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Should You Be Personal Online?

If you follow this blog you will know that I am a senior who is learning to work online. With all honesty I can say for me this has been a very daunting journey. This blog is my release for some of the stumbling blocks that I have found along the way. It is also a way to share with other seniors working on line the truly great people and courses that I have found.

Last week two different people that I follow online talked about being personal online. Tiffany Dow whose blog I read as a daily routine was sharing with us the joy and sorrow of her son’s graduation. She has always been very open with the details of her family life. She wears her heart on her sleeve and is not shy about letting her readers know about both her triumphs and her failures. Her honest delivery style allows her followers to know her and to trust her. They know if she recommends something that she truly believes it to be a good product. It is also very useful to many when she has a rant about something that is less than valuable. (more…)

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Info Product Killer Review

Info Product Killer

Info Product Killer

As I started out to learn this business of Internet marketing I knew nothing. I am a senior and I did not grow up with a computer as a natural part of my day. Like many other seniors I wish to have some extra income from working at home. I think it is fair to say that it has been a steep learning curve for me.

In taking a few courses here and there I stumbled upon Info Product Killer. This program has been an eye opener for me. Before the template and the videos that accompanied the course I had no idea about any html or any real sense of SEO (search engine optimization). When I purchased IPK that all changed. This help me to have an aha moment. With the template and the instructional videos suddenly I could see how a web page was constructed.

Within the Info Product Killer program there is a complete step be step set of videos. They are broken up into manageable bits of learning and well illustrated. For people who prefer to learn from the written word the videos are accompanied by a detailed set of instructions in a PDF form. I find that I get the most from this course by watching the videos, then reading the instructions and then finally going back to watch the videos again. Today if I am stuck with something I just go back and do this again.

The course teaches the marketing of real tangible Amazon products that will be delivered by real retailers to real people. Many online marketers don’t subscribe to selling Amazon products due to the lower commission structure. However they tend to miss the opportunity to sell spin off products. Once a customer clicks on your link they are entering a virtual store with a great reputation. All the purchases that are made within a three day window from that click will earn you a commission.

The IPK course is divided into three parts. The first part stresses the potential for Christmas sales. It focuses mostly on toys but you could promote any of the top selling Amazon items. The second part of the course is directed to year around products.

Craig Kayes, the developer of this program claims he can put up one of these sites in an hour. I must say I have not been able to come anywhere near close to that speed. I find it takes me 3-4 days. Never the less each time I complete one it takes slightly less time than the previous one.

The idea is to create a number 10-12 mini sites on highly targeted popular products such as Elmo Alive. Then to build a mother site with all the mini sites linking back to it. Within the videos Craig teaches how to:

  • Choose hot products
  • Set up keywords
  • Set up the linking
  • Get links and traffic
  • Create no cost headers
  • Use Adwords
  • Produce content

Over and above the materials that he delivers I cannot say enough about his support. There is about a nine hour time difference between us. Bearing this in mind he answers all questions, gives support, and is extremely patient in explaining things. His support alone is worth the purchase price of this product.

I bought this in late November and although I did not make the money Craig made with it, I did make money. I was thrilled with the result. It is possible to make money by doing the work. This is not a program for someone looking for a quick fix. It does require effort but it also reaps rewards.

Since the initial launch Craig has developed Network Blazer that makes it even easier to set up these sites. I highly recommend Info Product Killer. Certainly for a “Newbie” or a “NOOB” it has been great value.

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Once you have zeroed in on a topic or a niche you need to get a domain name and register it. It is better to try to have a keyword rich domain name. The domain name is the address or URL of your web site.

For example if we go back to our previous topic of Tiffany lamps, the best domain name would be tiffanylamps and it is necessary for it to be To check to see if this domain is available you need to check to see if it is available. There are a number of places where you can check this and one of these is World’s Largest Registrar – GoDaddy. When you open the GoDaddy screen you will immediately see a box that allows you to put in your domain name and click to see if it is available. In this case it has already been taken. However on the right of your screen you will see a box with some suggestions of available domains. Just select one. You only need one.

In trying to find a suitable domain that is keyword rich you can sometimes get lucky and just add a hyphen. For example you could try tiffany-lamps. In this instance it is already taken. Other suggestions to get a search engine friendly domain is to add best or my in front of the name. At a later time I will introduce you to Craig Kaye and his Info Product Killer in which he details the effectiveness of picking a highly targeted domain name.

Although GoDaddy is probably the largest domain registrar site and have highly competitive prices, there are other places to register your domain. GoDaddy likes to up-sell so I tend just to register my domain name with them. In fact you can probably do just as well to register your domain with BlueHost. They allow unlimited domains with a hosting plan.

It is said that Google prefers domains that are registered for at least two years. This is not entirely necessary if you are just getting started and are not sure if you are in this for the long haul.

A hosting company is where your web site’s files are stored and served up the Internet. This is also called your server. In picking a hosting company it is important to pick one that is reliable. You want your web site to be up all the time. The other feature that is necessary in a hosting company is a support system. If you run into a problem you need quick responsive help. Bluehost was recently awarded Best New Hosting Company and Best Customer Support by the some of the leading hosting review companies. They allow unlimited domains to be hosted under one plan. Many, many Internet publishers use HostGator that is a world-leading provider of shared, reseller and dedicated web hosting. With HostGator you can start with a baby plan. You can always upgrade later if you need more.

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Senior Grandma Learns Internet Marketing

Pat TateI am a senior citizen who had very little knowledge of computers, their programs, or how to make money online. I was looking for a source of income to augment our retirement income. I was looking for a work at home project and I wanted this to be something that I could do from wherever  I happened to be. I started to explore various ways of doing internet marketing. As at times I spent much time going down blind alleys and wasting money.  I thought it might help me and maybe help others to keep a journal about this journey. This web site reflects my journey and I invite you to join me on it and share your experiences.

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