly legitimate the offer will stand until you have checked them out. Be careful at giving out your phone number.

My Online Fraud Story Part One

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The Process

On one of the emails I receive regularly there was a recent post about an “internet guru” admitting to fraud, The gist of this admission was take the money, deliver “something” and DO NOT CARE whether you ever succeed. They DO NOT CARE.

This hit a nerve with me. As a recent victim of internet fraud and thinking that as Senior Internet Marketers we might be more prone to online fraud; I thought it might be useful to post a bit about it. In my case I was looking for a program that I could follow that would be similar to taking a college course on Internet marketing. My expectations were that it would be a series of lessons followed by a question and answer session. I was looking for something that would start at the beginning and progress through to a high degree of useful information and skill level.

What turned out was nothing like my expectations. I had not searched for such a program but I was interested in finding one. I am not sure where this outfit got my phone number (I am now very reluctant to give it out). I was phoned by something I now find out is a fulfillment company. The sole purpose of these people is to find people with the financial means to be able to afford a reasonably expensive investment.

The first part of this process was to extract from me my ability to pay. The second step was for a very smooth talking salesperson to sign me up for this course. The promise was that this institution would teach me to build a web site that would earn me six figures in six month’s time. Now I did not believe all of this but I did think that I would earn enough to get a return on my investment and then go on to build on that.

Having agreed to the program I had to sign the contract immediately and charge it to my credit card or lose this chance. I was never informed that the contract could be retracted at any time. I now understand that in the that state’s law I could have retracted it any time within 10 days. I point this out not because I was smart enough to have researched this company and withdrawn my contract but to give the readers of this blog a heads up that contracts can be cancelled.

The next part of this scam was for a fast talking lawyer to phone and sell me the idea of setting up a company. This would cost approximately $2,500.00 plus monthly charges for an agent to receive and disburse the revenue from the site. I was told this had to be done with 45 days or the cost of the course could not be written off. Fortunately I dismissed this out of hand. I did not think it was necessary until there was an indication of some revenue.
My Online Fraud Story Part Two

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