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Digital Download Affiliate Products

When deciding to be an affiliate marketer you have a choice in what type of product to promote. As the product owner you also have a choice as to what type of method that you will use to sell your product. You also as the owner of the product can decide how much you are willing to pay to make these sales. It makes sense that as the affiliate marketer that you would seek out well paying products to promote. If you are going to go to all the trouble to set up a web site and fill it with meaningful content then you wish to receive the highest commission possible.

By promoting digital products you have more of an opportunity for larger commissions than with concrete items. It is possible to find hard goods that are very expensive and as a result the commission is higher however the number of sales are substantially less.

What is a digital product? It can be any product that the buyer can down load. It can take the form of a text file, an audio file or a video file. The joy of digital products is that they are available 24/7. They can be acquired whenever you are on your computer.

Interestedly these digital products usually sell for more than the equivalent product at a bookstore. Sometimes the digital product will sell for as much as three times the hard copy from the store. Again it stands to reason that your commission on these products would also be higher.

For instance if you are top producing Amazon affiliate making 7% on your sales and you sell this book for $14.95 you will earn slightly over a dollar. But that $49 digital download – an eBook about the same topic – offers you 50% commission, giving you $24.50 per sale!

It definitely makes sense to be promoting the digital edition. It is a win win for the producer of the product also. By creating an eBook you can charge more, which enables you to pay your affiliates more, and will increase your sales.

Your digital product does not have to a written item instead consider making either a series of MP3 files or a series of videos. There is an insatiable appetite for information products that can be either listened to or watch on the many electronic devices that everyone now owns.

With programs like Camtasia for producing and YouTube for uploading the use of video has become wide spread. For a series of lessons video is just like being in a classroom. It is great to be able to follow a lesson on video and then to read it. Both formats allow for reinforcement of the message. By the combined use of text, MP3 and video you are able to increase the price of your product.

With this combination you may be poised to market a high-ticket digital download that takes in upwards of $1,500 for a single sale – something affiliate marketers will jump all over.

We recommend that you have a look at the following opportunities to promote digital products from reliable sources:

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Use Video

Video for Online Marketing

As marketing online has progressed the use of video has become an important way to get your message out and seen by a large audience. With the ability to download or view large files has become mainstream producing video and uploading it has also become common place. This vehicle for marketing has been made possible by the development of the many new video sharing websites.

Next to Facebook YouTube is one of the most traffic attracting sites on the Internet and other video sharing sites are quickly also captivating large followers. With this amount of interest in these video sharing sites it follows that more and more Internet marketers are using video to get their message in front of a large audience.

If put together properly anything can be sold by using video. However people don’t want to be sold. Most searchers are looking for information not for advertisements. Occasionally a really humorous commercial or an old classic will go viral but this is an exception.

People don’t have time nor the interest to watch videos that are just advertisements. They are searching to have their problem solved. To attract visitors to your video it needs to answer a need in either a humorous, engaging, argumentative, and informative way.

If you are wanting to captivate an extensive audience your video must having something to offer in the way of high quality information. It needs to deliver your message in an entertaining and educational way. Because your message is visual it is possible to share the experience with your audience as if they were also realizing it themselves.

People differ to how they disseminate information. Some people are very visual and find videos easier to follow than the printed word. There are many people who have trouble reading. They either cannot read at all or just plain dislike reading. On the other hand many online marketers resist the use of video because they are photogenic or they think it is very expensive to produce video.

Camtasia is the answer to these fears. With Camtasia you do not have to appear on screen you can produce information on your computer then take video screenshots of it to produce your video. You decide what you wish to be shown from your computer then move from screenshot to screenshot.

With the use of a microphone you can explain what is on the screenshots and in this method give an informative, educational presentation. Camtasia as been developed for non-techs. It is out of the box ready to go.

Most people are able to make their first video with Camtasia within an hour of opening the software! This means that even “newbies” or us Senior Internet marketers can have it up and running quickly. If you have an information product then a “how to video” about the product explaining exactly how to use it is the way to go.

It does not matter what you are trying to sell you can apply this method. You can give several ideas on how to use the product. If it is a real live product you can show it in use.

If your product is a digital eBook, you could have a couple of sample videos on how to get affiliates, or how to get more traffic to your mini site, making sure you show proof of your results within the video production.

If you are reluctant to share your videos you can restrict them to just your web site. On sales pages videos will produce higher conversions. Besides using video to sell your products you can also use it to produce your own ebook.

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