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Methods of Successful Internet Marketers

Methods of Successful Internet Marketers – Part 2

Membership Sites

Not everyone likes membership sites but if the material within these sites is valuable they are well worth joining. Both James Martell and Martin Avis have membership sites. Interestingly they are quite different from one another.

James Martell of the Affiliate Marketers SUPER BootCamp runs a membership site that students of his courses join. This is a wonderful support system where the students can pose their questions and have them answered by both James and other students. Members pop in to share finds and tools that they have found. They discuss various Internet news items such as the Google Panda slap. As members they are eligible to take all the additional courses that James has created at no additional costs. As a method of how successful Internet marketers make money this method gives James an ongoing monthly income.

The video courses that are available to Bootcamp members are:

  • Affiliate Marketers SUPER BootCamp
  • Outsourcing Essentials
  • Site Critiques
  • Facebook How to
  • Conversion Clinic
  • Twitter Tutorials
  • Web Video Workout
  • Drills for Skills
  • Daily Traffic Blueprint
  • Podcasting Profits
  • List Building 101
  • WordPress How to
  • Backlinks Workshop
  • Prebuilt Site Trainings
  • Organizational Strategies
  • Copywriting Basics

As well as the courses there is a schedule of upcoming events. James has question and answer session almost every two weeks where he and students meet in online classroom. This time is used to present new material and to help students with some of their challenges.

A great deal of the site is devoted to the forum where students can post questions, give answers to others, talk about Internet news, and share tips on useful tools. James comes in to help and to also report on new things but the students themselves are very supporting to one another.

The cost of this site is $47.00 per month and is offered to all students of the Affiliate Marketers SUPER BootCamp. The bonus to this is that all other features and courses are free of charge to the members. This means that you can study and follow them at your pace. I have already highly recommended the Affiliate Marketers SUPER BootCamp and once you become one of James Martell’s students you will wonder why you did not do this sooner.

Martin Avis also runs a membership site but his is entirely different. His membership site is a PLR site. Martin and his wife Delia post new PLRKickstart PLR Exclusive Private Label Club is a mere $27.00 per month. As well as the more than useful tools you get 10 articles in 3 different niches. What a bargain!

Review of Products

All three of these successful Internet Marketers review products and tools in their own way. Tiffany Dow a mentioned already picks a product and goes through it step by step. She implements it herself and lets her readers know the pros and the cons of the product. She is extremely frank about what she thinks about these products and usually engages the producers in the process. As a result of her candid approach her followers trust her and she is able to make affiliate income in the process.

James Martell interviews other marketers and in doing so reviews their products. Also in the course of teaching his courses he will recommend or suggest both products and tools. Of all the marketers James Martell is the least in your face trying to sell you products.
Martin Avis reviews products in his biweekly newsletters. He only recommends products that he believes are of high quality.

All three of these marketers create their own products and promote them to their followers.


James Martell has the longest running affiliate podcast. It is call the Affiliate Buzz. On this podcast he interviews other marketers, talks about Internet news such as the Google Panda slap, reviews affiliate summits, and shares his ideas.

The great thing about a podcast is that you can play it as you work and if you miss something you can replay it.

Video Marketing

Both James Martell and Tiffany Dow use video presentations as part of their marketing. I for one like the idea of being able to see how things are done. I like the ability to revisit these videos. They have both used YouTube to host their video. Unfortunately for some reason Tiffany had almost all her video’s removed from YouTube. It appears that for some reason the idea of posting videos to show people how to make money online came under fire. The really hard lesson to learn from Tiffany’s experience is to be sure to have backups of this material.

In conclusion these three Marketers – James Martell, Tiffany Dow, and Martin Avis are ethical, honest marketers who are all earning good livings online while helping other people succeed at Internet Marketing.

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Methods of Successful Internet Marketers

How Successful Internet Marketers Make Money- Part 1

As a senior Internet marketer you are wise to try to learn from successful Internet marketers. There are many so called “gurus” who rave about all the money they are making. They indicate that if you just buy their recommended silver bullet you too can live a luxurious life in no time. Is it really so easy? In most cases the answer to this is no.

After chasing down many blind alleys I have settled on just the following three successful Internet marketers. They all some things in common while going about it in different ways. These three marketers are James Martell, Tiffany Dow, and Martin Avis. I will tell you a bit about why they are so successful and how they do it.

The types of methods employed by them are:

  • Courses
  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • Podcasts
  • Video lessons
  • Membership sites
  • Reviews
  • PLR

Courses –Sharing and Teaching

Each of these successful people is very generous with their time and their knowledge. They are willing to share with others those methods that have led to their success. In doing so they make money along the way.

James Martell has developed a number of wonderful Internet courses. The major of these sixteen different courses is his Affiliate Marketers SUPER BootCamp. This is a 28 week course held on a weekly bases in a video classroom. In this weekly course James teaches and illustrates the material and students can ask questions. Each of the weekly courses is backed up with written transcripts and videos. I found it more than useful to be able to both read the course material and visually review it. The ability for students to be able to view the material over and over again is a great learning tool. Because many people relate to the written word more than to a visual presentation the transcripts are a bonus not often offered. For me it was definitely a reinforcing part of learning the material. This is where I started and I can highly recommend the Affiliate Marketers SUPER BootCamp.

Once you have taken the Affiliate Marketers SUPER BootCamp and joined James and his followers you will have free access to all his other courses. I cannot begin to tell you all the information that is available in these courses. James and Arlene Martell give of their time constantly. They talk on a personal way and share their family life with everyone. They are a wonderful support system.


Tiffany Dow posts a blog on her site daily. She talks about things that she is learning. She answers questions sent to her by followers. She reviews products. She makes announcements about new eBooks or PLR material that she has created. She also responds to the many comments left on her site. Sometimes she presents her material in video form as well as giving a written presentation of it. I like it when she does the video because often I can listen to her and work on something else.

Tiffany allows her followers into her life and talks about her husband, her mother, her children, and her dog. She lets her Internet friends share her ups and downs.

Because she is generous with her knowledge and open about her own trials and errors people trust her. The relationships she builds helps to sell the products she promotes.

Tiffany Dow uses her daily blog to help other marketers solve on going problems they may have. The comment section of her blog allows marketers to pose questions and make suggestions.

As well as the blog Tiffany offers a number of eBook courses that she has written. They are all very through and very reasonably priced.


Martin Avis teaches through his twice weekly newsletter and if you happen to be lucky enough to live in the U.K. he often speaks at Internet educational seminars. Martin has written several eBooks to help Internet marketers while making him an income.

Martin Avis’s twice weekly newsletter is a way to teach, inform, and chat with his Internet Friends. Like James Martell and Tiffany Dow he shares his family life, his health problems, his home improvements and his garden with the subscribers.

The thing that I like about the newsletter is that it is quick to read, informative, and a soft sell. Martin only promotes things in which he believes. If there is nothing of value in a product he says so.

To be continued……..

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Tiffany Dow Is At It Again!

Review of Tiffany Dow’s Affiliate Programs

As Senior Internet Marketers it is always wonderful to find good affiliate programs that you can really get behind to promote knowing that the product is first class. Renowned blogger, ghostwriter, and PLR queen, Tiffany Dow is at it again. After a few delays she has set up an outstanding affiliate program. She is well recognized as a source for quality PLR and now she has allowed affiliates to earn from her hard work.

Tiffany Dow’s PLR Mini Mart

If you have never visited Tiffany Dow’s PLR Mini Mart you owe it to yourself to take a good look at all the valuable content available there. At the PLR Mini Mart you can find articles, eBooks, reports, autoresponder email, and much more.

If you are not familiar with Tiffany Dow, she started out online as a ghostwriter to some of the well known “gurus”. Working for these Online Marketers she learned the tricks of the trade and gradually built up her own online business. The writing experience strengthened her already great writing skills.

In the PLR Mini Mart you will find topics that are suitable for all the popular Internet niches. Topics like weight loss, dating, wedding planning, stress, money, and Internet Marketing are available in article packages, reports and eBooks. To sweeten the pot Tiffany often runs specials and as an affiliate you can win with these promotions.

How to Build a List PLR eBook

To sweeten the pot for her affiliates Tiffany has gone on to create some other very valuable affiliate products. How to Build a List PLR eBook is a 48 page eBook that covers the following components of list building:

    1. Gold Versus Good

    2. List Size Isn’t Just a Numbers Game

    3. List Set-Up Steps

    4. Why Should a Visitor Opt In to Your List?

    5. Follow Up Versus Broadcast

    6. Install the Form on Your Blog Sidebar

    7. Install on Squeeze page

    8. Traffic and List Building

    9. Dealing With People You DON’T Want on Your List

    10. Don’t Lose All That Hard Work!

    11. Start Your List Building Journey Now!

This is a bargain at $1.00 per page that you can purchase and download then make it your own. It is complete with screen shots and places for you to put your own links. You can then save it as a PDF file to sell or give away. As an affiliate you can earn a 50% commission for promoting this informative eBook.

Halloween PLR 30 Pack on Costumes

As Holiday season is almost upon us people are scrambling for content for niche specific web sites. The Halloween PLR 30 Pack on Costumes is a 30 pack of articles on costumes for babies, boys, girls, men and women – and Tiffany has discounted it in this offer from $30 (which the public pays) to $17 for those who grab it only through this link:Halloween PLR 30 Pack on Costumes. With Halloween right around the corner this is a great pak to promote to your list that might need to quickly get their hands on some great content. The content is a great mix of trendy costumes and evergreen costumes, so this could benefit online marketers year after year! Tiffany Dow is offering a 50% commission on this pak.

Sustainable Living PLR eBook

The Sustainable Living PLR eBook is a 48 page eBook that addresses today’s hot topic about how to become more environmentally responsible. The topics are:

    1. Sustainable Living 101: What to Expect from Sustainability
    2. Why Choose a Sustainable Lifestyle: Improving the Planet’s Health – and Yours
    3. Getting Started with a Garden: Taking the First Steps toward Growing Your Own Food
    4. From Chickens to Cows: Taking Care of Livestock in Your Backyard
    5. Waste Not Want Not: Producing and Conserving Energy in Your Home
    6. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Sustaining the Earth by Managing Waste
    7. Getting Rid of Toxic Waste: Keeping Poisons Out of the Landfill
    8. Fun for the Whole Family: Getting Kids Involved with Your New Lifestyle
    9. Sustainable Living Tips: Small Choices that Make a Big Impact
    10. Taking the First Steps Toward a Fresh Way of Life: Making a Plan and Getting Started

Through this link only you can buy all this content for a mere $38.00. Again Tiffany is offering a 50% commission to her affiliates.

If you decide to hop on Tiffany’s affiliate programs you will not be disappointed by the quality products that she turns out.

* Other Tiffany Dow Products:
Tiffany Dow’s Gathering and Structuring Ideas
Ghostwriting Cash

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Should You Be Personal Online?

If you follow this blog you will know that I am a senior who is learning to work online. With all honesty I can say for me this has been a very daunting journey. This blog is my release for some of the stumbling blocks that I have found along the way. It is also a way to share with other seniors working on line the truly great people and courses that I have found.

Last week two different people that I follow online talked about being personal online. Tiffany Dow whose blog I read as a daily routine was sharing with us the joy and sorrow of her son’s graduation. She has always been very open with the details of her family life. She wears her heart on her sleeve and is not shy about letting her readers know about both her triumphs and her failures. Her honest delivery style allows her followers to know her and to trust her. They know if she recommends something that she truly believes it to be a good product. It is also very useful to many when she has a rant about something that is less than valuable. (more…)

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What Information Goes Into Reports You Give Away?

There are really three types of freebie reports we put out there as
marketers. The first is an opt in report, which we give away to
build a list. The second is a viral freebie for an eBook we’re
either selling or promoting as an affiliate. And the third is an
informative report we’re using to promote a tangible product, like
something on Amazon.

How confused are you about knowing what goes into these three
beasts? Are you confident in your skills? If not, then you’re going
to want to grab the report that’s about $17 by Tiffany Dow called
Gathering and Structuring Ideas, because it covers all three

Tiffany Dow’s Gathering and Structuring Ideas


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Creating Blog Posts That Generate Participation

You know what’s funny? There are some BIG name Internet Marketing
gurus out there with blogs and not one single comment on them. It’s
kind of shocking, considering they’ve built up subscriber lists,
yet most gurus outsource their eBooks and reports and articles, and
tackle blogging on their own – they just don’t know how to do it

Audience participation is so crucial to your blog’s performance. If
your readers don’t feel moved enough (either in agreement or
disagreement) to comment on what you just said, then chances are
they’re not going to click that “share” button either.

Do you know how to blog so that you achieve all 3 of these goals? (more…)

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One of the areas I see the most overwhelm with is in article
marketing. People want to know how many articles to write, how
often, and how to write them. Some people have a keyword list but
no clue how to tackle it with articles.

It’s funny that we’re often taught the two ideas separately –
either someone points out how they do keyword research, or they
discuss the way they wrote a high converting article.

But merging the two together can be tricky (even for those who
consider themselves good writers). There are so many things that go
into a good article marketing formula, such as: (more…)

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Ghostwriting Cash Review Bonuses

As if all that has gone before was not enough Tiffany Dow and Craig Desorcy deliver more with the Ghostwriting Cash program. They don’t just sell you the course and disappear.

With the template for the WordPress installation Craig had five extra header graphics developed. This allowed the purchasers of the program to individualize their sites. On the Ghostwriting Cash members site he posted a video on how to install them. Craig also produced video on how to change the background color of your site.

He also did a special video on how to add images and videos to your site. When Craig teaches you something he does this in a slow understandable way that even technically challenged students can follow the steps.

Within the initial package that they produced you will find two very valuable mp3 files. One is an interview with one of the writers that Craig uses. It helps you to understand that you do not have to be Hemmingway to be able to write for the Internet. The other one is dedicated to Craig’s strong belief that to succeed that you need to add the “WOW” factor formula to your service. In this audio file he discusses how to give extra to your customers without expecting a return for this. For your clients you give them more than they can expect from you.

Once you have purchased this helpful course you will have access to the Ghostwriting Cash Blog for members. In this area you can find extra tips on setting up your business. Tiffany Dow helps with writing tips, how to track your jobs, and how to handle deadlines.

They have also set up a page where the students of this program can list their site and to ask questions. On this page you can see what other Ghostwriters are offering and their styles of writing. It is a place to help each other.

From this page Tiffany and Craig set up a forum for these members. Because they are both very busy people there was an initial reluctance to do this however it is part of Craig’s philosophy to over deliver. The students were demanding a place to share their experiences and the forum has been a very supportive place for everyone.

To put the icing on the cake they produced a webinar to answer the questions that had popped up as people set up their business. They both want their students to succeed and they want to help you if you get stuck. The extra thing about the webinar is that you can download both the video file and audio file and replay it as necessary.

If you are looking for a program to teach you to earn while you learn the Ghostwriting Cash course is the one for you.

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Ghostwriting Cash Review Videos

The Ghostwriting Cash videos are part of the “WOW” factor that Tiffany Dow and Craig Desorcy deliver in giving you this excellent course. They both come from a mindset of over delivering and helping their students succeed.

Craig who starts you off right at the beginning produces the videos. The introduction video lets you know who Craig is and why you can be confident in what he is going to teach you. In this introduction he talks about strategy and how he is going to present the steps.

In the next video he covers how to select and buy a domain name. With clear explanations and demonstrations in how to do this he points you in the right direction. Through out all these videos Craig shows you how to stay organized with the information for your site.

The next video shows you how to acquire a hosting account. It takes you right from the beginning of setting up a new account with a hosting company. He helps you decide which type of account would be a good one for the Ghostwriting Cash website that you are going to create.

The third video deals with pointing the domain that you purchased to your hosting company. With the wonderful screen shots that Craig uses it is very easy for you to follow along and do the steps he recommends.

The fourth video shows you how to step up an email account for your WordPress theme. As in all the other videos Craig goes to great pains to show you how to keep all this information organized.

The fifth video deals with installing the theme that has been provided to you as part of the extras of the course. He teaches you how to find the necessary plugins that you will need. He also covers adding a title and description to the site.

Video six deals with setting up the pages for your site. He teaches you what pages that you will need. Craig spends valuable time teaching you how to configure the pages. He shows you how to link the pages together. He goes over how important your first page is. This is what the public will first see and you need to get it right.

Video seven covers configuring the plugins particularly your contact form. All these videos are done in small chunks that make it easy to follow. They allow you to do the steps as you go with each video. Once you have edited the contact form so it is unique to your site then Craig shows you how and why to test it.

In video eight you will learn how to configure a client feedback form and to set up a page for your sample articles. In both cases these are important pages to attract new clients.

Video nine deals with how to write your offer. What will you offer to a client that might hire you? Your offer has to be convincing or the buyer will be off to another site. Craig suggests tips on how to format your offer.

The final video covers how to setup a system to be paid and how to add a pay button to your front page. It also covers some points on how to tidy up your site.

All the videos in Ghostwriting Cash are done in bite sizes. I like and I think that you will like the format of them. Craig Desorcy has used wonderful screen shots for all the lessons. He is extremely patient and thorough with his teachings. I think the longest video is eighteen minutes and many are much shorter. This makes it much easier for you to absorb the material. I also like the fact that because the videos are all quite short, that if I want to go back on any point it is not necessary to wade through a huge presentation to find what I need.

Like all the other material in Ghostwriting Cash the videos alone are more than worth the cost of the program.

With all this information and plans for success Tiffany Dow and Craig Desorcy add these bonuses.

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Ghostwriting Cash Review Part 4

We are now in the final part of Ghostwriting Cash where the course focuses on the making of money and the growing of your business.

Tiffany Dow begins this section by describing how to run specials. She teaches how to bundle your work into packages that will appeal to the buyers. She has suggestions for add on services. For those students who are also developing PLR sites she has instructions on how to combine the ghostwriting with the PLR to create packages for your ghostwriting clients.

When your business grows and you are overwhelmed the Ghostwriting Cash course teaches you how and when to outsource. It gives very good tips in what you look for in hiring others to do your writing.

I think Tiffany’s suggestions on voice are particularly valuable. Since you as a ghostwriter have made commitments to your buyers she discusses how you evaluate if the people you are hiring will adhere to your schedule. I think this is very valuable as it is not unusual to purchase PLR materials that are definitely not in the voice of the writer who sold them. If your client has purchased writing from you based on your style and you deliver another this could be the end of that relationship.

She spends time pointing you in the right direction as to what your part is in making sure your outsourced work is up to your quality.

The final chapter in Ghostwriting Cash deals with turning your writing career into a marketing business. Tiffany talks about becoming your own client and why that is important. She also has suggestions as to how you slot yourself into your busy schedule.

She spends some time outlining how to handle your existing clients while at the same time branching out. She has great ideas for directions that you might consider when you become your own client.

If you are looking to start earning while learning this is the course for you. For how to set this all in motion see Craig Desorcy’s videos

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