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I am a senior learning Internet marketing. I started this site to sort out my journey in this learning process and along the way to may be help some seniors working from home. I have tried to talk about things that have worked for me. However today I am going to talk about a major frustration that I have had.

There is so much to learn and there does not seem to be a straight line to follow. I have been accustomed to taking course where you start at A proceed to B and so forth. I have not found learning to establish a business online to be anything like that. For a novice there is so much to learn and so many different opinions as to what will be successful.

Today I feel like pulling out my hair or standing on a box to rant. How come I find myself in this position? What could I have done to prevent it? May be this is a case of learning by doing and making mistakes. I hope this will help you to not make this mistake that I have made.

When I started I knew absolutely zero about putting a web page together. I had very basic computer skills but I wanted to find something that I could do to make an income and travel at the same time. It appeared to me that learning to earn by using a computer would make a lot of sense.

For a beginning I was recommended to James Martell and his Affiliate Super Boot Camp. Now I cannot say enough good things about James and Arlene Martell. They are honest, hard working, and very giving people. That said this was probably not the very best program for someone like me with so little knowledge. Now after learning many other things I am going to go back through the course again and I am sure I will get much more from it. One wonderful thing about James Martell is that there are many add on courses that are available free to all his members.

At the time that I took the course James was recommending that the site should be set up in Drupal. This is a very rich content management system with many modules if you know how to use them properly. As we were learning to create a community site this seemed like a good platform to use. I had some more knowledgeable people warn me that it was too complicated for a newbie. I did not have a clue what I was doing. I was just following along hoping it would make more sense soon. I couldn’t change to another content management system because I didn’t know how to do this.

Sometime after that I was pointed to the Info Product Killer. This may not be the “be all” of products but I did learn for the first time the basic structure of a web page. The videos that accompany this course are very easy for a beginner to follow. The ideas in this course helped me to have a better picture how the various pages linked together in a site. I would have gotten so much more from James Martell’s course if it had followed after I had taken this course. The author Craig Kaye sells the students on using Network Blazer as a content management system. It is simple enough to use however it is somewhat restrictive in what you can do with it.

The next step in learning about working online was to move my first site to a new content management system. There are many levels to this system. It is designed for a community site, which we were after. However just like the others there were restrictions and you needed to know more about widgets and add on functions than I will probably ever know.

In the meantime I started to learn new things about content management systems. My newer sites have all been built on WordPress. Not on where you can build a blog, fill it with content, and have it all eliminated; but on You own the domain, the hosting plan, and have access to a free content management system.

WordPress is probably the most popular content management system. It is free and easy for a beginner to use. It can be installed in minutes. There are so many people writing new plugins that the functionality of it is constantly being updated. The WYSIWYG editor is straightforward. If you know some html you can use that in your posts. You can find a fuller discussion about WordPress at our previous post WordPress.

LOL I am now in the process of moving my site from SocialGo to WordPress and SocialGo is charging me to export my data. This moving my site from one content management system to another and then another is why I am ready to pull out my hair. If only I had known! Hopefully my learning curve will help you avoid this mistake.

At there is a list of books about how to get the most from WordPress. I have read the WordPress for Dummies and can recommend it. I intend to read some of the others. I think that having the control on the domain, hosting and content system is the only way to go. I strongly recommend that you learn about WordPress and use it for all your sites.

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