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Backlinking Tips

As a senior learning Internet marketing one of the hardest task for me has been the finding of effective ways to build Backlinks. This past week I was once again reminded of the need for this when I was reading Five Backlinking Strategies You Shouldn’t Waste Your Time With In 2012 by Robert Jones (nickname kezanari). I direct your attentin to this post as there are many great ideas in this article and in the comments that have been made.

As followers of this blog you will know that I am an advocate of James Martell of Affiliate Marketers SUPER BootCamp fame. He was recently at Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas and returned with some words of wisdom from Matt Cutts. Matt was quoted as saying things like “I’m not a big fan of article marketing”, “article directories are low-value sites with duplicate, poorly written content that does not add value to the Net”, “I’d lean away from it”. In the above article, kezanari feels that doing mass submission of articles is a pure waste of time. Although there are a number of companies offering services to submit your articles to thousands of sites it appears that this is not the way to go.

The whole idea is to add useful content that visitors will want to read. By adding unique, quality information to the web Google will index your article and the Backlinks in these articles have a better chance of being clicked upon. Plus this will add to the value of your web page that you are hoping to get ranked.

I also took kezanari’s advice and read 18 Link Building Techniques by Ben Jackson on Mitz’s Website. I urge you to read this very insightful article. I for one was surprised to see that was still showing a page rank of 6. After the Panda slap I had completely given up on using this site. There are many useful resources in this article. Like others Ben recommends that you pick one method and master it. He also emphasizes the need for quality content. He stresses the need to write for visitors to your article rather than producing articles that are only geared for search engines.

With James, kezanari, and Ben all accentuating the idea of quality, unique content, guest posting is going to be one of the best courses of action. Members of James Martell’s Affiliate Marketers SUPER BootCamp course have access to a course on guest posting.

For me, I have started with this idea of doing guest posts. I have found that I have enjoyed an increase in traffic for those pages to which I have linked back with anchor text. For those of us who are striving to be work at home seniors it is very necessary for us to learn as much as we can about the process of Backlinking.

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Backlinks, Backlinks, and WordPress Plugins

In the last few weeks I have been directing most of my efforts to finding backlinks for my sites. As a senior learning Internet marketing I am finding this a daunting task. Everyone agrees that backlinks are necessary to a successful site. Where they differ is how to find these backlinks.

It is not that difficult to write articles and post them to article directories. Certainly many marketers have had great success doing this. The problem with this method is that Google recently gave these directories a huge slap for not having high quality content on them. It seems to me rightly or wrongly if I am going to expend a great deal of time writing articles I want them published on sites that will give my sites a high ranking backlink.

As a result I have spend my time looking for sites that will allow guest blogging. There are many sites out there that are looking for others to fill up their sites with good content. In my search to find suitable sites I have been looking for sites that have a page rank of at least 3. I sometimes wonder if it is the fact that I am a senior working at home that these tasks seem so difficult. I am encouraged when I read that only a small number of site owners actually do the work of getting backlinks to their sites.

James Martell of Affiliate Marketers SUPER BootCamp fame offers a course called Backlinks Workshop. If you have read this blog before you will know that I am a big fan of James Martell. He is a down-to-earth honest Internet marketer who is willing to help others succeed. James has long been a proponent of finding quality backlinks. He used to advise writing for other webmasters and getting these articles posted with the understanding that the links in the articles would be left in place. However he now thinks that guest blogging is the way to go.

To this end I have been searching to find sites that encourage guest blogging and are willing to give a backlink to my sites. There is no sense in trying to say otherwise this process is slow going.

In an effort to help I posted a job on where I have had very good luck outsourcing some of my tasks. In this case it did not work. I hired a firm to try but it has turned out that they have had no understanding or experience with this type of task. This has been rather disappointing because in the past I have had good success in finding help.

The other thing that I wanted to share with all of you is the finding of two new great plugins for WordPress both FREE. The first is Broken Link Checker. This plugin will check your WordPress site as often as you set it up to check (72 hours) looking for broken links. You will receive an email to let you know that there are broken links that you need to check. The wonderful thing about this plugin is as your site grows it can be difficult to find exactly where there are broken links.

The other great plugin is Efficient Related Posts. This plugin looks for posts in your site that have related content and it links the posts together. If you use tags in your posts this works like a charm. It finds the related posts and puts the links at the bottom of the posts as you publish it.

This has been my week and I am off to look for more Backlinks. I am wishing all other seniors who are learning Internet marketing success in their endeavors.

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Should You Be Personal Online?

If you follow this blog you will know that I am a senior who is learning to work online. With all honesty I can say for me this has been a very daunting journey. This blog is my release for some of the stumbling blocks that I have found along the way. It is also a way to share with other seniors working on line the truly great people and courses that I have found.

Last week two different people that I follow online talked about being personal online. Tiffany Dow whose blog I read as a daily routine was sharing with us the joy and sorrow of her son’s graduation. She has always been very open with the details of her family life. She wears her heart on her sleeve and is not shy about letting her readers know about both her triumphs and her failures. Her honest delivery style allows her followers to know her and to trust her. They know if she recommends something that she truly believes it to be a good product. It is also very useful to many when she has a rant about something that is less than valuable. (more…)

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing – An Online Money Maker

To receive a commission from selling products that belong to someone else is one of the easier ways to make money online. For Seniors learning the Internet Marketing business it is a great starting point. This way to market products is not a new idea. Long before the internet people were selling other people’s products. Many Senior Internet Marketers come from a background of selling in the wholesale and retail trade. The Internet was a bit slower to pick up on the idea of offering commissions to others to sell products.

1990 saw the beginning of the computer to be used as a way to communicate with one another. The birth of the World Wide Webb has changed our world in ways we could not have imagined. It was four years after this first beginning that commissioned sales were used to market products. The adult business, that frequently is a leader in sales techniques, was the first to offer affiliate marketing opportunities. Shortly thereafter CDNow, the online music store, followed suit and was the firs non-adult business to offer commissions for sales of its products.

The giant of the industry Amazon began their Affiliate Program in 1996 and look at how that has grown.

This method of making sales and earning commissions is an extremely easy concept. As the affiliate you describe and show the product on your website or in a newsletter and if someone clicks through to the third party and buys you are paid a commission. The amount of money that you collect varies from product to product. It can be a small percent all the way up to 100% of the sales price. In many cases the more items from a particular supplier you sell the larger the percentage.

Vendors that are willing to pay 100% commissions are usually looking for long time relationships with the customer and are willing to sacrifice to get them on their list.

Affiliate marketing can go under many different names: associate marketing, partners programs, joint ventures and revenue sharing. There are many programs where you just sign up but others where you must be pre-approved. Other programs are only accessible to consumers who have purchased the program or goods.

Many companies run their own associates programs and affiliates can deal directly with them. For the majority of products companies will use affiliate management companies. For downloadable products the major company is Clickbank while for many products companies have chosen Commission Junction.

There are good things and bad things to all these affiliate programs. ClickBank, has completely streamlined their program. You register with them which is very straight forward and has no cost. They will assign you an id or affiliate link. You pick a product and when the code is produced for it your id will be in the code. Commissions are very generous usually 50% and 75%. From a marketers point of view the con to Clickbank is its readiness to refund on the purchase and nobody is certain how well they track the sales. That not with standing many online marketers have made considerable money selling the Clickbank products.

Some examples of great products to promote from Clickbank are:

If you prefer to sell real products from retailers then Commission Junction is a great option. From an extensive selection of products it is easy to find something to interest you. At CJ you must apply to each company separately and be approved on an individual bases.

To start off you must apply to Commission Junction to become a member. Then when you pick a product you apply to the company that produces the product. You can be denied access to products with no explanation as to why.

The idea at Commission Junction is to sell many many items and in return they offer smaller commissions. They work on the theory increase your sales and you will make money.

There are thousands of products on CJ in various niches.
If you are interested in developing a golf site here is a list of products to promote:

In the Internet Marketing Field:

I also happen to like Linkshare. Similar to Commission Junction there are thousands of products to promote. One of the great products is CheapOair Super Combo Offer – Save up up 65% on all Flights – Hotels – Car Rentals. Book Now! Offer Valid till Dec 31, 2010. that has the lowest flight prices online.

With Amazon’s Associate Program that they run themselves it is easy to sign up. There is no cost to joining this program and they too operate their commissions on the number of items that you sell. It is 4 to 5% to begin with then if you sell more it will go as high as 7%. The con to the program is every month you start at the lower rate again.

The pro to the Amazon program is that once someone has clicked through to their site for one product they are very good at interesting the customer in something else. This way you make a commission on something that you have not promoted. You are paid on the value of the total sale for that transaction.

Some sales programs promote products with residual commissions that are paid over and over again. An example of this is a membership site where you would receive a commission for as long as your referral stays a member. This provides you with a recurring income that can add up and it makes for a nice steady pay day for a long time.

From your website that has many visitors, or your blog or newsletter to your mailing list or anywhere that you have established trust, you are able to make a nice revenue from promoting third party products. You don’t have to own the inventory, write sales letters, service customers or face all the headaches that product owners and vendors have to endure.

Affiliate marketing is one of the easier ways to make money online.. To earn the commissions you review and suggest, or you advertise on your site and then monitor the click throughs and collect the paycheck. For Senior Internet marketers this is a great way to start with no outlay of cash and a possible return very quickly.

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SEO Is It Changing?

As seniors trying to learn Internet marketing don’t you hate it when you spend a lot of money on how to guides, memberships and tools helping you with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts, only to find out everything’s changing for the coming year?

It happens to everyone not just us seniors. Some marketers can roll with the changes with ease, while others struggle to keep up. If you look to the future, it can help you predict how things might change so you can head off the SEO lag time most marketers will experience and stay one step ahead of the competition.

The biggest change you’re going to notice is that things are evolving into real time. Keywords, indexing – it’s going to be updated quicker than in the past, so you won’t be able to rest on your laurels enjoying a top spot in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and likewise, you’ll have ample opportunity to move up in the ranks if you pay attention closely.

You’re going to see Google working on ways to combine real time results (which basically means the last one to mention something, if it’s indexed, will be shown) with relevancy, which was Google’s biggest beef with websites that were using keywords to trick searchers in the first place!

Real time search doesn’t replace regular SEO page results, though. It’s integrated into the SERPs so that you have the option of choosing the latest results or the pages. So you’ll be able to capitalize on both options as a marketer.

All of the regular SEO tactics will stay the same. You’ll want to post frequently on your website or blog. You’ll want to use relevant keyword phrases without stuffing them into it so that it reads awkwardly.

Backlinks from the right kind of relevant sites will be to your benefit, while so-called bad neighborhoods will still damage your reputation with Google. It’s expected that businesses – both online and offline – will be increasing their spending to SEO experts and investing in SEO tools to help them either boost or maintain their position in the search engines.

You can be a self-taught SEO expert just by educating yourself about what tactics are allowed (and which are frowned upon) and tracking and tweaking your methods so get the best traffic results.

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Google AdWords Trends

Google AdWords Trends

It’s no secret that Google AdWords is one of, if not the, deciding mechanism that propels your business into hyperspace. That is, if you use Google AdWords to your advantage and really make it work for you.

Every day, more people enter the ever-expanding world of the Internet. Many of these people are seniors learning the Internet marketing business for the first time. The good news is that there is plenty of room on the Internet for everyone. The bad news is that even though there’s room, it really doesn’t matter – because if you don’t know how to get noticed and get people to your website to build those lists and get people to recognize your name, then you’re just another face in a huge crowd of millions. You won’t be successful that way.

So what are you going to do about it? Well, my first suggestion is that you take a good, hard look at how Google Adwords is trending. There will be a new year is just around the corner, and it’s going to be a stellar year for some, and a rude awakening for others – which side of that fence do you want to land on?

Trends show that the number of people exploring the possibilities of Internet marketing is exploding. Businesses aren’t using the newspaper and TV any more for advertising. They’re flocking to the Internet. And while businesses are heading to the Internet to advertise, more and more people are losing their once secure jobs and heading to the Internet to start their own businesses as well.

You need to have a healthy awareness of these changes. A few years back, competition was stiff, but if you had a couple of AdWords tricks under your belt, you were fine. Now, Google AdWords is catching fire! We’ve got the economy to thank for that, and it’s changing the way the game is played.

I sincerely believe that the best thing you can do for yourself is check out The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords – the new and updated edition – so that you can have an advantage over your competition.

How is this newest edition going to help you with that? It’s got what you need to sharpen your virtual tools – it will send you into marketing battle with sword drawn and full body armor, making you invincible, and this is how:

The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords shows you how to create multi-dimensional marketing campaigns that are effective.
• The Guide boils the vast amounts of marketing information, methods and advice down to an effective group of advanced techniques that anyone can use (you only have to know what they are).
• The Guide shows you how to build a Google account that’s indestructible and that holds solid against robots that would destroy it.
• The Definitive Guide shows you market research techniques that can’t be performed by robots or machines and that the lion’s share of your competitors are clueless about.
• The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords gives you six Expert Modules that you can use to hone in on to fine-tune your own business model and marketing plan – you customize it to your own focus and needs.

Are you concerned that this year is going to be the year that the competition eats you up and spits you out? Why not turn the tables and make it the year that you pin down your Google AdWords marketing techniques and create the AdWords plan that shoots you to the top? I’m here to tell you that The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords is just the tool you need to help you do it!

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