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Traffic for Your Web Site

All internet marketers but particularly seniors who work online have trouble finding ways to generate traffic to their web sites. We all know that traffic=sales=revenue but how do we go about finding the traffic. We are told to build backlinks and more backlinks. As a struggling senior online marketer how do we find avenues to do this? We are told to write and submit articles to the approximately 230 article directory sites, to join forums and leave links back to our sites, and to blog about it. Is there any time to sleep? Here is a new free way to get those backlinks without all the hassle.

There was a time when I thought building the best looking, most useful website was the way to strike it big on the internet. I worked hard at it, too, and take pride in my websites. I soon realized that a great website didn’t put a single penny in my pocket. What was the problem? Nobody was coming to my sites, because they were virtually invisible. I needed to rank higher in the search engines (some didn’t rank at all) and get more traffic. Luckily, Viral Link Network (VLN) solves that problem. While other software is bloated and practically requires a degree in computer science to install, Viral Link Network is as easy as it gets. The way I look at, it doesn’t matter how good a piece of software is if I can’t figure out how to install it, or if the process is overly-complicated.

Once you have Viral Link Network up and running, you’ll wish every other piece of software was that simple. Once you go to the site and sign up for free, (yes, VLN is free!) you are taken to a page that has a special offer. While it’s optional, I would highly recommend getting it if you are serious about building links and getting your site seen. After that you will enter the member area. How easy is it? Just click the download link that says “Download Now”. Save it, then use the installation key that’s provided to you. Every thing is laid out step-by-step in the guide that comes with your free download.

The makers of VLN are interested in helping people get links to their sites, too. You will notice on the welcome page that there is a Fast Mover Bonus. The only catch is that you have to install Viral Link Network within the first seven days of signing up. Of course, you will want to be up and running right away, but it’s a nice touch that they want to encourage people to get the most out of the software. But is the software itself any good? Some earlier attempts at automated link building were adequate for their time. However, they left too many virtual fingerprints by using the same IP address for each back link. The problem is that it’s very easy to catch on to that, and link building that’s done that way is often counterproductive, because you can be penalized for it. That’s why I appreciate that Viral Link Network uses many different IPs when building links. To put it simply, there is plenty to like about Viral Link Network.

The fact that it’s a smart and powerful piece of software that’s free and easy to install makes it what I consider a true no-brainer. Don’t forget to grab the special offer, too. When you download VLN, you will start getting traffic to your websites like never before. Take advantage of it now, you’ll be glad you did.

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