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Who Do You Believe?

As many of you who follow my blog know I am a fan of Martin Avis. I read his biweekly newsletter and I trust his recommendations. I don’t always buy everything he recommends but I know when he supports something it is worthwhile. I also know that he has tried it before recommending it. He recently posted this and it so closely followed my own sentiments that I have published it here. If you don’t already follow him you can find his news letter at the following link. Kickstart: An Internet marketing newsletter with standards

If the endless onslaught of pitch email after pitch email from
the Internet marketers who I remain subscribed to is anything to
go by, parts of the IM world are going through a really tough

Why do I say that?

Because the daily, and in some cases even more frequent, emails
are starting to sound really desperate. I can only surmise that
for these people who have been bombarding their lists with pitch
after pitch for the last six months or so are seeing lower and
lower volumes of sales. The more junk they peddle, the less they
sell, so they respond by peddling even more junk, even more

Even if they have any readers left (apart from me), those readers
surely are not still paying attention? There is only so much hard
sell that anyone can take before losing faith in the seller.

So focused are these ‘marketers’ on getting their endless sales
messages out there that they have stopped even trying to evaluate
and review the products they are plugging. That may actually be a
wise move for much of the trash because at least these same
marketers can honestly say that they were not making a
recommendation, just offering market awareness. But we all know
that would be a weasel.

In fact, I’ve noticed a trend to simply sending out a single
paragraph followed by a link to a sales video. No recommendation,
no explanation of what the product is or why it is any good –

Does this blind marketing work? Obviously it works well enough to
make it worthwhile for so many marketers to have jettisoned their
reputations by dumping what once may have been informative
newsletters to concentrate on product-pimping. But the fact that
so many of them now feel the need to blast out their empty
messages two or even three times a day suggests that maybe it
doesn’t work as well as they would like.

I’ll be honest with you. Over the last six months or so I have
struggled to find decent products to recommend to you.

I know that the economy is biting hard. I understand that money
is tight for many people and I am all too aware that at the
moment, buying Internet marketing products has to be something
that many people need to think hard about. Even $17 is a lot of
money if you can’t see an obvious return on your investment.

Kickstart has never been a pitch fest. I’ve always said that if I
don’t have something good to recommend then I’ll send you a
newsletter without a recommendation in it. It has always seemed
to me to be the best policy, but now that money is tight, it
seems to me to be the only ethical policy.

Coupled with the willingness of some marketers to pitch anything
and everything is the other side of the coin: product producers
are also desperate to make sales at any price and feel the need
to release new product after new product at an ever increasing
pace – just to try to keep up their overall sales volume.

They don’t care about their reputations – most of the time they
use fake names.

They don’t care about their customers – check out any IM forum to
see how many people complain about customer service.

They don’t care about returns and refunds – it is a numbers game.
Who cares if 50% of their customers demand a refund – it is the
50% who don’t that matter.

Where will it all end?

It ends when enough people stand up and say “Enough!”. It ends
when people wise up and stop buying from blind sales letters. It
ends when we unsubscribe from mailing lists that see us as cash
cows and offer nothing of value in return. They don’t even bother
to warm their hands before milking us!

It ends when otherwise honest marketers understand that being
tainted by the stench of the desperate creates a miasma around
you that is very hard to shake off.

It ends when WE want it to.

Today’s Kickstart has no recommendations, nothing for you to buy.

Why not? Because since I last wrote to you I haven’t seen or
reviewed anything new that I think represents a genuine
investment opportunity. That’s not to say that there aren’t good
products out there, but I haven’t seen them, I haven’t evaluated
them and consequently, I cannot, hand on heart, recommend that
you spend your money on them.
You didn’t subscribe to Kickstart to be treated like a mark.

The funny thing is that there are still plenty of people around
who don’t treat their subscribers like dirt and I would bet that
those of us who still respect our readership are doing far better
than the average marketer. Nobody is immune to recession, but by
their actions, some people are far better placed to ride it out.

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