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What is Internet Marketing?

As a senior learning to work from home on your computer, many people including your family won’t understand what you are doing. You may find that your family is resentful of all the time that you are spending on your computer. They may think that you are wasting your time.

Others will think you’re nothing more than a spammer – just because you work on the Internet. You might even run into people who automatically assume you’re into promoting porn, because they think that’s all the Internet is used for!

You need to be prepared to deal with people like this who are simply ignorant about the various marketing uses for the World Wide Web.

The first thing you need to explain to people is that very few people who work on the Internet are spammers. Spammers actually make up a very, very small minority of those who make money online.

If you do any sort of email marketing, you should explain that every single person you send email to has signed up specifically to your newsletter, and clicked a link to confirm that they really want to be on your list.

Explain to them that subscribing to your newsletter is a lot like signing up for delivery of the newspaper, or a magazine subscription. People sign up to your newsletter, and then you send them valuable information, not just advertising.

If you sell eBooks online, you can explain to people that you’re a bit like a book publisher, but all of the books you publish are in digital format. You can tell them that instead of paying a lot of extra money for the printing, binding, marketing, and shipping of a physical book, you eliminate those costs by selling all of your books as downloadable products.

If people still don’t understand, you could even show them what an eBook is by letting them view one on your computer. If your main business is advertising affiliate products, you can tell people you’re in advertising.

Explain to them that you run a website (or websites) and you place advertising on that website. Every time someone clicks an ad and purchases something, you receive a commission. If you make most of your money through AdSense or selling advertising on your sites, you can simply tell people that you place advertisements on your websites, and you charge advertisers for that ad space.

If you want to, you could show them some of your sites or blogs to illustrate the point. Some people feel more comfortable just telling people they design websites. If you’re a decent website builder, this will probably really impress people, but be prepared to get requests from people asking if you’ll make them a site, too.

If you don’t want to deal with all of the questions about spamming and porn, just telling someone you design websites will usually be enough to throw them off your trail. If people are particularly persistent with their questions, you can start to point out some examples of people who have been very successful making money online.

Don’t just use examples of famous Internet marketers like John Reese or Yanik Silver! Use some examples with verifiable “proof” in mainstream media. For example, the famous “make money” blogger John Chow has a number of stories out there about him.

There’s also teenaged entrepreneur Ashley Squalls who has made mainstream news in a big way by making over $70,000 per month with advertising on her site that gives away MySpace layouts. And of course, the infamous Perez Hilton – a celebrity blogger who cashes in on the ad space his blog has.

You should try to realize that some people will just never understand what you do. Try to explain it the best way you can, and if it doesn’t work, accept it. Some people just won’t get it. If the in-laws or your spouse are nagging you because your money isn’t yet streaming in, and you feel pressured, put together a simple presentation that answers all of their questions and puts their minds at ease.

You may find that as a senior it is taking you longer than you or your family expected to see results. Don’t despair just keep at it. Every day you will learn something new and get closer to your goals.

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Online Customer Service

Is it just that I am a senior that I am becoming more and more frustrated by the lack of customer service? In an online newsletter that I subscribe to the writer often decries the lack of service in the street retail and service trade. He frequently talks about the indifferent service in trying to get a part for a broken appliance or being ignored when trying to purchase something. In this competitive world this is a road to disaster.

It is no different online. The idea that you can launch a product and not be prepared to stand behind it just does not wash. If you are not going to be there when things that seem obvious to you are not so obvious to the purchaser and they are asking for support, this indifference is a sure way to get many, many refunds.

In trying to learn Internet marketing it seems inevitable that someone will wave a product in front of you that you think might teach you a new skill or a new way of doing something. So you jump in with both feet and usually your wallet too. Unfortunately you find you do not have enough technical skills to put the system into practice. You email the support desk and they acknowledge your email with an automatic email saying they will get back to you. This is more often or not the only support that they offer. You have bought their product, they have your money, and they are off to sell it to someone else.

I know this sounds like a rant. But I am tried of online marketers who hype their products then when you need them they are nowhere to be found. All to often these products have left out some very vital pieces of the puzzle.

What can you do to avoid this? There are no guarantees however you can check out places like the warrior forum, or a site like IM Report Card or Google the product and checkout what other people are saying. For the latter beware of the affiliates hyping the product.

In picking a product don’t be fooled by the get rich promises but look for products where people rave about the customer service. In the long run these products will return more in quality information and customer service.

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Grandma’s Internet Marketing

I was looking to find a job that would be suitable for work at home. Or more accurately a source on income that could be generated from anywhere I happened to be. It occurred to me that many people were making comfortable incomes using their computers. That meant as long as I had a computer and could get online I could work. I must say as I started this search my knowledge of a computer was very rudimentary. I could word process, I could email – even send attachments and I could search on Google. I had a very sketchy understanding of a few other programs. However always the one to never say die. If someone else can do this I was sure I could learn.

This blog is a journal of me jumping into the process of learning Internet marketing. The questions I had to start with were:

Could I do it?

Where could I learn to do it?

How long will it take me to learn this?

How do I start?

Where can I find reliable information?

I am not a techie how can I publish a web page

How do people make money doing this?

What is affiliate marketing?

What will it cost?

Can I make enough money to meet my needs?

Who can I trust?

As I started out in my quest to find out how online business marketing works I was lucky that one of my daughter’s friends was able to point me to people that I could trust. I will talk a bit more about that later. As I have gone along learning this work online home business I have found the two most useful things are – one to focus, it is so easy to get distracted and two to persevere. Internet marketing is not a get rich over night business but one from which you can steadily grow your sources of income. As many have helped me on my journey I am happy to share with you what I have learned. One of the “gurus” stated there is no mystery to online Internet marketing, just things you know and things you don’t know. All you seniors that want to learn to work at home come along with me while we find out all those things we don’t know.


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Senior Grandma Learns Internet Marketing

Pat TateI am a senior citizen who had very little knowledge of computers, their programs, or how to make money online. I was looking for a source of income to augment our retirement income. I was looking for a work at home project and I wanted this to be something that I could do from wherever  I happened to be. I started to explore various ways of doing internet marketing. As at times I spent much time going down blind alleys and wasting money.  I thought it might help me and maybe help others to keep a journal about this journey. This web site reflects my journey and I invite you to join me on it and share your experiences.

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